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Holo-hijinks highlight Darwin shore leave

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OUTPOST UNITY — With the crew pursuing various shore leave activities, they are all pulled back together to deal with Hallowe’en holograms threatening the crew.

With the USS Darwin-A having returned to Outpost Unity to start shore leave, the crew were understandably involved in various activities.

Lieutenant Commander John Valdivia and Lieutenant (jg) Iniko Mpeba resumed work long forgotten on a robot they had started to design and build a long time ago. Mpeba also sought permission from Fleet Captain Renos to bring a pet on board. The situation remains unresolved at this point. Lieutenant Merrick R’Ven, supervising a joint project with Doctor Isabel Pond to regrow Lieutenant Commander Nicu Icavoc’s missing arm, discovered that nebula energies had instigated growth on one of the Dokkaran “saplings”, and a new lifeform is beginning to grow.

Both Lieutenant Commanders Nate Wilmer and Emery Rhyn, and Renos and Petty Officer Poppy Reynolds attempted to continue personal relationships – Wilmer and Rhyn with a holodeck camping trip on Trill, Renos and Reynolds with their own holodeck treasure hunt adventure – but both couples had everything put on hold when Wilmer and Reynolds got transferred suddenly. Lieutenant Commanders Brell and Icavoc shared some holodeck time of their own taking part in a fantasy holonovel. Ensign Christopher Lambert, the third wheel in Lieutenants Randal Shayne and Pond’s relationship, decided to make himself scarce instead of making things worse. Commander Kael Thomas reacquainted himself with the ship and crew after returning from a leave. And Renos began counseling sessions with Ensign Sindrana to help nem cope with his kidnappings and harassment from the Consortium and J’naii.

In a sad turn of events, a well meaning security officer Lieutenant (jg) Kurt Logan broke Starfleet Regulations and Federation law when he set up a computer program to spy on Renos. His intentions were to keep Renos under surveillance to avoid any further attempts on the captain’s life, but he did not seek permission first, nor make anyone aware of what he was doing. He was caught, and suffered a demotion back to Ensign as a punishment.

But all of this was soon forgotten when Hallowe’en themed holograms began appearing all over the Darwin, scaring and threatening the crew. An anthropomorphic wolf in a top hat and waistcoat, named Lee Jenkins, appeared and attacked Renos when the crew tried to shut him down. Goblins, ghouls, mummies and more freely roamed the corridors as the senior staff tried various methods to shut down the holograms, mostly to no avail. Eventually, Lieutenant Commander Rendal Rennyn, Brell, Thomas and Mpeba figured out a way to disable the holoemitters on deck 9, while Valdivia and Logan created a holographic anti-hologram gun, and security began to use it to deactivate the holograms. Jenkins got one last attempt at Renos in the captain’s Ready Room in front of Rhyn and Ensign Samuel Braddock, but was defeated.

The corpse of an unidentified human impersonating a holoprogramming specialist engineer on the Darwin was found, with other various clues, leading to the conclusion that the Consortium was behind the holographic madness as a message to the Darwin crew, and Renos personally, that they are still after nem.

“Take that!” exclaims security officer Ensign Martin Lewis as he uses the new Holo Freezer gun on a full torso free floating vaporous apparition on deck 11.

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