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Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker - Double Jeopardy

Oddas Aria

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(( Bridge- USS Discovery ))

:: The last fight Hannibal would ever want to engage in had begun. Two massive starships were trading weapons fire.Hannibal knew it was tearing Tyr's heart out to fire on the ship commanded by his wife, and commandeered by his son. While Riverview and Tyr were having their conversation, he noticed Tye was no longer on the bridge...and on his panel, he saw that Tyr had locked down the hangar bay. Hannibal bit his lip...he knew Tye was going to try to stop the bloodshed, hopefully make his brother listen to reason... Sanuye would try to kill him again, just as he wanted to kill him on the surface of Duronis. He was going to have to wait it out, until they could board and stop his brother...and save the Thunder and Admiral Turner::

Waltas: Savan, I want you to go with Riverwind and Oddas and take your boarding team. Once you fire off the probe we'll open fire, and then you can transport into Engineering and take it over.

Savan: Aye, sir.

Mitchell: New contact. Showing it to be the Thunder's yacht.

Parker:oo What the hell...Oo

Mitchell: Targets are going to slip stream...

Waltas: Take us into the stream. We'll use theirs so we don't have to wait to power ours up. Stay on their tail, Anders. Mitchell, what's your opinion on the yacht?

Mitchell: Stay with the Thunder. The yacht is a diversion, Tyr.

Waltas: I'd tend to agree but why?

Parker: A few seconds' indecision on our part gives them time to escape, and,,,,

Mitchell: Cause even you and I aren't crazy enought to try and survive a full power launch from a ship running at full impulse. Only an unmanned craft on remote could pull that off.

Waltas::Nodding:: Makes sense. All the same I want it disabled. Target its deflector and fire phasers.

:: The Discovery fired her phasers, catching the yacht in yellow-white fire, its shields overwhelmed. The yacht tumbled as it dropped out of slipstream, her deflector shredded as the ship tumbled::

Waltas: Helm, stay with them.

:: Both starships came out of slipstream, the Briar Patch just ahead::

Waltas::Tapping his communicator:: =/\= Bridge to shuttlebay-Oddas, Riverwind, Savan, are you ready? =/\=

Oddas: =/\= Oddas here, we are ready to launch. =/\=

Waltas: Launch and good hunting. Anders, full impulse. Take us in as close as we can get. Stay with the shuttle.

:: The Thunder was dead ahead, but to Hannibals' surprise, her torpedo bay outer doors were not open, preparing to spit hellfire in their direction. They were still closing on her. He could see the shuttle was hovering right in front of the Discovery's primary hull, then flew neatly under the Thunder. A beep told him the shields were down, as was the grav plating on several decks, Now, it was all or nothing::

Waltas: Looks like the probe worked. Their shields are down. Mitchell! Fire! Now!

:: There were few things more devastating than the fire from a Sovereign Class starship...Hannibal had seen it during the Dominion War, his first assignment on board the Challenger-A, and now, on board the Discovery. The hits were devastating, Phasers carved into the Thunders'hull, peeling first the armor, then penetrating into the double hull. Torpedoes then slammed into the nacelles and hull. Hannibal the Thunder was badly wounded as he saw the lights on the Thunder flicker, then go out....she was dead in space::

Mitchell: Target hit. Showing power out across multiple decks. looks like we got the feedback into the main capacitors.

Waltas: That should keep them down for awhile. ::Turning:: Major. Get our teams moving. Get Irina back up here.

:: Hannibal nodded, then spoke::

Parker: Will do, Captain:: tapping his comm badge:: =/\= Major Pavlova, report to the Bridge.=/\=..:: low, so only Tyr could hear him:: We'll handle this Tyr. We'll bring Toni and the rest back...and make sure Sanuye hurts no one else. Your place is here, my friend...

Waltas::Quietly, only to him:: I know that. I also know that I'm going over there and nothing you or anyone else on this ship do or say will stop me. Besides.. ::sighing:: Tye is gone and his comm badge is shut off. You know what that means. He's going to confront Sanuye himself, or at least try to.  We have to get there first.

