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pNPCs Dr. C. Foster and the Hael Clan - Wait


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((StarBase 11 - Promenade))

::The chaos in the promenade was common and yet not. As new faces looked around in awe and excitement and old ones just tried to get through. So many couples, individuals, and varying sized groups stood haphazardly in the way of normal flow as the Galaxy Class ship docked with the Starbase.

And right in the middle of the masses was pure chaos yet utter control. Were kids on leashes, but only mentally as they burst at the seams. An older man with a long, straggling mostly white beard had his arm wrapped around a thin faced and sagging skinned, coconut blonde haired woman. The leashed ones were five, curly haired children, all with varying expressions.

It was the first time most had ever seen past the snowy lands of home, let alone to be immersed with all the universe had to offer. The twins couldn’t keep their mouths closed as strange beings from unknown worlds strolled passed. They wanted to touch, to talk, to ask - but the invisible leash held them stead fast. It didn’t keep the jitters from their bodies though. Like chihuahuas needing to pee and meeting someone new.

The oldest child present swayed in place as half glazed over eyes avoided all contact with those that surrounded her. Though physically she was there, mentally she was in her own world and already with her eldest brother. 

The seventeen year old boy acted uninterested. He had been one to have left Grayling once or twice before. He was a teenager and had seen everything already, of course. Though everything scared him, he had a tough boy reputation to uphold. Plus there was cute teen girl hanging out just behind him who he had to impress.

While the youngest sat boredly on the dirty floor. He toyed with his laces and held his check in one hand. A sigh escaped his lips every now and then. As the youngest, it seemed he had the least ties to the one they had come to visit. Barely knowing the oldest boy. Unlike the second oldest, who was someone he knew and looked up too.::

Sabrine: Is’n you’s ‘cited, eh? ::she asked for the hundredth time, her own happiness showing. She missed her oldest boy.::

::An absent minded bob from Vivian. Though she appeared distracted, the mention of her older brother made her smile and very happy. She looked up to him and never saw his imperfections.::

Diesel: Sup’osen… ::came the youngests voice from the floor.::

Sebastian & Lily: Yea’s!

Colt: Sure’s

Sebastian: Though be more so’s if’n ….

Lily: If’n ya know’s. 

::The twins made a display of looking around and even ventured to take a step or two away from the herd. Only to stop and retract right back to their original spots at the stern look from their mama.::

Sabrine: No’s now’s stopin’ yer askin’. We’s ain’ ‘ere’s fer foolin’. ::she swatted at the back of Colt’s head who was busy making his move towards the dark skinned girl.::

Colt: Wha’ tha’s fer? ::he jerked around.::

::Sabrine turned with a warm, motherly smile to the girl making googly eyes at her son. A little wink sent the girl into a blushing giggle to which she hid her cute little face.::

Sabrine: I’s’a done got’s two babes out ‘ere I’m’a not’s gonna get’s no more gones.

Steve: ::a very Santa like chuckled shook the bearded man’s belly.:: Waz wrong’s wiff datz?

::Sabrine gave him a scorching look.::

Steve: ::a goofy smile and shrug.:: Eh - sooner we have house alone ::he waggled his shoulders.::

::All but Sabrine and Vivian - who was mostly oblivious to the conversation-  erupted into “eeegawds” “icky!” and “eeeeewwww” mixed with sounds of gagging and whining. Sabrine simply shook her head with a chuckle, patting Steve’s chest in context.::

Sabrine: Now’w, now’s -not in fron’ of them babes.

:;The children groaned and wished against all hope that they would soon be spared of this public humiliation. Much to the parent’s great humor. Though it pained her to watch as each babe of hers leave home, she knew it was inevitable for most of them. She moved a little closer to her husband, a longing look on her face. ::

::He knew that look better than anyone. This hint of loss and sadness, but mostly happiness and pride. It was also the look she had, looking over Rustyy’s sleeping form when he was a mere toddler… And shortly after they had Jackson… And Vivian and Colt and the twins and Diesel… The youngest was 13 which meant they had at least five years till they had the house to themselves.

