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READ THESE RULES & ANNOUNCEMENTS for the 2017 Top Sims Contest


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Welcome to Top Sims Contest of 2017! All announcements for the entire 2017 Contest will be posted in this thread.

The Top Sims Contest allows members of our fleet to be recognized by their peers for superior writing ability. This contest allows only sims that have been used in a current plot to be considered.



  • You can submit ANY sim -- from your ship, or another ship. You can submit your own sims if you wish. All sims are welcome, including staff (Captain, First Officer, etc.) sims.
  • The sim must be written with good spelling, good grammar, and be in the correct format. Poorly structured sims will be disqualified.
  • When a sim is submitted, it must have been created within the current submission period, or the previously lapsed submission period. Put another way: do not sims which are any older than a month.
  • Submitted sims may not have any open dialogue tags. (i.e.: [respond here]) All dialogue in the sim must be filled in. (Just find the responding author's sim and fill in the blanks.)
  • Sims must not include any "canon" characters. (i.e.- no characters who have appeared onscreen.)

Please find a balance between nominating too many, or too few sims. Don't submit every good sim -- instead, post every great sim!

Encourage your fellow crew-mates to submit at least a few sims a year. If you want your crew-mates to win more, you have to nominate the best sims, and encourage others to write higher quality sims!



First: Click the "Start New Topic" button. The format of the topic title should be as follows: "Character - Sim Title"

  • For example: "LtJG Tristan Wolf - Everywhere you go, there you are"
  • Note: Please do not clutter the topic title with an endless list of NPC or PNPC names or "JP" designations. Instead, simply include the primary character's rank and name. If it's a joint post, just include both rank and names -- no need to include the "JP" in there.

Second: Choose from the "Topic Prefix" box the correct round number. (To check what round we're currently in, see the contest calendar below.)

Third: Copy into the message box the complete sim. You don't need to worry about column width.

Check to make sure that the sim is readable. You can click the "Edit" button to fix any issues, but don't delay -- you'll be barred from editing the post after 60 minutes.



Everyone is welcome to comment on submitted sims. If you're going to provide constructive criticism, you are required to employ the "hamburger" criticism method: first, mention something you like; second, something you didn't like; third, something else you liked. If you just want to provide praise, no hamburger method required!

Commenters who are rude, unfair, or overzealous in their commenting will be barred from future comments in the contest forum, and will have their actions brought to the attention of their CO.



Set 1, 2017 Contest

  • Round 1, 2017 submissions: Monday, October 31 to Sunday, November 13
  • Round 2, 2017 submissions: Monday, November 14 to Sunday, November 27
  • Round 3, 2017 submissions: Monday, November 28 to Sunday, December 11
  • Round 4, 2017 submissions: Monday, December 12 to Sunday, December 25
  • Round 5, 2017 submissions: Monday, December 26 to Sunday, January 8
  • Round 6, 2017 submissions: Monday, January 9 to Sunday, January 22
  • Run-off Round 1: Monday, February 6 to Sunday, March 5

Set 2, 2017 Contest

  • Round 7, 2017 submissions: Monday, January 23 to Sunday, February 5
  • Round 8, 2017 submissions: Monday, February 6 to Sunday, February 19
  • Round 9, 2017 submissions: Monday, February 20 to Sunday, March 5
  • Round 10, 2017 submissions: Monday, March 6 to Sunday, March 19
  • Round 11, 2017 submissions: Monday, March 20 to Sunday, April 2
  • Round 12, 2017 submissions: Monday, April 3 to Sunday, April 16
  • Round 13, 2017 submissions: Monday, April 17 to Sunday, April 30
  • Run-off Round 2: Monday, May 15 to Sunday, June 11

