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En. Riverview...Painting of Darkness

Oddas Aria

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((USS Discovery Bridge))

::Ceilidh had gripped with all her might her station, and it seemed that time slowed down. It had first started when she alerted the Captain of where the Thunder was. What happened next was surreal. Love that had shined the day before, was now bitter cold darkness. One pleaded with his heart, while the other used her words as a weapon to hurt where it would do the most damage. Within a short period of time the Discovery was hit by torpedoes. The bright flash of each one of those 6 torpedoes caught everyone's attention and seemed to hold their gaze. What followed next was the ship jolting to the side, people making a mad dash to grab on to whatever they could, or tuck and roll in the hopes of avoiding major bodily damage. 

It was a picture painted dark, where despair and desperation were quickly replacing hope and love. Where what had to be done was neither comforting nor fulfilling. It reminded Ceilidh of old Earth paintings she had seen while back on Earth at the academy. Pictures of war painted in bold and dark blacks, browns, reds, greens and blues. At this very moment, if someone from that time on Earth were here today, that is how they would paint this brief moment in time. ::

Waltas: What's their projected course?

::Ceilidh looked down at her console and realized where the Discovery was headed...the Ba'ku homeworld. She glanced up and things began to click from her academy days. Capt. Waltas was Ba'ku, the first if her memory served her to enter Star Fleet. 

WALTAS: What’s their projected course?

Riverview: Sir, he's headed for the Ba'ku homeworld.

::The look that came from the Captain was both surprise and hurt, and from the rest of the bridge staff, they echoed that surprise. Ceilidh listened to what was to take place next. This was a new situation for her - missions were normally get in, get what you need, get out. This was different, there was a deep emotional aspect to this mission, and every decision that was made, had to be considered deeper than before, fully knowing that one, if not more people that were on the Thunder, would pay with their lives, and that this time, hearts were involved, and hearts complicated matters much more messily than anything else. 

Ceilidh was brought back from her thinking when she heard an unfamiliar voice over the comm system.::

Pavlova: If we get that close, will there even be anything left to board?

Riverview: Sir, would it work if we could modify a probe and then take it by shuttle? They'll be looking for the discovery, and perhaps will ignore a shuttle. 

Ensign Ceilidh Riverview
Diplomatic Attaché
Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A
ID number: C239209CR0

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