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Artificial Gravity, Please!


Artificial Gravity, Please!   

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  1. 1. What form of Gravity Generation do you think humanity will use when we take to exploring our solar system and the stars?

    • Synthetic Gravity generators of Some Kind.
    • Rotational Spin Gravity
    • Linear Acceleration Gravity
    • Another Form of Artificial Gravity? Tell us below!
  2. 2. And ... Do you think we will ever have the level of gravity control seen in Star Trek?

    • Yes - A long time and many discoveries from now.
    • No - It does not seem feasible.

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Phasers, Transporters, Warp drive, Replicators, Star Trek has given us glimpses of many technologies that may be or are close to happening in the real world. But there is one Trek Tech that is common for most science fiction and indeed the very thing we need to figure to make long term spaceflight viable; Artificial Gravity. Star trek uses Synthetic Gravity generators and Grav-Plating to provide simulated planetary gravity. These utilized Graviton stabilizers that modulate the level of gravity produced allowing gravity to be altered at will.

Other science fiction and many real world designs for creating gravity on a spaceship feature rotating hulls. That simulate gravity on their interior surface using centripetal force and has to contend with the Coriolis force and its effects. Yet another popular science fiction source of gravity generation is through engine thrust using linear acceleration. Where it is the ship’s engines that create the downward pull and if they are off so is the gravity.


Most current data and theories about the effects of long term space flight suggest that the problem of gravity simulation has to one that is given high importance.


This week we ask what form of Gravity Generation do you think humanity will use when we take to exploring our solar system and the stars? Tell us Below in the Comments!  


This question comes from our Trek Technology and Science Category. Where we often ask questions that bridge science fiction of Star Trek and real world science.


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I do think, although I currently don't see how, that at some point we will get artificial generators.

But before that, our first long space trips will be using rotational momentum for gravity. That's what I think, at least.

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