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Lt. Savan - Anyone need a bio bed?

Oddas Aria

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::Savan was almost overwhelmed by the sequence of images and sounds that he saw. Vicious specters of the past, telepathic imipressions, all of it had led to this moment. Tye now stood holding his brother.

Tye: Let’s go home.

T'Mihn: The first steps to healing have started. In order for Sanye to truly heal, your family needs to heal with him. 

:;Putting a hand on Sanuye's head.::

T'Mihn:  Know you're greatly loved. 

::In a few instants, the dark landscaped dissolved into the sterile world of sickbay on the USS Discovery. Savan blinked as he heard a voice begin speaking. He realized it was Waltas. T’Mihn must have ended the link.::

((Sickbay, USS Discovery))

Waltas: What happened?

T'Mihn: His biological mother  placed a strong impression for him o harm his family. We  showed Sanuye the root of the problem and set him on the path to heal. 

Savan : Tye found the courage within himself. 

::Using  the bed as support, T'Mihn made her way to Tye and gilded him to the bed next to Sanuye's and put him on it..:: 

Savan: ::to Tye:: This will help you recover from what you experienced.

::Savan triggered a state of gentle deep rest for Tye, who then fell asleep.::

Waltas: How could their mother plant something inside his mind? 

T'Mihn:   She might have encountered him on his travels.  I'd have to go in again to find out exactly...::pause:: I don't think I can right now. 

::Savan did not understand the fury of the Vulcan mother. Only an illness or madness could produce such a state. But he offered what he could in the moment.::

Savan : Vulcans can leave telepathic impressions within the mind of another. It’s almost like a program running in the background. 

Waltas::Sighing:: So they'll be out for some time? ::Thinking:: Probably a good thing. I don't know what happened in there but it felt like I was there. I could feel but couldn't see.

T'Mihn: In a sense you were because of the closeness of your family.

Savan: The connections that tie us to others work in ways we do not always understand… especially those between parents and children. 

Waltas: Well, the doctor had kindly asked us to get out and my wife has been abducted by a grouchy Vulcan, and you tell me my sons are going to be sleeping the ride home so..I'm headed for the bridge. But first, I wanted to thank both of you. I'll never pretend to understand Vulcan mind melds but I know what you did for my sons is incredibly personal. I'm indebted to you both. I could have lost my whole family without your help. 

::Savan almost laughed at the reference to “grouchy Vulcan,” as he had just notice T’Lea was absent.::

T'Mihn: It was for family.  ::Letting go, she quickly grabbed the bio bed edge with a hand, before releasing  her other hand.::  You're  welcome.   Now ..ahh.. get out.::wink:: Doc has this covered.   

::Savan was almost taken aback by T’Mihn’s expressiveness. Not that he disapproved at all. He appreciated the warmth of it.::

Savan: I hardly understand melds myself. But to be honest, sir, it was an honor to be of assistance. In life, there are few things as important as family. We will attend to both Tye and Sanuye. 

::As Waltas walked out, Savan saw T’Mihn slide down to the floor.::

T'Mihn:  This usually only done with one person. ::trying to shake loose cobwebs:. I wasn't expecting his whole family.  ::Looking up at Savan.:: Are you alright? 

Savan: Am I alright??? I think I am the one who should be asking that question.

::Savan smiled and lifted the small Vulcan up onto the biobed.::

T’Mihn: A bit scrabbled, and drained. Thanks you.   

::He immediately began to apply neuropressure to help revive his fellow officer.

Savan: ::after a few moments:: So how do you feel now?

T’Mihn:  ::Sitting up on her elbows:: Better, you?

::The conversation turned back to him.::

Savan: Well, I did not expect to be drawn into the meld but I still do not entirely stand what unfolded at the end. Regardless, it was… ::smiling:: fascinating.::

T’Mihn: ::Giving a grin::  We need to come up with more words to describe amazing things.  Are you really alright?

::Savan paused for a moment, as something flashed through his consciousness.::

Savan: To be honest, since the end of the last mission, I have not felt entirely like myself.

T’Mihn: I think that mission has disrupted us all.  SO what do you  feel like?

Savan: It is like someone else in the background of my mind. It has not been negative, but it is… unusual.


Lt. Savan
Tactical/Security Officer
Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A

Writer ID: E239303S10


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