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Borderland colony commemorates second anniversary

Federation News Service

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TRINITY SECTOR — The inhabitants of the remote Federation colony Pernipia Gamma IV are celebrating the second anniversary of the planet’s colonization this month.

Pernipia Gamma IV, situated in the blurry border region between Federation and Romulan space, was colonized by a group of 170 human settlers in late 2391. Despite initial setbacks, including a deliberate poisoning of livestock and a power struggle splitting the colony’s duumvirate leadership, the colony has prospered during its two-year infancy and laid the foundations for future growth.

“Pernipia Gamma IV is a planet with limitless potential,” said Mirielle Danvers, the colony’s administrator. “Blessed with significant natural resources, including vast kelbonite deposits and favorable climates, our little colony has all the ingredients to become a major Federation presence in the region someday.”

Read the rest of the article "Borderland colony commemorates second anniversary" on the Federation News Service.

This article was written by Lt Cmdr Didrik Stennes of the USS Darwin-A.

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