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Protests erupt over controversial war criminal case

Federation News Service

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EARTH — Bajorans and other Federation citizens staged a protest today in Paris, rallying against a Federation ruling to try a Cardassian war criminal off Bajoran soil.

The protest, which began early in the morning, was designed to bring attention to what many see as a blatant act of injustice committed by the Federation Attorney General. When the war criminal Breloc Tejar was captured last year, Bajor immediately sought to hold the trial. Tejar had been identified as a particularly heinous overseer during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, alleged to have committed multiple war crimes. Because of this relationship with the Bajoran people, the Federation Attorney General decided to hold the trial elsewhere, citing concerns for Tejar’s safety. Instead, the trial will be held in the Federation law office on Andoria. The controversial verdict stirred outrage among many of the Bajoran people.

“I’m a Federation citizen!” screamed Aeglis Bedena, a particularly indignant Bajoran protester at the rally. “We’re all Federation citizens! They’re doing it to us again! The [Cardassians] and now the Feds!”

Read the rest of the article Protests erupt over controversial war criminal case on the Federation News Service.

This article was written by Lt. Randal Shayne of the Andaris Task Force.

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