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USS Constitution hosts family reunion on Starbase 11

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STARBASE 11 — After an exhausting mission, the crew of the USS Constitution recovered from recent events and enjoyed time with their families on Starbase 11.

Docked in drydock in orbit of the planet-based Starbase 11, the crew of the Constitution enjoyed their well-deserved shore leave. The past mission, though, left some traces in its aftermaths. Injured Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Shar’Wyn Foster needed a couple of days to get back on his feet but is on the road to recovery.

Guilt and bad consciences spread like a wildfire among the members of the away teams during the mission, as many of the injuries could have been avoided. That also was the subject of an after-mission briefing held by the Commanding Officer Captain Jalana Rajel, as she reminded the senior crew of teamwork and watching out for each other.

Yet arrival at the Starbase wasn’t only tinted in a negative light. Starfleet Headquarters has invited the families of the crew to visit the Constitution and stay for a full week for family reunions. The ship is crawling with activity and life; big eyes of wonder and awe can’t get enough of exploring the ship.

“And they all want to see someone different, and they’re always in a hurry,” said Security Officer Tad Cooper, overheard by one of the guests. “It’s like they don’t appreciate the effort it takes to make sure they all remain safe. I mean, it’s all for their benefit.”

Though not everyone jumped for joy seeing their family, most of the crew enjoyed the special treat. A party with everyone is planned in Starbase 11’s banquet hall, and it remains to be seen if everyone fits in.

Apart from the families, the Constitution also welcomed a group calling themselves Paranormal Galaxy, a group of Ghost Hunters, sanctioned by Starfleet Headquarters to investigate the ship. Their interest peaked when reading about the Constitution’s mission on board the USS Unity, which had been titled a ghost ship. Their hopes are to find any ghosts or spirits that jumped ship from the Unity to the Constitution over a year ago. How much they will disturb life on the ship is not yet to be known.

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