:: Hannibal knew he was right, and also knew he was wrong. But he also knew that if the shoe was on the other foot, no one could stop him either::

Parker: I know, Tyr...I know....::standing up:: Let's go get him...

::While Tyr and Hannibal were making their way to the Ready Room to put on the grav boots and collect their weaponry, Irina appeared, armed to the teeth. Hannibal had his share of armaments as well, with the exception of his plasma cannon...it was simply too much firepower to use on a starship, especially a friendly. Hannibal checked his pulse phaser rifle and Desert Eagle phaser, making sure bother were set to stun, before placing it back in his thigh holster. His Bowie knife was secure in his boot, with an additional blade tucked in the small of his back. His 1911 .45 was in its holster on his left thigh. With a nod that everyone was ready, Tyr spoke::

Waltas: Mitchell, you're in command until we return. If the Thunder moves or powers up you're to open fire, whether we're on board or not. Keep our foot on her throat. Understood?

Mitchell: Aye sir. Full salvo on stand by. 

Waltas: T'Minh, I want you to get with Dr. Hendon and prepare to receive the Admiral. We'll be back with her shortly. Hopefully.

T'Minh: Understood.:: Standing up and turning to towards Tyr:: Good luck.

:: On the way to the transporter Room, Irina spoke::

Pavlova: I won't kill him. I promise.

Waltas::Darkly:: We may have no choice, Irina. Either way, I'm sorry for what I said earlier.

Pavlova: You know me better than that.

::With that, the three teams beamed to their respective locations. The fight to retake the USS Thunder-A had begun::

(( Bridge-USS Thunder-A))

:: Arriving on the Bridge, they could see the carnage which had taken place just begore their arrival. Blood hung in the air, and they saw SAyune head toward the turbolift doors. Hannibal had drawn his weapon, and so had Tyr, their phasers lighting up the door as Sanuye fled inside::

Waltas::voice full of rage:: Parker! Irina! Go after him!

Parker: We'll get him!

Pavlova: Come on.

:: The two raced into the turbolift, but not exactly sure where they were going to go. Hannibal had a good idea, but it was Irina who spoke first::

Pavlova: He’ll try to escape.

Parker: Sanuye's plan is ruined, we're closing in, he's got only one choice for escape...the hangar deck..

Pavlova: response

:: Just then, the ship rocked with another explosion::

Pavlova: Lets go.

Parker: It was beneath us, but not sure where...

Pavlova: Where was it?

Parker: If he is blasting his way out, the Discovery will nail his [...]...

(( Deck 6- Main Shuttle Bay- USS Discovery C ))

:: the two Marines burst from the turbolift, weapons drawn as they ran down the corridor. They saw the long haired Sanuye look back at them::


Pavlova: Hell with this.  ::Irina put away both phase pistols and unslung the modern 24th century phaser rifle from her back.::

:: Still saddled with the grav boots, Irina and Hannibal made almost a dead run towards the doors of the shuttle bay, their superior strength had them gaining on the renegade before he dissappeared inside the hatch of the bay. Faced with a closed door and the possibility of ambush on the other side, Hannibal spoke::

Parker: I know, I know...you take point. I'll hit the emergency override...

Pavlova: Ready when you are.

:: Hannibal hit the panel, popping open the access to the controls::

Parker: We go one...two...three...

:: Hannibal hit the override, and Irina stormed in, with Hannibal right behind her. From the other side of the bay, the other Discovery teams were also coming in, around the wreckage of a crashed yacht...and two men...the twins...grappling each other. It was impossible to tell them apart. AS the teams closed in, weapons drawn, Hannibal spoke::

Parker: Everyone! Hold your fire! That's an order! Don't fire until I give the order!

:: Hannibal was banking on Tye to take his brother, but he was prepared to shoot them both if he had to::


Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
First Officer
USS Discovery-C

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