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MSNCP Nicholas Lushington - pwobwematic regwoupf

Trellis Vondaryan

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((Main Computer Core - USS Za))

Losak: And now the bridge has been sealed. ::smiling:: Which means they can't get out, either. Well, then, let everyone fire away!

Petras: ::finally looks up.:: What did you do?

::She shrugged.::

Losak: Wasn't me. The bridge must have done something... But since they can't get out, it shouldn't be a problem.

Lushington: which means they’re trapped…no time to lose. Don’t forget we still got a brother up there. Wouldn’t like to lose him either.

Petras: And he will understand the sacrifice we may all have to make to achieve our goal. ::Her console beep. And she turned to look.:: Clever girl…

::He rolled with his eyes. He had made some sacrifices himself. With his hand he softly rubbed his swollen chin and cheek. It stung a little bit but the swollen parts were numb and speaking became more difficult. He shakes his head:: 

oO That damn Romulan gave me a good beating, he even kicked out my tooth. I will get my revenge on him Oo 

::The bleeding luckily stopped quick enough but he couldn’t understand that his beautiful Faran still gave him a kiss. That she still showed some kind of interest in him though he looked hidious::

Lushington: ::He looked on her console but couldn’t understand one thing:: Whas hapfened?  ::he knew that it sounded weird but it was the best he could do for now::

Losak: What's that, Nicky? You want to know what's happened? ::she didn't intend to sound like she was speaking to a young Tumerian prairie pup, but she didn't change the inflection of her voice either:: Someone has launched a set of probes. Unmodified, by the look of it.

Petras: I warned you they would take action and they have done so.

Lushington: Witw ‘they’ youw ean thew weowle on the bridge wighthh?

Losak: ::sharply:: Who else would 'they' mean?

Petras: They began by attempting to restrict access to personnel on the bridge only. ::pauses and then types rapidly.:: Oh… very clever girl…

Lushington: vefy cwever indeed…what awe we going to dow abous it?

Losak: Not much. There's no point. We weren't going to the bridge anyway.

Petras: The captain has sent out probes… ::nods to herself:: I can make use of this…

Lushington: awe we lucky to hawe yous onboarwed. ::he looked agry at th’Enise who was laughing at him and grabbed him by his collar:: dowt laugh at me owe I will woop youw [...] pfall!!

Losak: ::she chuckled at the thought, then scowled back at Nicky, chiding in her voice:: Now, now, boys. We have work to do still. No time for fighting among ourselves.

:: The console chirped tentatively as afraid to give more bad news. ‘Petras’ cursed in a manner which didn’t suite her Vulcan no-emotion look::

oO DARN IT, they trampled all our ideas down before we could even come up with another plan Oo

Losak: Well, that doesn't sound good. What now?

Petras: The captain has locked out slipstream, warp and long range communications. ::shakes head:: It will take too much time to bypass.

Lushington: ::he didn’t understand it at all. She was talking about systems he never heard of:: so we hawe to be qwick and take ofer the sjip… ?

Losak: If it were only that simple, little simple Nicky. ::sarcastically:: What do you think we've been trying to do?

th'Enise: ?

Petras: ::looks at the Andorian:: They will move the ship to follow the probes. I can access them. Send the signal. ::To Lushington and Losak.:: Connect with the rest, we need to regroup if we are to salvage this mission.

Lushtington: Yesh good pwan Ma’am

::After what happened earlier in the turbolift he tried to be as kind as possible to Petras. He knew that she was his sister now, but the amazing strenght she had wasn’t something he wanted to feel a second time::

Losak: Does anyone know where the others are?

:: He grabbed Losak’s hand and they walked towards the doors. He reminded himself that finding her was probably the second best thing that happened in his life. His Casino was of course the first thing but still. Before leaving trough the doors Losak’s comm.badge went off, but the call wasn’t meant for her::

Lers: =/\= Lers towards Lush....boy it is now in your hands to take control of this situation. Both myself and Peeex will be not available a certain amount of time...."=/\=

::He leaned in so he could speak trough her comm.badge. He tried to keep his distance but he felt, especially one cheek,  blushed a little bit.::

Lushington: =/\= Mr. Hish. We wewe about tow m-m-meet up withs you. ::paused for a moment and glanced at Faran:: But you can fuwwy twust on me…and ush! ::pause:: wiw you be back again? =/\=

Lers:  =/\= Don't worry we will be coming...just hold your ground=/\= 

Lushington:  =/\= whatewer you awe up to…be savw and pfrotect Lady Miazwa! =/\=

::The conversation ended and he looked up into Faran’s beautiful eyes. This called for a change of plans::

Lushington: So, whaf do we do now?

Losak: Relay the news, obviously.

::Nicholas turns around to the others. He had to discuss this in the group. Their options changed quite a bit and he didn’t know how to achief it without losing lifes from his siblings::

Nicholas: so, Mr. Hish and Miazwa are up tow somefing….we have to twust them of couwse but our pwan to meet up withs them ish gone now.



Nicholas Lushinton

Sadly, a former Morning Star member and
a proud Casino Dealer (missing a tooth)


As simmed by,


Ensign Femi Cattan

Nurse Officer



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