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Professional Tetraball undergoes major expansion for 2394 season

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BETA ANTARES IV — The Interstellar Tetraball Federation has announced the addition of twelve new planetary teams and a new junior professional league to its organization for the 2394 season.

The sport, often simply called tetra, experienced an explosion in popularity last year, with the championship final game ranking among the most-watched sporting events of the year. The Interstellar Tetraball Federation (ITF), the sport’s governing body, has nearly doubled its number of active members.

“Last year was such an exciting time for the sport,” said ITF Publicity Chairperson Norem Kaam. “We were thrilled to see tetra take a new place of prominence among team sports in the quadrant.”


This is a preview. Read the rest of the article Professional Tetraball undergoes major expansion for 2394 season at the Federation News Service.

This article was written by Lt. Cmdr. Didrik Stennes of the Andaris Task Force.

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