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Captain Waltas: Gifts and Well-Wishers

Oddas Aria

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((Ballroom, Duronis Embassy))

::Tyr had destroyed his first plate of food and was well into the second one, realizing he hadn’t eaten anything since the bachelor party and unable to remember what (other than booze) that he had consumed then. He looked up to notice a line had formed near their table, politely wiped his mouth and pushed his plate aside, drawing a little closer to Toni. He was thrilled that so many had made it to the wedding, and were now paying their respects to him and his wife.::

o O Wife. That sounds so foreign. Going to have to get used to that. O o

::The first to approach was his longtime friend and fellow anachronism, Irina Pavlova.::

Pavlova: Congratulations.

Turner: Thank you, Irina.  I hope you enjoyed the wedding.

Pavlova: Well, Ghyurn didn’t have stun me, so I’d call that a win.

Turner: Sounds like it, but why would her consider stunning you?

Pavlova: Yeah, I slipped him a phaser set to heavy stun and modified for higher power, just in case I lost it.

Turner: Oh, I see, then that really was a win. I'm glad you approve of our marriage.

Pavlova: I figured it out that you two were together back in the Jurassic period in that tent.

Turner: Really, what gave you that idea?

Pavlova: His eyes just followed that certain way.  Anyway, he’s a good man, loyal to a fault.  Oh, that reminds me.  I had no idea what to get for you, but I finally figured it out. 

Turner: You didn't have to get us anything.

Pavlova: You once asked me to promise you that another marine would come back alive, whatever it takes.  Well, so long as I’m here, I promise Tyr will always come back alive, ::Irina paused a second :: : whatever it takes.

Turner: I couldn't have asked for a better gift. Thank you, Irina.

::Irina then stepped over to Tyr.::

Pavlova: You are the godfather of my daughter, and the in a way my own personal savior.  Without you, I would still be down on that hellish rock.  Without your help afterward, I would be in a body bag in San Francisco like my three away teammates.  You are one of a very small group who know my true past, who know what I did to survive on Kjenta II, and you are also the only person close enough to my age to almost understand what it’s like for me now.

Waltas::Smiling and meeting her eyes:: I’d do it all over again, Irina. Your friendship has been a blessing to me.

Pavlova: This is my gift to you. 

::Irina handed him a small package while pulling back the cloth on top.  The mark 1 Phase Pistol was instantly recognizable as the same one that Irina had always worn since that day on Kjenta II when a recently crash-landed Tyr  had watched in horror as a badly injured Irina Pavlova used this very phase pistol to vaporize the head of her would-be assassin.  The weapon was battered, scored, and otherwise showed every single day of the 219 years that Irina had carried it on Kjenta II, as well as the rather rough four years since her rescue.  It even still had the hole in the grip where a wire connected it to large homemade batteries on Kjenta II after the original 22nd century Starfleet batteries no longer would hold a charge.::

::With the weapon were three genuine 22nd century batteries, only re-built with modern power cells and an original belt clip that fortunately had spent those same 219 years up on the Columbia’s armory, protected from aging by the vacuum of space in that badly damaged section of the ship.::

Pavlova: Its not much to look at, and has less power than the modern ones, but its more accurate and it has a history of never failing its owner.  It will never fail you either.

Waltas: ::Haltingly:: Irina, this is yours..it’s a symbol of who you are. I can’t accept this.

Pavlova: Its also part of my gift to your wife, which is to make sure you always come back alive, whatever it takes.

Waltas::Sighing, he closed the box and kept it close to him:: You’re going to regret that promise. You know what a knack I have for getting myself into trouble. But, thank you Irina. You will always be my friend, and may you find peace one day that I’ve found today. ::His eyes moved to Aria, in line nearby, then back to her:: Sometimes it’s closer than you think.

::He watched her leave, then the massive Marine he counted among his closest friends approached.::

Parker: Looks like there are a lot of people looking after you, Tyr, Toni...

Waltas::Chucking, sarcastically:: Yeah, great. That’s all I need are nursemaids. Won’t have a moment’s peace.

Turner: Looks that way, sure enough.

Allison: We haven't left the two of you off our list...

Naloor: Congratulations, you two....

:: Naloor, walking Ryland, had come up behind them, bearing a wooden box. Placing it on the table, Hannibal spoke::

Parker: Admiral...when I had no place to go, you gave me a home, a future, and a purpose. Because of you, I was able to make a life here, build a home, marry Kamela, and raise our son. You have been in my corner on countless occasions, saved my life, and for that, I am forever grateful.::Turning to Tyr:: My friend, my brother. You are the godfather of my son, kept my head straight when I was First Officer, and became as personal to me and my family as blood brothers. I'm not good at this whole gift giving thing, so....just open the box...