Set 3, 2017 Contest

  • Round 14, 2017 submissions: Monday, May 1 to Sunday, May 14
  • Round 15, 2017 submissions: Monday, May 15 to Sunday, May 28
  • Round 16, 2017 submissions: Monday, May 29 to Sunday, June 11
  • Round 17, 2017 submissions: Monday, June 12 to Sunday, June 25
  • Round 18, 2017 submissions: Monday, June 26 to Sunday, July 9
  • Round 19, 2017 submissions: Monday, July 10 to Sunday, July 23
  • Round 20, 2017 submissions: Monday, July 24 to Sunday, August 6
  • Run-off Round 3: Monday, August 21 to Sunday, October 23

Set 4, 2017 Contest

  • Round 21, 2017 submission: Monday, August 7 to Sunday, August 20
  • Round 22, 2017 submission: Monday, August 21 to Sunday, September 3
  • Round 23, 2017 submission: Monday, September 4 to Sunday, September 17
  • Round 24, 2017 submission: Monday, September 18 to Sunday, October 1
  • Round 25, 2017 submission: Monday, October 2 to Sunday, October 15
  • Round 26, 2017 submission: Monday, October 16 to Sunday, October 29
  • Run-off Round 4: Monday, October 30 to Sunday, November 26

FINAL RUN-OFF OF 2017: Monday, November 27 to Sunday, December 24 - this run-off selects the Top Sim of 2017.

Set 1, 2018 Contest

  • Round 1, 2018 submissions: Monday, October 30 to Sunday, November 12
  • Round 2, 2018 submissions: Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 26
  • Round 3, 2018 submissions: Monday, November 27 to Sunday, December 10
  • Round 4, 2018 submissions: Monday, December 11 to Sunday, December 24
  • Round 5, 2018 submissions: Monday, December 25 to Sunday, January 7
  • Round 6, 2018 submissions: Monday, January 8 to Sunday, January 21
  • Run-off Round 1: Monday, February 5 to Sunday, March 4
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There are two types of voting in this contest: member voting and judges voting.

  • After each Round of submissions, all the sims from that Round are voted-on by a panel of judges. The winning sim from each Round of judges voting then proceeds to a Run-Off Set.
  • Run-Off Sets are open to all members for voting. The winning sim from each Run-Off Set proceeds to the final round.
  • The final vote for Top Sim of 2017 is open to all members for voting. For a sim to win the final vote for Top Sim of 2017, at least 20% of the voters for that sim must be from a ship other than the ship it originated from.

The judges panel is comprised of one member from each ship.

  • Judges are free to resign from the panel at any time or be switched-out but are expected to judge for a full "Set" (see the Contest Calendar).
  • At the end of each Set, Captains will be encouraged to review their ship's judge.
  • A judge's "term" lasts for three Sets, after which they must be switched with a new judge from the crew. After a judge's term is over, and a new judge has been selected and served for at least one term, the previous judge is again eligible to begin a new term.
  • Judges can be of any rank, as long as they are able to demonstrate a basic grasp of good simming skills.
  • Each ship's Captain appoints the judge from their ship, but they are free to use whatever method they deem appropriate to select that judge. They can select themselves as the judge.

Judges use a ranked voting method called Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). For more information about IRV, see the Wikipedia page

When voting, judges are not permitted to vote in the top slot the sim from their crew. This ensures that judges are not favoring their own crew's sims. They can still choose their ship's sim in the second slot or lower.

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Winners for Set 1, 2017:

Set 1 Winner: Jalana Rajel & Sal Taybrim, "Captain to Captain"

Winners for Set 2, 2017:

Set 2 Winner: Kamela Allison-Parker and T'Lea, "The Gloves are OFF!"

Winners for Set 3, 2017:

  • Round 14: TBA October 2017
  • Round 15: TBA October 2017
  • Round 16: TBA October 2017
  • Round 17: TBA October 2017
  • Round 18: TBA October 2017
  • Round 19: TBA October 2017
  • Round 20: TBA October 2017

Winners for Set 4, 2017:

  • Round 21: TBA November 2017
  • Round 22: TBA November 2017
  • Round 23: TBA November 2017
  • Round 24: TBA November 2017
  • Round 25: TBA November 2017
  • Round 26: TBA November 2017
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