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Captain Tyr Waltas: Cold Soul

Oddas Aria

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((Bridge, USS Discovery)) 

::The first salvos in what would likely result in the end of his career and possibly life had been launched. The scenario was beyond anyone could dream up for a work of fiction, much less real-life. He was in a command of a decomissioned Starfleet vessel, pursuing another Starfleet vessel, commanded by a Federation Admiral who was also his wife, who had just fired torpedoes at him. He had returned fire. The damage that both ships had absorbed was nothing compared to the wreckage left in his soul. He didn't have time to think, and his long experience taught him to put aside emotion, at least as much as he could, and deal with the situation at hand. Otherwise he, and possibly thousands of others, would die.:: 

RIVERWIND: Sir, I'm sorry for the pain that this is causing you, but perhaps when it comes to dealing with you one son, it might be helpful to include his brother.. ::pausing:: seeing as it his Twin. There's not doubt that he's in as muich pain as you are. He may have ideas that we haven't thought of yet, ones that would save both of them should either end up setting foot on Ba'ku. 

::Tyr looked up and began to snap off a response akin to "stay out of my business", but the Ensign was already gone, and perhaps it was for the best. She was only trying to help, and the advice was solid. He turned to where Tye had been standing before combat began, but found him gone. A quick query to the computer showed that he had removed his comm badge.:: 

o O I know what you're planning, son. You won't be the one to do it. O o 

::Quietly, he tapped in commands to the console on his chair arm, locking down all the shuttles and the shuttlebay, giving clearance only to the one Oddas and Riverwind were flying to disable the Thunder.:: 

WALTAS: Savan, I want you to go with Riverwind and Oddas and take your boarding team. Once you fire off the probe we'll open fire, and then you can transport into Engineering and take it over. 

SAVAN: response 

MITCHELL: New contact. Showing it to be the Thunder's yacht. 

::Tyr frowned, realizing now he had two to chase.As Savan left the bridge, the attention turned to the Thunder, who somehow managed to leap into the slipstream while travelling at maximum warp.:; 

o O Damn you, T'Lea. That's got to be your handiwork. It figures you'd choose to shine when I want you to screw up. O o 

MITCHELL: Targets are going to slip stream... 

WALTAS: Take us into the stream. We'll use theirs so we don't have to wait to power ours up. Stay on their tail, Anders. Mitchell, what's your opinion on the yacht? 

MITCHELL: Stay with the Thunder. The yacht is a diversion, Tyr. 

WALTAS: I'd tend to agree but why? 

ANYONE: response 

MITCHELL: Cause even you and I aren't crazy enought to try and survive a full power launch from a ship running at full impulse. Only an unmanned craft on remote could pull that off. 

WALTAS::Nodding:: Makes sense. All the same I want it disabled. Target its deflector and fire phasers. 

::The Discovery lashed out with her main phaser banks. The yacht's shields were no match and the deflector took a direct hit. The yacht dropped out of the slipstream and went spinning out of control, lying adrift far from the approaching battlefield.:: 

WALTAS: Helm, stay with them. 

::Both ships emerged from the slipstream and the looming chaos of the briar patch was just in front of them.:: 

WALTAS::Tapping his communicator:: =/\= Bridge to shuttlebay-Oddas, Riverwind, Savan, are you ready? =/\= 

Oddas: =/\= Oddas here, we are ready to launch. =/\=

WALTAS: Launch and good hunting. Anders, full impulse. Take us in as close as we can get. Stay with the shuttle. 

::Surprisingly, the Thunder didn't immediately open fire. He wondered if there was something going on on the bridge-if the crew had possibly mutinied or..worse..if they were dead. Either way, the plan was in motion, and couldn't be stopped. The shuttle hovered just in front of Discovery's massive saucer section and flew neatly under the Thunder's hull. He looked down at his own sensor console and saw the shields drop, and the grav plating failed on multiple decks.:: 

WALTAS: Looks like the probe worked. Their shields are down. Mitchell! Fire! Now! 

::Tyr had, on many occasions, witnessed the might of the Discovery, but he'd never been so terrified of it as he was at this moment. As precise and skilled as Mitchell was, he was still dealing with aspects that were uncontrollable. No one could direct explosions or tell weapons to hit only ship hulls and systems. People were going to be hurt, and there was nothing he could do about it. The Discovery's phasers slashed into Engineering and then torpedoes followed, striking the the hull and the nacelles. The lights on board the Thunder went dim, then went out completely.:: 

MITCHELL: Target hit. Showing power out across multiple decks. looks like we got the feedback into the main capacitors. 

WALTAS: That should keep them down for awhile. ::Turning:: Major. Get our teams moving. Get Irina back up here. 

PARKER: Will do, Captain:: tapping his comm badge:: =/\= Major Pavlova, report to the Bridge.=/\=..:: low, so only Tyr could hear him:: We'll handle this Tyr. We'll bring Toni and the rest back...and make sure Sanuye hurts no one else. Your place is here, my friend...

WALTAS::Quietly, only to him:: I know that. I also know that I'm going over there and nothing you or anyone else on this ship do or say will stop me. Besides.. ::sighing:: Tye is gone and his comm badge is shut off. You know what that means. He's going to confront Sanuye himself, or at least try to.  We have to get there first. 

PARKER: I know, Tyr...I know....::standing up:: Let's go get him...

::Irina appeared, armed to the teeth, as Tyr walked over to the ready room. He'd stored his gear from the Embassy here, and took a moment to regard the emptiness. The rosewood desk was gone, a gift to Raj, and the painting of the USS Discovery now hung in his new office on the Embassy. The medieval broadsword, from the Camelot mission, was gone as well, and he didn't know where. Strapping on his katana, he checked the ancient phaser given to him from Irina, making sure it was set to stun, and holstered it on his thigh. Returning to the bridge, he found the rest of the team assembled. All were wearing gravity boots, knowing that the Thunder's gravitational systems had been cripppled.:: 

WALTAS: Mitchell, you're in command until we return. If the Thunder moves or powers up you're to open fire, whether we're on board or not. Keep our foot on her throat. Understood? 

MITCHELL: Aye sir. Full salvo on stand by. 

WALTAS: T'Minh, I want you to get with Dr. Hendon and prepare to receive the Admiral. We'll be back with her shortly. Hopefully. 

::The teams beamed simultaneously to Engineering, auxillary control, and the bridge. The true test was about to begin.:: 

Captain Tyr Waltas 
Commanding Officer 
USS Discovery 

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