But that look. He was never going to get his man cave…::

Jackson: You’s standin’ ‘round fer me? 

::At the sound of the new voice, the large family looked around to see the second born clade in StarFleet Cadets finest. They didn’t know he was going to be here, thinking he would have to stay in San FranCisco until graduation.::

::Sabrine was the first to jump for joy, a quirky giggle mixed between utter joy and longing. She hadn’t seen Jackson in person in nearly 3 years. Though it seemed forever longer. She embraced him in a mama bear hug, threatening to never let go.::

Sabrine: How’s - why’s? How’s long’s? ::her questions broken more than normal as she pulled away and cupped his face, kissing his forehead and cheeks like mothers do.::

Jackson: Ma- ::he tried to pull away.:: Mama come’s on. I’s’a in uniform now.. ::he whined.::

Steve: Boooooy ::he said taking his turn with the hugs. Only instead of kisses, he messed up the curly, barely tamed head of hair.::

Jackson: Hiya pa. ::crooked smile.::

::The next one to greet the cadet was the youngest born. Diesel smiled widely at the sight of Jackson. They had a special, brotherly bond - much like the one Rustyy and Vivian had. Where the younger practically worshipped the ground the older one walked and simply thought the world of them. ::

Jackson: Hoya lil’ man. ::he smirked, picking up his “wing man”:: You’s keepin’ thing’s good while’s I’s’a be aways?

Diesel: ::hugged.:: ‘Course - an’ keepin’ all them gals’a guessin’

Jackson: ‘Atta boy. ::he laughed as the two shared a high five.::

:;Sabrine only shook her head while Steve chuckled making his big belly bouncing in sync. It was going to be a big family reunion - bigger than they expected. Which simply warmed her heart to no end. It was going to be hard to leave after all this time. But she would deal with that when the time came. For now she would focus on the good and happy parts this reunion would bring.::

Lilly/Sebastian: Can’s we’s jus’ - 

:;The two locked shoulders and pointed just passed where they stood to a group of blue skinned people with a seam down the middle of their bald heads.:: 

Sabrine: ::cutting them off sharply.:: Nah. Now’s stoppin’ yer askin’.

Steve: How be schoolin’? ::he said pulling Jackson off to one side.::

Jackson: Goin’ I suppose.

Diesel: Gettin’ dems gals?

::The brothers chuckled together. It was a stick between the two. Even though most all the boys looked the same the second oldest and youngest were convinced they were the better of them all.::

::As if on cue, the main gate for the ship they all waited for to arrive hissed and popped as it opened leisurely. Almost like a grand opening or a big sale or a very special day….::

Sabrine: ‘Right’y kiddies, now hushin’ up. 

::The air electrified as those who sought after loved ones that had been gone for varying periods of time. For the Hael’s ma and pa - simply put, it was way too long since they’d seen their first born. Sabrine clapped her hands to her mouth and the sting of joyous tears threatened to break her composure.

A parade of officers stepped from the docked ship; tall, short, skinny, blue, green, black and white, men and women and a hand full of both or neither… Golden collars, red one, black and blue. And still the one they were so antsy to see didn’t appear. 

The children huffed and puffed. The parents slowly deflated from their excitement. A mother’s heart sank, thinking only the worst. Try as she might, it was hard to keep sorrow from the worn face. It had been almost a month since their last communications. A lot can happen in that time.::

Colt: Wha’ be takin’s ‘im so long’s, eh?

Steve: Hush up’s boy. ::he said stepping closer to his wife. A warm smile on his face.:: No worries nah mama bear. ‘Im’s be alrighty. Got ‘nough dat from’ya’s fer me to be sure’s.

Sabrine: ::wry chuckle.:: Can’ be helpin’ my worryin’...

