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Commander Kael Thomas - New day a new dawn

Ren Rennyn

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((USS Darwin, Deck 6, Personal Quarters))


::Kael’s quarters was relatively bare.  He’d always liked it that way.  Things were ordered but not cluttered with everything he needed in easy reach and never out of place.  It’s not that he had an obsessive nature where things had to be perfect he just hated having to search for things.  In a functional sense his room worked.  But in an inviting and warming sense it was cold.  His walls weren't lined with his families pictures or even pieces of art or memorabilia that might help provide a superficial insight into Kael’s interests.  They were bare bulkheads. ::


::Turning to his bed which was covered in the odds and ends that Kael had accumulated during this shoreleave.  He had quite a few things and he realistically knew that not everything would find a home, but he was hoping to be a little more open about his room decorations.  In there he hoped might be some gifts for others also.  Not to say that Kael was just going to regift all the things he couldn’t find value in, but rather he bought them all because he liked them.  It’s possible with some more thought he could gift them to others who would appreciate it.  Possibly even give them encouragement to get to Trill. ::


::Picking up a large fitting button up shirt Kael lifted the navy blue fabric up to fold it into a useful shape.  The smell of the natural fibres took him back to the warm summer day at the market where he purchased it.  Sorting through the clothes he packed them away neatly and moved onto other tokens.::


::Picking up a wooden object, he flipped it over in his fingers while moving to his desk.  It was angled slightly and had a wooden recess on the bottom.  Kael always thought about having somewhere to rest his PADDs on when reading instead of holding them and this provided a nice solution to that.  A memorable item, but with purpose ticked all of Kael’s newly created criteria. ::


::Turning back to his desk, he saw a framed picture. Picking it up in his hands Kael admired the excellent reproduction of colours and feeling from the photo.  As he moved to hang it on the wall, he could almost hear the waves from the photo as if he was right there.::




((Trill, Aopdic Beach))


::The coffee felt warm between Kael’s hands in the cool light air of pre-dawn. Kael had partaken in a few drinks with the crew for New Year's Eve celebrations but he kept them modest.  Kael always liked to start off his New Year productively and this year he got to do it with amazing surroundings. Having transported here a few moments ago, Kael had taken up a spot up from the water line where the sand was still loose and remained dry.  He’d thought about wearing shoes because he wasn’t doing a great deal of activity but he wanted to feel the sand under his feet. Sitting down his arms resting on his knees he waited patiently.::


::Casting his eyes upward he got a look at the night sky.  It was so different to what he’d been used to at home.  He was obviously in a different position to Earth and as such the night sky was different, but still held the familiar arm of the Galaxy.  With very little light bleed he could take in even the dullest of stars. ::


Thomas: oO When I was a kid, I used to look at the stars and want to be among them.  How strange, but gratifying to now sit here and say that I have been among many of them.  Is that success? Oo


::There was no question that Kael had wanted to be a Starfleet Officer from a very early age.  Owned in part to the some bleed from his parents who were also in Starfleet, albeit Earth bound, but also owed to Kael’s explorative and hunger for knowledge inner drives.  He would never have been content on Earth, wondering what else was out there.  What he was missing out on. As he looked at hte sky, he realised his place in the universe was so small.  So insignificant.  But as his Lecturer’s would also say, “Even the smallest fly has a role to play.”::


::Getting lost in his thoughts wasn’t a problem because the Sun caught his attention immediately.  It began to fill up the horizon and the night sky was in quick retreat.  It’s amber light shone around Kael who couldn’t help but smile.  This was a great moment and one he hoped to capture to remember.  Bringing out the camera, Kael took a few photo’s.  Happy with his work, Kael sat back and reflected upon just how blessed he was.  He was in good health, he had family and he a was placed on an excellent ship.  He was really content with where he was right now, and prayed that 2394 would also be a prosperous year. Kael remained well until the sun had climbed above the horizon, not wanting to miss a moment.::


((Present Day))


((USS Darwin, Deck 6, Personal Quarters))


::The picture hung well on Kael’s wall, about eye height.  Moving back a little to reflect upon his work Kael was happy with the placement.  Furthermore, he was happy with the shot and the memories of that morning and what it represented.  He would make sure he had a great year and without a doubt, it had gotten off to a great start.::



Commander Kael Thomas - Engineering Officer, USS Darwin, NCC-99312-A  



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