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Poll of the Week: Those amazing forcefields


What use of Forcefields do you find most impressive?   

23 members have voted

  1. 1. What use of Forcefields do you find most impressive?

    • Medical uses. Where forcefields keep people safe.
    • Security uses. Where forcefields contain threats and make holding cells nearly escape proof.
    • Fire suppression system. Where forcefields contains then nullifies one of nature's most dangerous forces.
    • In the Holodeck. Where forcefields make fantasy feel like reality.
    • Sealing hull breaches until they can be repaired.
    • Another use? Tell us what else a forcefield can do that impressed you the most below in the comments!

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Forcefields, since their introduction in Star Trek have fueled the imagination of viewers and writers of future episodes alike.  Forcefields have been shown to be able to do far more than just confine someone in a holding cell.  They are the magic behind the Holodeck’s feeling of reality giving form to the characters and objects that mimics the feel of the real world counterpart.  They can be used to sterilize surgeon's hands and keep patients from being able to move as well as keep an area quarantined in medical settings. They are used to contain fires starving the flames of oxygen and keeping it from spreading.  In emergencies they keep the air in by closing breaches in the hulls of starships and space stations.  Forcefields can even be used to create breathable places in the harshest conditions imaginable; like on the surface of an asteroid or holding back millions of pounds of water on the bottom of a sea.


This week our question is: What use of Forcefields do you find most impressive?

This poll comes from Trek Technology and science category. Where were ask questions relating to the technology and science seen in Star Trek. Often the questions will relate to how the lines between modern tech and trek tech blur more and more each day. Other times questions from this category will ask about your favorite gear or uses of the futuristic tech we enjoy seeing on the big and small screen.   

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