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USS Athena encounters hostility in the Gamma Quadrant

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GAMMA QUADRANT — The crew of the USS Athena wrapped up their shore leave and proceeded further into the Gamma Quadrant only to be met by a hostile alien species.

As of now, it is unknown what the aliens call themselves and very little is known about them. Only a few short communications so far have been conveyed, and only one member of the aliens has actually identified themselves as a woman named Amari. The aliens seem intent on either forcing the Athena’s surrender or killing them outright.

For the first time since the Athena launched, the Athena had to split in two, and the Marines had to take action in their fighters in order to help defend the ship. Even with both sections and an entire platoon of Marines at their disposal, the Athena was still outnumbered and outgunned. The Marines also deserve a special nod as they backed up the Security department from incoming boarding parties on both the saucer and stardrive sections of the ship.

Security Ensign Kubon Mera stepped into her first Bridge rotation, right into the middle of the alien’s attempting to force the Athena’s surrender. While neither Captain Faranfey or Lieutenant Commander Holly were willing to surrender, Holly’s team brightened up space by igniting some plasma as a response to the hostile takeover using it as a distraction to buy some time.

When asked about the mission so far a crew member had this to say, “We’re still here, aren’t we? The Athena crew is a well-oiled machine capable of thinking outside the box in stressful situations. Her captain kept her cool and knew when to take action. If you want to know more, you’ll have to be authorized to read the official reports,” said Lieutenant Commander Threra zh’Tolia.

In the Athena’s attempt to flee the hostile aliens attempting to take over their ship, they fled to the Danubae System. The system’s space-faring natives have long since abandoned the system, leaving its contents empty and defenseless along with an abundance of resources, including two colonized worlds, a war-weary starbase, and an orbital shipyard.

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