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PNPC Lt. Commander Kamela Allison-Parker, "Cat Fight"

Hannibal Parker

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((USS Magnus Hirschfield, [...]pit - En Route to the Typhon Expanse))

Allison: Captain...Chang acknowledges our message, says "good hunting", Captain....

Pavlova:  Oh yay, tell Sammy Spook I said high.

Jorey: Well, hopefully it won't come to that. Our plan is just to head into the expanse and test the TSD at impulse and warp speeds. How long until we reach the expanse?

:: Kamela checked her instruments one more time::

Allison: Three hours, twenty three minutes until we reach the outer boundary...

Jorey: Well then, ::Brayden said standing up from his chair.:: we definitely have some time. Commander Oddas, Major Pavlova. Please, join me in the lounge.

::While Oddas, Pavlova, and Jorey went to the back of the runabout, that left Kamela alone at the helm, with T'Lea and the Laudean scientist Nia. Making a slight course correction, Kamela now had the runabout on the most direct course to the Typhon Expanse. She was barely paying attention to the conversation going on behind her between T'Lea and Nia...there was something about the Laudeans' voice...Kamela wasn't sure what it was, but...there was something there, but she just wasn't sure about it. Once the two had finished their conversation, unwanted company settled down in the seat next to her...T'Lea. It wasn't in her plans to talk to the woman, especially now. The cloud that has been hanging over them since the night T'Lea and Hannibal got drunk together was about to clear::

T’Lea:  Is it business or personal?

:: Coyly, Kamela responded::

Allison: Exactly...what are you referring to?

T’Lea:  Your hatred for me?  Just curious where you are coming from?

::There it was, out in the open. Knowing she could quickly stab the woman in the throat, she thought better of it. She was a Starfleet officer, and besides, being away from Hannibal and Ryland was something she did not wish to do. Turning to face T'Lea, fire flashing in her eyes, she spoke::

Allison: I have nothing against your skills as a Starfleet officer..and you better believe it's personal...

T'Lea:  This is in reference to mine and Hannibal’s indiscretion with alcohol?

:: At best, she respected T'Lea's straight forward approach. It was also one of the reasons she disliked her. She had not realized that she had clenched her fists until she felt her fingernails digging into her palms::

Allison: Yes, it's about that night. It's not about what happened, it's about what could have happened....

T'Lea: You don’t honestly believe that-

Allison: Hannibal is many things, T'Lea. Violent, barbaric according to some, brash, occasionally arrogant. Much like yourself. It's a reputation well earned. He wouldn't hesitate to protect you, your family, this crew from anything or anyone who might threaten it. He's also honorable, loyal, kind, a great father, and thoughtful. Also well earned.

T'Lea:  You just affirmed your trust in him.  There should be no issue.

Allison: The problem is...the two of you together are like dynamite and matches. Kindred spirits. I know way too much about you to think otherwise. I've lured him away from much prettier women than you, but you have that something extra. You two feed off each other in certain circumstances, like drinking in the holodeck and wrecking the place. I trust him to not step over the line, although by his nature he can and has gotten pretty close, but he knows when to say when. The question is...do you?

::Kamela had no doubt of Hannibals' fidelity..the man was an Alpha in all sense of the word, but she possessed the one thing no one else could ever get..his heart, a fact she had proven over the years she had known the massive Marine. Kamela was good at reading people, and she was quite certain of the answer she would be getting...and knowing T'Lea, it would possibly open up another avenue of mayhem::

T'Lea: You think me a threat?  That I am some amton'wi-kha nvaihr that wrecks marriages? You’re out of your frelling mind.  I have no designs for your husband.  I do not covet him, and I am not secretly plotting against you. :: she got up:: My marriage may be in question, but believe me yours is safe and sound.  Enjoy it.

:: There it was. Behind the bravado, Kamela saw pain, pain she was not expecting to find. T'Lea could indeed be hurt, and the woman had just revealed her weakness to her. There was more here than meets the eye, and although if T'Lea was a suspect, she would have dug deeper. It still didn't change the overall picture...Hannibal and T'Lea were indeed dangerous together, but not in the way of the two being intimate. She was satisfied with her answer, but she was not about to let her know that. Refusing to give her the high ground, Kamela also stood up as T'Lea fired her parting shot::

T’Lea: If it makes you feel better I’ll avoid any further interactions with your husband.

Allison: That will be impossible, T'Lea.:: Her voice low so only T'Lea could hear her:: Three things...one...the day will come when the two of you will have to work together at the behest of SFI. Two...I know who you were...and who you are now...and three...I know who your mother is.::smiling:: Glad we could clear all this up, it's been a long time coming::inclining her head towards the back of the runabout:: You may go now...

:: Kamela watched as T'Lea made her way back to the aft lounge. One thing was certain...there was no danger of T'Lea seducing Hannibal, or even attempting to. She had learned something important about her, that her marriage with Della was having problems, and she now knew that Kamela had access to her whole sordid history before she joined Starfleet. There was nothing she would ever do with the information...T'Lea was a good Starfleet officer, with no issue of divided loyalties. She felt for her, in the way only a woman would...certainly, the distance had to be a factor, but there was something else there, but in Kamela's mind, it was up to them to work it out. The two women had one thing in common...they were both mothers and there was no doubt in her mind that T'Lea loved her children as much as she loved Ryland. Kamela may appear to be an ice queen, but T'Lea would not feel her wrath...at least, not now. She her another axe to grind with Della concerning her allowing the Romulan assassin who almost killed Hannibal several years ago to go free. That was another day, another fight, she thought as she settled down back at the controls::

PNPC Lt. Commander Kamela Allison-Parker
Operative- Starfleet Intelligence/Helm Officer
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
As simmed by:
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
Marine CO
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy



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