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Captain Waltas: Crazy Good, Right? Part 2

Oddas Aria

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((Bridge, USS Discovery)) 

Oddas: =/\= Ideally the Thunder would be assisting in this maneuver but the damage was more extensive than we thought. I just re-calibrated the tractor beams, but at this rate I'm going to need to do it again in about 20 minutes. =/\= 

Waltas::Checking the navigation chart:: =/\= 20 minutes should be all we need. =/\= 

Oddas: =/\= We should be in range of the Sand Bar by then, we'll have to drop out of Quantum Slip Stream then anyway. As soon as we do, I recommend we drop all of the tractor beams as soon we're out of the stream. =/\= 

Waltas: =/\= Since the Thunder only has thrusters that could be a problem. She won't be able to make it on her own without some help and we've got company closing in on us. ::He paused, thinking:: Lieutenant, once we drop out of the slipstream I want you to transfer every ounce of power to the impulse engines. Take it from everywhere but life support and the tractors. =/\= 

Oddas: =/\= Can do sir, but care to ... =/\= 

Waltas: =/\= I'm going to see how my starshp-tossing skills have fared. I've done it once before. ::looking at Mitchell and grinning:: It was fun. =/\= 

Oddas: =/\= Sir, I don't think the Discovery is going to be pilotable under those conditions, the sheering forces from the slipstream are going to try and tear the nacelles off the ship. =/\= 

Waltas: =/\= You let me worry about the helm. Just get me that power. Waltas out. =/\= 

::Tyr could imagine right now Oddas was muttering about unrealistic demands made by Captains and he smiled, then sat back in the seat. His idea was just as insane as it was the first time he'd done it, when he launched a Miranda-class starship out of the hold of the USS Odyssey and used its inertia to force it to collide with the USS Constitution, ending a climactic battle between the two starships and bringing his former Captain to justice.:: 

Mitchell: Just don’t miss. The last time was a little close.  

Waltas: Let's hope we have the same positive result. I don't want you to go back and have to explain how your little evaluation cruise resulted in the destruction of the Discovery. Get me the Thunder. 

Mitchell: ::chuckling:: Well, Raj is technically on the hook since he signed the forms. I’ll just the be one having to fix it all.  ::pressing the needed keys:: Comm’s up. 

::The viewscreen snapped on and Tyr was eye-to-eye with Jorey.:: 

Waltas: =/\= Commander, our "friends" are approaching quickly and we're going to turn and confront them. We're going to attempt to slingshot the Thunder through the sandbar and get you home. When you're out of jamming range, I need you to contact Chang and the Bronwyn and have them get underway to rendezvous with us in case we need assistance. =/\= 

Jorey: =/\= Of course. But I don't have to tell you that if we have incoming, it's very likely that Director Chang already knows. As for being slingshot through the sandbar corridor… well at least I can say it's not the craziest thing the Thunder has had to endure today. =/\=

Waltas: =/\= We're sitting ducks with you between our nacelles. one stray torpedo could destroy both ships. I don't think we have any other choice. =/\=

Jorey: =/\= I differ to the expertise our engineers and scientists. =/\= 

Waltas: Stand by. I'd recommend reinforcing the dampers. This won't be a smooth ride. Waltas out. 

::Time, as it was wont to do, passed all too quickly, and the time for the insane maneuver came. Tyr looked over at T'Lea.:: 

Waltas: Let's hope our luck with crazy maneuvers holds. Anders, take us out of warp, then I have the helm. ::Tapping the comm panel:: =/\= Bridge to engineering. We're dropping out of the slipstream. Transfer all power on my mark. =/\= 

Oddas: =/\= We're ready sir. =/\= 

::Anders dropped the Discovery and Thunder out of the slipstream, with the ships emerging still in their configuration, but the tractor beams violently fluxuating.:: 

Mitchell: Tractor beams are about to blow! 

Waltas: Understood. =/\= Bridge to engineering-transfer power now! =/\= 

Oddas: =/\= Initiating =/\= 

::The lights on the bridge dimmed as every kilojoule of power was dumped into the impulse engines, which flared a fiery red in response. The ship vibrated with as the engines "redlined".:: 

Waltas: Computer, activate manual steering column. 

::With an obedient beep, a panel on the deck of the bridge slid open and a column emerged, with a flight-stick reminiscent of military jets of ancient earth emerged. Tyr gripped the flight stick and depressed the trigger, signalling full impulse. The Sovereign-class blazed forward at break-neck speed toward the sandbar.:: 

Waltas: Where's our friends, Mitchell? 

Mitchell: Closing way faster than I’d like.  

Waltas::Shaking his head:: We're out of time. =/\= Waltas to Thunder, brace for inertia. =/\= Mitchell, disengage tractors on my mark. T'Lea, try to compensate for the inertia as much as you can. 

T'Lea: Aye 

Mitchell: Finger’s on the button.  

::Tyr pulled hard on the flight control, banking the massive starship hard to port and rolling her onto her side.:: 

Waltas: Release the tractors! 

::On the viewscreen, the two starships separated, and the Thunder was catapaulted, inverted, deep into the sandbar while Discovery banked away and turned her bow to the threat. Both ships shuddered with the effort, but both survived, and the Thunder was well on her way through the Sandbar.:: 

Waltas::Mimicking T'Lea's voice:: Huh. What do you know? It worked. 

T'Lea: ::mumbling:: …smartass… 

Waltas::Chuckling, touching the comm panel:: =/\= Bridge to Engineering. Well done. The Thunder is on her way. Return power levels to normal. =/\= 

Oddas: =/\= Understood Sir. =/\= 

Waltas: Now let's see what our friends want. Red alert, Mitchell. 

Mitchell: Roger that. ::He hit his favorite button, the big red one sending full power to the shields and phasers, darkening the bridge and sliding torpedoes into the tubes.:: Wait…hang on, contact’s fadding out. Their gone. Odd….. 

Waltas::Frowning:: They cloaked. Romulans. 

Mitchell: Gee haven’t we been here before. But they’d be the only thing out this way beside us.  

Waltas: T'Lea scan for neutron radiation. Get me a fix on them if you can. 

T'Lea: Aye 


::The Discovery stood, indominable, blocking the way to the crippled Thunder and the sandbar, and in proxy to the Embassy itself. Her shields snapped on and deadly weapons went to full power, waiting on the adversaries to reveal themselves.:: 

Captain Tyr Waltas 
Commanding Officer 
USS Discovery 

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