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Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "All Good Things"


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((Alora’s Quarters; U.S.S. Za ))

::It had been a long day.::

::Alora had hit the ground running and hadn’t stopped until the situation was over.  After that, she still hadn’t stopped for quite some time until things had settled down somewhat and Sickbay wasn’t quite so hectic.  While not a doctor, she had first aid training and had remained unharmed, so put her able body to use for minor injuries.  All hands on deck, so to speak.  The day had waned into night and even those hours passed, so by the time she actually made it to the quarters she’d been assigned, the first time she’d actually seen them, night was technically morning.  Despite that, Alora found herself with a little too much energy to go to bed, even after changing and preparing to do so.  After lying down and tossing and turning for a bit, she’d finally arisen, gotten some chamomile tea, and settled in the provided armchair.::

::Around her, all her things cluttered the floor, still packed in boxes, each one carefully labeled with its contents.  One item, however, had been too awkward a shape to be packed and had been carried in its own personal case - her Vulcan harp.  It brought to mind the one who had given her.::


::Someone had mentioned him on the ship and it was then Alora realised that he was stationed there.  Normally, she would have taken time to get to know most of the senior staff in writing before arriving, but her transfer had been so quick, she’d only been able to peruse the information of a few of them.  She hadn’t even gotten to his name on the list.::

::Taking a sip of her tea before setting it down on a side table, Alora then picked up her triPADD.  A moment of effort allowed her to connect to the ship’s network and she plugged in his name. There he was.  His profile was there, the USS Za’s Chief Medical Officer, his stern features and striking eyes staring up at her.::

::She had loved those eyes.::

::Space was enormous. Not even a quarter of the galaxy had been explored and who knew how much was still out there to discover.  In all the hundred thousand light years of distance, between all the stars and planets, nebulas and anomalies, somehow, she had been assigned to the same ship once more. Only now, things were different.::

::Now she was going to have to face them after they were no longer together.  Now she was going to have to find a way to work with a man who had broken her heart.  Oh she could do it.  She had to do it.  There was no choice in the matter.  Starfleet wouldn’t take their past as an excuse to transfer her elsewhere, and truly, what did that say about her, if she ran away from someone she used to care about?::

::Someone she still cared about.::

::Someone she still loved.::

::Except he didn’t love her.   Alora rose and crossed over to the harp.  Laying it flat on the ground, she opened the case and peered down at the beautiful instrument crafted from replicated wood that seemed to be of walnut.  Dark cherry formed the inlaid designs, curling in an abstract fashion upon it.  Carefully constructed, it was Alora’s most prized possession along with her cat, Sachiko, even after everything.  A single finger stretched out, tracing the pattern of one of those curls.::


((Alora’s Quarters, USS Invicta))

::Saveron stopped outside Alora’s quarters, pausing briefly before keying the door chime.::

DeVeau: Come in!

::While her voice couldn’t be heard outside, it was the signal for the computer to open the doors and allow the person on the other end into her quarters.  The Vulcan stepped inside, long robes swirling about his feet as he entered, and Alora’s face lit up with a smile.  She had perched herself on the couch and was enjoying a book, but she certainly didn’t mind putting it aside for this particular visitor.::

Saveron: Sochya, Alora. 

::He offered her the ta’al, the traditional Vulcan salute.::

DeVeau: Hello, Sav.

::She offered the ta’al, finding the greeting formal, but then, Vulcan’s were a pretty formal people.

Saveron: I wish to speak with you, if your time is not otherwise occupied.

DeVeau: Always.

::The lanky doctor helped himself to a seat on the couch and perched on the edge stiffly, never quite at home with sitting on something other than the floor.::

::Now, she knew Vulcans were a generally reserved people, but something about the whole set up wasn’t quite right.  Even for Sav, things were a bit more...distant than usual.  Alora set her book on the table and turned her body toward the Vulcan.::

DeVeau: Is something wrong?

::The Vulcan considered the question.::

Saveron: I anticipate that you would say that there is. ::He said at last.:: I have received notification of another transfer. 

DeVeau: Another transfer?

::That wasn’t highly unusual.  Starfleet posted those who had specific skills, knowledge, and ability where they were most needed.  Evidently, Saveron was needed somewhere else more than he was needed on the Invicta - which meant he would be leaving.::

Saveron: A second Romulan situation. 

::Perhaps his success at the first was his undoing.::

DeVeau: I see.

::Even though she knew such things happened, and it wasn’t odd, that didn’t mean Alora had to like it.::

Saveron: I do not know how long my presence will be required, which is one of the reasons that I wished to speak with you.

::Alora nodded.  She didn’t want Sav to transfer, but really, neither of them had much say in it.  Well, he had more.  He could refuse the transfer.  The refusal might not be accepted, but he could try.  However, that wasn’t the sort of thing the Vulcan would do.::

DeVeau: But we can keep in touch like we did last time.  It’s not ideal, but I’m glad there we have that sort of technology.  We could even do holographic calls from time to time if you’d like.

Saveron: That is correct. ::He agreed.:: However, as you note, the situation is not ideal. 

