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Favorite bottle episode?


Which is your favorite Bottle Episode?   

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is your favorite Bottle Episode?

    • "Observer Effect" - ENT
    • "The Drumhead" - TNG
    • "The Swarm" - VOY
    • "The Naked Time" - TOS
    • "Doctor Bashir, I Presume" - DS9
    • "Someone to Watch Over Me" - VOY
    • "Lower Decks" - TNG
    • "The Catwalk" - ENT
    • "Melora" - DS9
    • Was another episode your favorite? Tell us which one in the comments!

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Bottle episodes, every series had them. Some more than others. A lot of people really enjoy them for the more character driven plot lines. While many others prefer the episodes were our favorite characters have away missions to exotic places or get in epic space battles.


What are bottle episodes you ask? Bottle episodes are a mainstay of science fiction television as well as other genres. Simply put they are episodes where nearly all scenes are shot on existing sets. There are few or no guest stars, the action tends to be light and special effects are not generally used or kept to a minimum in bottle episodes. This was most often done to save money over the course of a season to be able to spend more on major events and season finales.


So tell us which Bottle episode was your favorite in the comments!

Bottle episodes gave us many excellent character driven episodes and there are so many to choose from. It was difficult to narrow down the list! This question comes from out General Trek Category. Where the polls focus on moments, characters, starships, and episodes from the various series and movies.

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I had to choose other for this one simply because I could not choose a favorite from the list or give another bottle episode that I liked more. When I was researching this poll I found out "bottle episodes" are some of my personal most often re-watched favorites across the series. Choosing between "Lower Decks", "Observer Effect", and "The Drumhead" in particular I don't think I could do, XD.

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