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[BACKSIMM] LtJG Jansen Orrey: Lunch Break

Lael Rosek-Skyfire

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((Jansen Orrey Apartment - San Francisco Earth))


::Jansen smiled and carried the plates to the table before returning to the replicator and returning with a pair of wine glasses with a light white wine that had a slight greenish tint to it. On the plate was a narrow fillet of fish paired with a creamy salad.::


Orrey: Lemon smoked salmon, with a creamy cucumber and fennel salad paired with a nice Chablis to go with it. A decent attempt at lunch I think.


Sablone: It certainly looks good. Awful fancy for the likes of me.


Orrey: :settling into his chair.:: Bah it is the least I can do for keeping you out so late yesterday.


Sablone: No problem.


Orrey: ::using his fork and knife to move one of the lemon slices off the fish before cutting into the fillet slowly.:: I still appreciate you the last few days. Even if there wasn’t any good news yesterday.


Sablone: ::She popped a slice of the creamy cucumber into her mouth.:: So… While I enjoyed the area… you gonna tell me the results?


Orrey: ::He laughed some covering his mouth as he finished chewing before lifting the wineglass up and taking a small drink before answering.:: I enjoyed the people down there. Direct, warm, it was nice.


Sablone: :smiles as she continues through the salad. Waves her fork vaguely in the air.: I liked the feel. I might even go back and check it out further. See if they need any shrinks.


Orrey: They would be lucky to have you there. ::He moved his salad around some with his fork before taking a small bite of it.::


Sablone: So..?


Orrey: ::Again chewing to extend the time before he answered.:: There was no good news. I was nearly offered the services of his brother-in-law, a lawyer, to help start getting things in order.


Sablone: ::winces:: Oh Janse…


Orrey: ::Jansen shrugged some.:: It was a nice offer all the same.


Sablone: ::puts her fork down.:: That’s not what I meant. ::pause:: What are you going to do?


Orrey: ::Raising his head to look at her.:: What do you mean then?


Sablone: Another doctor?


Orrey: I will have to find one. The guy I went to see was one of the best on Earth.


Sablone: What about off Earth?


Orrey: I am looking into it. I have a few requests sent out, inside and outside of Starfleet. ::He pointed with his fork to her plate.:: Don’t let it get cold, it won’t agree with your stomach.


:: Catalina stared at him with a slight frown.::


Orrey: Cooking I can fiddle my way through, but don’t think I don’t understand how to feed you, that is why I chose the Chablis instead of a Dry Riesling, or a malt whiskey to pair with the meal even though they would match the salmon just as well. ::smirking as he recalled the woman in the bar.:: Knowing how to care for the people around me...it's like my comfort food.


Sablone: What does that even mean?


Orrey: The same thing I tried explaining to you when we were in London for your birthday. You may not understand my ways of processing or dealing with things. But to me, I am most useful...I feel the best when I am helping someone else.


Sablone: Till you can’t anymore, you mean. And then what? You go softly into that good night with a life well spent?


Orrey: I doubt I will go softly, but a good night with a good life...I have had worse days.


Sablone: You can’t be giving up.


::Jansen looked down at his plate and took a long moment cutting another piece of the fish away, carefully taking a piece of fennel and a cucumber slice on top before lifting it to his mouth, never looking up as he chewed, after another drink from his glass he raised himself up to look at her. His smile, that she had never seen him missing was gone, his eyes were wet and the lines on his face seemed heavy enough to weigh down a cruiser.::


Orrey: :quietly: no..


Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey M.D.
Diplomatic Attaché/Counselor
USS Gorkon


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