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Celebrations across the Federation celebrate the new stardate year

Federation News Service

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EARTH — On the heels of the new Earth year of 2394, Federation worlds today observed the beginning of the new stardate year.

Fireworks lit up the skies over the most iconic landmarks of many member planets as people gathered to celebrate. From San Francisco to Moscow on Earth to Vulcan and Starbase 118, crowds said goodbye to 2393, a tumultuous year in interstellar politics and a welcome end to another year of Starfleet’s ongoing missions.

While many celebrated with family and friends on their home worlds, some also paid tribute to the many notable sentient beings who passed away during the holiday season, marking 2393 as the “Year of Heart-Wrenching Losses” by a large number of avid readers.

Read the rest of the article at Celebrations across the Federation celebrate the new stardate year  on the Federation News Service.

This article was written by Ensign Francis Ryan of the USS Constitution-B.

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