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Rear Admiral Toni Turner - The Getaway

Oddas Aria

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((Kitchen - Waltas’ Residence))

 :: After finding Tye had come visiting, Toni invited him into the kitchen where she was preparing breakfast in bed for Tyr.::

Turner: Have a seat at the bar and I'll pour you a cup of coffee.

Tye: No thank you, Admiral.

Turner: Your dad mention you were not acting like yourself yesterday. Are you not feeling well?
Tye: No, I wasn’t. It’s difficult but,:: he lied:: perhaps you’re the best person to talk to. There’s this girl.. :: he paused:: this woman. Her name is Samantha. She works with the Security forces and we, well.

Turner:  Let me guess, you two broke up.

Tye: ::Nodding:: Yes. Well, we broke up and.. I didn’t realize how much I felt for her.

:: He pitched a crack of emotion into his voice, lowering his head and seeking sympathy. Turner, being the sympathetic woman she was, fell for it, hook line and sinker.::

Turner:  Oh Tye, I'm really sorry to hear that. 

Tye: :: Head still down:: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to darken your day with my behavior. :: Taking a deep breath, he stood from the stool and stepped over to her.:: The reason I came over first thing this morning is that I realized how selfish I was last night. I wanted to apologize. Please, forgive me.

Turner: :: Moving closer, giving him a motherly hug:: There's nothing to forgive, Tye. I understand your feelings more than you know.

:: He stepped into her embrace, then gripped the sides of her head with both hands. All pretense of emotion gone, his eyes grew cold, the smile disappeared, and a searing darkness entered his voice.::

Tye: You are mine.

Turner: :: Trying to break away:: Tye, what's wrong with you? Let go of me!

:: He pushed hard against her formidable mind. This was no wet-behind-the-ears youth, and he found mastering her thoughts difficult. She attempted to cry out and he let go with his left hand, covering her mouth as he martial all of his mental acuity to the surface. He felt the love she had for his father, the confusion at the attack, and the realization as she saw who he really was.::

Sanuye: ::Smiling wickedly:: Yes..now you see me. But it’s too late.

:: With one final, crippling push, he cast Toni’s mind into the darkness and imposed his will upon her. Instructions followed as he uncovered her mouth.::

Sanuye: You will board the Thunder with a minimal crew and set a course out of the system. You will tell no one. Especially your husband.

Turner:  When?

Sanuye: Leave. Now.

Turner: :: Something seemed all wrong, but her mind surrendered to his control, making it right.:: Alright.

:: When he was satisfied she was firmly under his control, he broke the hold, feeling a rush of weakness from the effort. He watched her as she walked glassy-eyed to the comm panel and issued orders. ::

Turner: =/\= Turner to T'Lea, Jorey, Frazier, and T'Leria meet me on the Thunder's Bridge immediately. We have to leave the system at once. Turner out! =/\= Break =/\= Turner to USS Thunder-A, Two to beam up now from my coordinates.

:: Within a few moments, she and Sanuye disappeared in a transporter beam. The last thing heard in the now-empty kitchen was a cold, menacing chuckle, and the smell of burning biscuits.::

:: Plunged into the familiar setting of the Bridge, she went to work on his orders, not really knowing why or where they had come from.::

Turner: Pelzer plot a course out of the system, We'll leave as soon as Jorey, Frazier, T'Lea, and Doctor T'Leira are aboard. 

Pelzer: Yes, Ma'am. Any particular direction or destination?

:: Now confused as to what to say, she glanced helplessly at Sanuye.::

Sanuye:  From what you told me Admiral we would be given specific course headings once we reach the other side of the sandbar.

Turner: Yes, that's correct. We won't know until we're underway. :: aggravated by her confusion:: Just follow the damn orders, Janzen.

:: In all the years Kim Janzen had served under Admiral Turner, she had never been so short with her, and it seemed out of character for her to be so curt, but then it could be the mission they were embarking on that was infringing on her honeymoon. Given that, Kim dismissed it and plotted a course, then waited for the rest of the crew Toni had cited to come aboard. ::


Rear Admiral Toni Turner
Commanding Officer
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A
Author ID number: E238209TT0
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"A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." ~ Roslynn Carter.

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