:: Hannibal slid the box over to his friend, and watched while he undid the gold clasps holding the box closed. When he opened it and saw what was inside, it was Kamela who spoke::

Allison: Both Hannibal and I know of your fondness for cutlery, and Hannibal had his armorer on Cestus Three make you both of these knives. Tyr, the Bowie knife is for you, and the dagger is for Toni...

:: Both blades were dark in color, save for the razor sharp edges. The dagger, double edged with a one inch wide blade, tapered to a point, the hilt, small, made for Toni's smaller hands. Etched into the blade on one side was Admiral Turners' name, with the Starfleet insignia on each end, with the crest of the USS Thunder-A on the other side, with the words "LET'S ROLL" written in script underneath. Tyr's Bowie was inscribed with his name, with the Starfleet insignia on one side, and the Globe and Anchor of the Starfleet Marines on the other::

Parker: Never know when you gotta get up close and personal..this will make sure you can get up close and personal just in case you need your katana and another blade. Always carry a backup, just in case....

Allison: Admiral...the dagger is easily concealed on your person. It's always good to be able to do the unexpected...

::Being a blademaster, Tyr knew immediately the bowie knife was of superior craftsmanship and design. It was deadly-and had more uses than the Ba’ku could count. He smiled to his friend and quickly tucked away the knife.::

Waltas::Standing, he clasped forearms with his massive friend:: Thank you, brother. For everything. I’ll carry it with honor. ::Turning to Toni:: We’re going to be the most heavily armed bride and groom in Starfleet history.

Turner: ::laughing, hugging Hannibal and Kamela, then Ryland and Naloor:: Yeah, so you better watch your step. Thank you all.

::Sharpe made his way to the table next.::

Sharpe: Admiral, Captain; congratulations on your wedding day, also Admiral might I say you look beautiful! Captain Waltas is a lucky man :: Sharpe said looking at the pair.::

Waltas::Nodding:: She is, isn’t she? Still trying to figure out how I managed to catch her attention.

Turner: How could you not. Your no slouch, yourself, handsome. Thank you for the compliment, Sharpe.

Sharpe: You are welcome; I think the gift I got you is more.... Practical in its application than what my wife had in mind, Alex also sends her congratulations and best wishes on this day, I sent her a secure message about this and she asked me to wish you well and to offer her congratulations on your wedding day.

Waltas: Send our thanks back to her if you would.

Turner: Yes, please thank her.

Sharpe: :: Smiling :: oh before I let the other guest wish you well, I have managed to acquire you both a separate gift each, unlike the one on the presents table which I will not tell you what it is but do be gentle with it, the others I have you will be waiting in your quarters. :: Looking at Waltas :: for you Captain I was unsure what to get you as the last gift I gave you before I left for the Victory was either Romulan or Andorian ale. You said after that you did not drink, so this time I have acquired for you Captain a ceremonial bush from your home planet of Ba'Ku :: he looked puzzled :: I think my contact said it had something to do with well being or some such, but it was highly prized. :: now looks at Turner :: for you Admiral I have acquired you a crate of Bajoran spring wine 2230s vintage, I am told it has become quite rare, I know you are partial to the drink.

Waltas::Thinking:: It must be a Garu’mai plant. They’re extremely rare. Not sure how you pulled that off Sharpe but I thank you. ::Turning to Toni:: They thrive on sunshine-we should plant it near the house in the garden.

Turner: Sounds like the perfect spot for it. And thank you for the spring wine, Sharpe. I'll put it to good use. 

Sharpe: :: he looks back to Waltas :: If only you drank Captain, I could have gotten you a crate of drink that would be hard to get under normal circumstances, but I had to settle for the bush. I hope it is what the courier said it was :: looking behind him as he noted a queue building up :: well I will not keep you from your other guests, again my congratulations to you both. :: With a smile and polite shallow bow of his head in respect he headed straight for the drinks table.::

::Pavlova’s current love interest (it was obvious), Aria Oddas, approached next. Tyr hadn’t had much of an opportunity to speak with the woman but he was glad that she had managed to keep Irina on an even keel-a difficult task to say the least.::

Oddas: Congratulations Ma'am, sorry, Toni. :: she sat down the box :: From what I can tell these books, :: she opened the box revealing a two leather bound set of Grey's Anatomy, 50th edition and an isolinear chip with the same text inlaid in the lid :: were the premier text for the medical profession on earth for centuries .  I hope that you like them.

Turner: ::Grinning:: Like them, no, I love them!  How did you know? I've been hunting for them for several years, and haven't been able to find them, much less a set with the isolinear chip. Thank you, Aria! I'll treasure them always.

Oddas:  I appreciate it.

