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Consortium leader Raikenoff defeated by USS Darwin crew

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TRILL — The crew of USS Darwin-A took leave on Trill following their victory over Consortium leader Raikenoff in the Delta Quadrant.

The Darwin has been pulled back from the Delta Quadrant following speculation that its base of operations, Outpost Unity, should not have been placed on a Dyson sphere. Prior to leaving the Delta Quadrant, Darwin completed a mission in which they defeated the Consortium warship CSS Vanquish, ending a long struggle with the ship that culminated in a space battle and a final hand-to-hand showdown between Captain Renos and nir archnemesis, Torkath, also known as Raikenoff.

Under temporary command of Consortium agent Ruhk Marquess, Vanquish was the field of action for two Darwin teams. Lt. Commander Brell was tortured for information by Marquess, who revealed a plan to steal Darwin’s quantum slipstream Drive. Meanwhile, Commander Kael Thomas suffered injuries while Lt. Randal Shayne bravely assisted in the rescue of Talaxian prisoners.

A second team led by Lt. Commander John Valdivia, boarded Vanquish in an attempt to rescue their crewmates. Ensign Kurt Logan, Lt. Iniko Mpeba and Lt. Commander Nicu Icavoc, along with Valdivia, encountered hostile Consortium agents and malicious Numiri robots before freeing the Starfleet and Talaxian prisoners and escaping Vanquish at the last moment.

Meanwhile, Darwin was under the command of Lt. Commander Emery Rhyn, who, along with Lt. Merrick R’Ven, capably handled a firefight with Vanquish while simultaneously transporting Talaxian prisoners from both Vanquish and the mining colony where they were being held. Dr. Isabel Pond and Ensign Christopher Lambert coordinated triage. Vanquish was ultimately destroyed.

On the mining colony, Captain Renos beamed down with Lt. Commander Ren Rennyn and Ensign Sam Braddock to effect the rescue of Talaxian prisoners. Separated from the group as part of Raikenoff’s trap, Renos was forced to face nir former tormentor and long-time enemy. In a dramatic fight at the head of a mine shaft, Renos saw Raikenoff fall down the chasm below to his certain death. Injured but victorious, Renos transported back to Darwin.

Following these events, Darwin received word that the ship was to be reassigned, pulled back from the Delta Quadrant. As they await news of their new assignment, the crew is enjoying shore leave on Trill, where they have been rejoined by Counselor Didrik Stennes, returning from a brief leave of absence.

Lt. Commander Valdivia has presented a lecture on the Dyson sphere where Outpost Unity was recently shuttered. Lt. Pond, Lt. Commander Rhyn and Lt. Commander Rennyn have all enjoyed showing off their home world. The citizens of Rennyn’s home village, Arnmere, have given the crew an exuberant welcome.

“Shoot, I reckon we don’t see two Starfleet officers in a decade ’round these parts,” said Tovhan Bruxniss, an Arnmere merchant. “Now we got dozens all at once! Darwin can dock here anytime.”

As Darwin’s crew prepares to say goodbye to the colorful Trill locals, they also prepare to receive new orders. A fresh assignment and an all new chance for adventure await Captain Renos’ and nir crew.

The post Consortium leader Raikenoff defeated by USS Darwin crew appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG.

ufopsb118?d=yIl2AUoC8zA ufopsb118?i=yvtzRt1BQqs:y1U5RCyow6I:D7Dq ufopsb118?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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