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Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar seeks expert assistance

Tal Tel-ar

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((Science Labs, USS Athena))


:: Tal walked past various different science departments, looking for the one that he needed. When he spotted it he slowed down, approached the door and entered when it automatically opened for him. He glanced around, looking to see if anyone was currently present. ::


Tel-ar: Anyone here?


Elzizabath: Here in the back.


:: At the sound of the voice Tal’s antenna twitched. Youthful, female with a underlying hint of controlled tones. It reminded him of the civilian nurse that the Captain had added to the crew a while back and kept on when they transferred vessels. ::


:: Tal circled past a number of elaborate and completely confusing devices and workstations until he spotted the woman. She was over 6 with long straight pale blond hair that hung down to the small of her back. She wore a lab coat over her science uniform but he could see the rank on her collar, she was an ensign. She was slim, with long delicate fingers and the pointy ears that one normally associated with Vulcans but there was no way anyone would ever mistake this young lady for a Vulcan. The tattoo on her face that started near the center of her forehead and circled out and around her right eye to end on her cheek was a colorful maze of swirls and flowers. It marked her as a member of the Ash’lie species which Tal found surprising. ::


:: According to all the data that he had seen on them less than a hundred thousand of them had ever left their homeworld and only a small fraction of them had ever joined Starfleet. For there to be two on the ship, a civilian nurse and this scientist was highly unlikely but they were here. ::


:: She finished what she was doing and stood up from where she had been slightly bent over working on something. As she did she turned to face him. As expected her face was slim with a high forehead, unusual greenish blue eyes and high cheekbones that gave her face a haughty appearance. ::


Elzizabath: How can I help you Cmdr? :: She asked in that melodious tone that he had come to associate with others of her species. ::


Tel-ar: I was curious if anyone in this department had examined the data in regards to the various different planets in this system?


Elzizabath: Let me check. :: She replied as she turned back to the work station in front of her and quickly searched for the information even as she asked another question. :: Was there anything in particular you were looking for?


Tel-ar: Any artificial or alien structures, artifacts, devices or facilities in the system other than the station.


:: She worked away, calmly but with a certain degree of confidence that seemed to indicate that this was child’s play for her. ::


Elzizabath: Scans show the 4th planet has the remains of a colony, it most likely had a population between 100,000 to 150,000 based on the size and number of buildings and was abandoned approximately 50 years ago. There also seems to have been 4 other colony sites on the planet, all abandoned at approximately the same time but with much smaller populations ranging between a few hundred and a few thousand. There are 3 deactivated satellites in orbit of the planet.


:: She paused for a moment as she continued to examine more data. Then she continued to speak. ::


Elzizabath: The 4th largest moon in orbit of the systems 8th planet, a gas giant has some kind of structure on the surface of it, estimated size is that of a Federation Saber class vessel.


:: Again she stopped speaking for a few moments while she searched for anything else in the records. It took only a few moments before she spoke again. ::


Elzizabath: The 3rd planet which is a desert planet shows signs that it was not always so desolate. There are numerous readings that might be an indication of unknown foreign objects beneath the sand.


:: Tal considered what she had told him so far as she again searched the records for anything else. As expected the information available to him here was more useful for planning his next steps than the data he had been able to access by doing the scans himself. ::


Elzizabath: There is a possibility that there is some unknown object on the surface of the 7th planet as well as something floating inside the asteroid field at the edge of this system. :: She stood and faced him as she continued to speak. :: In order to give you more conclusive information we would have to do further scans and deploy probes. :: Again she paused, her green blue eyes probing, curious but her voice resumed as calm and melodious as before. :: Do you wish me to do so Cmdr?


Tel-ar: No Ensign. That will not be necessary. :: Tal replied. He had the authority that he could have ordered her to do so, his being the head of the Tactical department gave him that authority but they were far from the Federation and they had a limited number of probes on board and while they could most likely build more it would be a time consuming process. ::


Elzizabath: Is there anything more I can do for you Cmdr?


Tel-ar: No. Thank you Ensign. :: Tal replied before he turned and left. ::




PNPC – Ensign Torali Azivalora Poracin Elzizabath 

Science Officer

USS Athena, NCC-97780


As simmed by


Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Athena, NCC-97780



Tal Tel-ar’s Writer’s ID: T237708TT0

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