:: Aria smiled and moved to the Captain.::

Oddas:  Sir, Tyr.  I understand you like classical, Terran music.  :: She handed him the package with the picture of a man and "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison" in the upper right corner on it.  :: I found this, it is a replica, but according to my research it is an accurate replicate of something called a '78'.  :: she paused :: More importantly, if you take it into a holosuite it will reproduce the performance the audio recording is said to be of.  If you don't mind me saying, it was a ... moving experience.

::Tyr’s mouth dropped open. To see he was a fan of Johnny Cash was saying he liked the Discovery. Both were gross understatements. To witness it live, in a holosuite, would be amazing. It was one of the most iconic performances in history.::

Waltas: This is amazing! Thank you. I can’t wait to try this out. ::Turning to Toni:: The Man in Black..

Turner: Oh wow! You couldn't have pleased us more, Aria.

Oddas: :: smiled a smile of relief :: You're welcome.  I hope you find it as interesting as I did. 

:: She turned to walk away, but stopped short.  ::

Oddas:  Congratulations again. 

Waltas: Thank you again for the wonderful gift.

::Tyr found himself like a child during the holidays, wanting to rush off and play with his new gifts. He was about to examine the 78 more closely when T’Lea received an elbow from Vetri, drawing his attention. He figured it was their usual banter, but wasn’t completely positive. If he’d learned anything about T’Lea through the years, it was that she was completely unpredictable.::

T’Lea:  Weddings make her frisky. ::beat::  Seriously, though, I am pleased you found an emotional connection with each other.   Family, as I have learned the hard way, is the most important thing to have in life.  Without them you’re just a single nutcase, but together there’s proof that other people are more crazy than yourself.

Waltas::Chuckling:: That’s an..interesting indictment of marriage but probably accurate.  Thank you both for your presence. I hope our bond is as solid as yours and Vetri’s is through the years.

T’Lea:  Well, we should let you both get back to the rest of your adoring minions.  Oh, we brought you offerings of worship as well. :: pointing at the gift table:: It’s the box with Romulan Star Empire wrapping paper on it.  ::at Toni::  If he annoys you, feel free to shoot him with it. Maybe not a mortal wound, well… depending on how badly he’s [...]ed you off-

:: Before T’Lea was pulled away, she managed to do something slightly out of character.  She gave Toni a hug, which shocked Tyr to his core. He never expected her to display that type of emotion, but was happy she did. For him, he expected more viperous words and threats considering their history. She whispered something to Toni, let go and offered Tyr a handshake, and after he took it she pulled him firmly in to whisper something to him. Tyr was so shocked by the display that all he could do was hug back.::

oO I don’t believe it! This is a new T’Lea. They should record this for history. No nasty threats, no evil smirk, just a genuine, loving, friendly… Oo

T’Lea:  Hurt her and I’ll use you as a hood ornament for the Thunder.

oO Aaaaand she’s back! Oo

Waltas: ::chuckling:: I promise I’ll only hurt those who try to hurt her.

T’Lea:  Excellent!  ::she let him go::  My sincerest congratulations, Mr. Turner.

Waltas: ::bowing excessively:: Thank you, Mrs. Della.

Trel’lis: I wanted to congratulate you and Captain Waltas! I wish you both the best and a long and happy marriage!

Waltas: Thank you very much.

Turner: Thanks Trel'lis. We're glad you could come. 

Trel’lis: I may be ‘new’ and a visitor, but I felt it only proper to be here for this joyous event! My gift is on the table and I thought it would be a lovely addition to your home.

Waltas: There’s an old saying..There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t yet met.

Turner: And that's true. 

Trel’lis: ::a twinge of awkwardness:: Again, I wish you both well and many *happy* years together!

Waltas: Emphasis on happy I hope. Thank you again for coming.

Turner: You'll always be welcome here. Did you come with someone or alone?

Trel’lis: I did come with Lieutenant Commander Flynn, Admiral.

Turner: He's a nice man. I met him last night. 
Both of you are welcome anytime.

::As the line died down a bit, he noticed that the lights had dimmed and a spotlight was now shining on them. A song began to play and Raj, as master of ceremonies, introduced them.::

Blueheart: Ladies and gentlemen, dignitaries, family and friends. It is time for the newlyweds’ first dance.

::It was their first dance together as husband and wife. Tyr reached down and offered his hand to his beautiful bride.::

Waltas: May I have this dance?

Turner: ::smiling at him:: You certainly may.

::Tyr and Toni stepped to the center of the dance floor as the music began to play. He placed hand on her lower back and pulled her close to him, looking into her eyes as they danced.::

Waltas: You look radiant, Toni.

Turner: It's the love I have for you shinning through, Tyr.

OOC: https://youtu.be/x1ubrA5SsUo


Captain Tyr Waltas

CO, Strategic Operations

Duronis II Embassy / USS Thunder



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