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Ferenginar’s 8 richest hold as much wealth as bottom half of all Ferengi

Federation News Service

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MUGAR MUGA, FERENGINAR — A new report published by the Divine Treasury warns that the status of global economic inequality is far more dire than predicted, with most Ferengi failing to exploit the citizens of galactic neighbors to the extent possible since the introduction of warp travel to Ferengi society.

The report, titled Does Anyone Remember the Rules of Acquisition? estimates that just eight Ferengi share the same level of personal wealth as half of the population of 24.8 billion Ferengi who make up the “temporarily embarrassed non-wealthy” class.

Read the rest of the article "Ferenginar’s 8 richest hold as much wealth as bottom half of all Ferengi" on the Federation News Service.

This article was written by Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf.

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