::It was something that had been weighing on his mind, amongst other things.::

DeVeau: No, it’s not.

::Alora thought about saying more, but something stopped her and she waited for him to continue instead.::

Saveron: I anticipate that this may be the pattern for the foreseeable future. I do not know when I will return to the Corridor, nor for how long. ::Indeed, even if he would be able to return. His meditations on the subject had not been calming.:: Such a situation will be less than agreeable for both of us. Thus, whilst I will always be your friend, I consider it preferable to finalise our closer relationship.

DeVeau: I disagree.  I would much rather continue our relationship.  We’re not the only ones who would have ever had to deal with distance.

::Or was there something more than just that?::

Saveron: That is correct, however I do not consider a long-distance relationship to be preferable. 

::And he hadn’t considered that she would disagree with his preference.::

DeVeau: It’s not like it’s never been done before.  Even some married couples have to do it at points sometimes.

::The Vulcan laced his long fingers together, a thoughtful gesture.::

Saveron: Alora, whilst courtship is uncommon in Vulcan culture due to the practice of bonding in childhood, if one member of a courting pair no longer considers the pairing preferable, the courtship ends and the pair return to their previous friendship. ::He tried to explain.:: Nothing I have read has indicated to me that there is a requirement to continue in Terran culture. 

::And he was endeavouring to end the relationship as gently as possible.::

::For a moment Alora remained quiet, her green eyes studying the stoic face of the Vulcan.::

DeVeau: And it’s simply because of the distance that you don’t find it preferable?

Saveron: There are other factors that I have taken into consideration. ::He allowed.::

DeVeau: Then what else?

Saveron: It has become apparent that there are considerable differences between our expectations for a relationship.

DeVeau: Oh?

Saveron: I am aware that you have certain… reservations regarding relationships, stemming from your previous experiences. I suggested previously that you seek Counselling on the subject, but you declined to do so. I do not believe that our relationship can progress without your resolving these issues.

::As he had done. Multiple sessions with two different Counsellors had been required - along with the intervention of a mischievous Q - before he had finally been able to resolve the issues surrounding T’Rel. But he had, and only then had he moved on.::

DeVeau: Actually, I’ve spoken to Raissa about it.

::Her frown deepened, drawing lines across her brow.::

DeVeau: Are you talking about the desire to wait for physical intimacy?

Saveron: Negative. ::He replied.:: Such is common in my own culture. 

::Though he knew it was less common in hers.::

DeVeau: Then I’m not sure I understand.

::Alora didn’t like where this was headed one bit and she shifted.  There was truth in that statement, she didn’t understand, she wanted to understand but was also afraid that understanding would lead to a result she didn’t desire.  Unfortunately, it was aimed in that direction no matter what, and she didn’t think there was any way to stop it.::

DeVeau: What, exactly, is troubling you?

::The Vulcan had held it preferable that she would simply accept his statement of preference regarding the ending of their relationship. It would, after all, be illogical to attempt to persuade someone to continue a relationship they no long desired. But Terrans were often quite illogical; sometimes their leaps of intuition and faith achieved great things, things the steady progress of logic could not. And sometimes they made things difficult.::

Saveron: It has become apparent that you have an expectation of the manner in which the relationship would progress.  At the same time, you have expressed a preference that I should take the initiative in the relationship. This puts me in the difficult situation of living up to your expectations; were I not a telepath it would be impossible. 

::Saveron was a Vulcan, and therefore he was quite adept and hiding his feelings, even when they touched telepathically.  Lately, they’d both been so busy, they hadn’t had much time together, but even when they were, she hadn’t suspected anything was wrong.  Obviously, something was.::

DeVeau: I’m sorry, I never intended to make you uncomfortable.

Saveron: Never the less, I find the situation disagreeable. I respect your right to your preferences, but I cannot live them. 

::Part of a relationship was talking, communicating.  Lately, it seemed he’d been harbouring feelings that he hadn’t shared with her, and that definitely wasn’t healthy in a relationship.  Alora might not be as experienced as he, but even she knew that.

DeVeau: So instead of discussing things with me and try to work them out, you’d rather just break things off?  Why?

::The Vulcan rose to his feet.::

Saveron: Because you are still looking for Prince Charming, and we have already established that he is not me. I trust that you will find him one day. Live long and prosper, Alora.

::He turned and, robes swirling about his feet, walked out.::


~~~~End Flashback~~~~


::He must have received transfer orders after that and been placed on the Za.  If Alora had paid closer attention to the senior staff list, she wouldn’t have been taken by surprise.   Still, surprise or no, they were now fellow officers on the same ship.   She would respect him, work politely with him, and always fulfill her duty.  While she did so, she would never let him know how much her heart hurt, never reveal the pain he’d caused her, the stabbing that sliced through her every time she thought of him and the way he’d left.::

::Alora inhaled and closed the case once more, shutting the instrument off from the world once again.  Rising, she returned to her tea and clutched the cup in her hands, the heat warming her skin.  He’d never know.  He’d moved on, and all he would see was that she had too.::

::Even if she hadn’t.::



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer

With Guest Star Appearance by
Commander Saveron
Chief Medical Officer

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