Jackson: Ain’ heared nothin’ bad. He’s’a prolly jus’ makin’ out wiff them’s engines. ::he said partially weirded out by his older brother’s odd attachment to inanimate objects.::

::Vivian’s expression sadden as they family carried on. She had waited a long time to see Rustyy again. In person. Her long, thin, pale fingers patted her pocket, the edges of a card pressing through the thin fabric. She had spent days, weeks even, of hand making him a card for when she was able to see him again. It took a great deal of effort for her to look away from the gate, fearful she might miss Rustyy stepping through. 

Deep brown eyes, that seemed to overlook or look past so many people found one to focus on. An older man, standing on his own in a corner. He looked like he was waiting for someone just as they were. The man’s face was long and worn and a little scruffy. Hair thinned and he was long and taunt. His expression seemed to cause others to veer away. She lowered her eyes.::

Sabrine: Maybe’s we’s can slip on an’ find’s ‘im.

Steve: ::a loving chuckle.:: Nah, we don’ be needin’ ta go drudgin’ ‘round’s wha’ we don’ know’s

Diesel: We can’s wai’ fer him’s else where’s

:: The youngest offered, now standing on his own two feet. His curly, light brown hair falling just into his eyes. He pawed it away using most of his hands.::

::Lily threw her elbow up to rest on her twin’s shoulder as she inspected the slightly growing, slightly diminishing crowd. She raised her chin to Sebastian, who looked back matching her look. They were the terrible, troublesome twins for a reason. A plan to escape their circus and go off to explore on their own was brewing simultaneously. ::

::Vivian watched the ground move ever so slowly beneath her feet.::

::Sabrine threw both hands out to snatch Lily by the scruff of her shirt and Sebastian by the ear. Lily whined and pouted while Sebastian yelped and tried to twist out of the boney women’s grip. With little success.::

::Steve kept Jackson, Diesel and Colt nearby, not letting the older boy take the younger two off to play. They were there for a reason. Though with the added benefit of them ~all~ being present. As the excitement and squeals of joy died down though, it looked almost all for not.::

::The noises of her family was a distant echo, as the noises on the promenade seemed to quiet down. Still the ground moved past her feet as her thin form swayed. Her mouth slightly ajar. Vivian didn’t make eye contact with anyone and was bumped into and had to stop a few times. Onward she moved once other’s had past. Until the shoes of the man against the corner came into view of her concentrated range.

She stopped, swaying slightly and not lifting her head. Faded white teeth brushed over chapped lips as her brown eyes looked everywhere but the man.::

Vivian: Wait? ::was all she said, merely a mumble.::

C. Foster: Waiting?  ::The scruffy looking older man with a distinctive lack of perfect shaving that graced his weathered yet chiseled chin riveted his deep blue eyes on the child::  You can wait forever, doesn’t mean anything will happen any faster.

Vivian::She turned her head slightly, but kept her eyes low and pointed to the gate with an unstraightened finger.:: Wait.

C. Foster: Ah, waiting for your ship to come in?  ::His face took on a thoughtful expression.:: Isn’t that what most people do on a backwater starbase like this one?

::Vivian could hear the slight call of her name from what seemed miles away. Her attention keen to the man she stood next too.::

Vivian: Yes? ::it was an answer and a question. The most she had to offer in any kind of conversation.::

C. Foster: Nope, I fill my time with mediocre coffee and dirty jokes.  It’s not fancy, but it sure as hell beats waiting.

::Vivian smiled just a tad and twitched her head towards where her family stood. Well all except her mother, who was promptly marching in her direction. Her eyes darted up into the blue ones above her and quickly back down.::

Vivian: Who-?

::Cade was starting to catch on - quickly - that this young girl had some sort of developmental disability.  Which once might think it would bring out the innate asshole in him; though the truth was much the opposite.  There was an unfettered innocence about the girl that he found quite charming.::

C. Foster: Got family out there?  ::It was the most common reason people waited in this spot:: Let me guess, an older sibling?

::She only nodded “yes” to his talking. She liked the way talked. The smooth undertones that shared more than words ever could. That was why she loved to listen to Rustyy. Because he spoke in volumes. Vivian turned her head to look back towards the gate and took a half a step back, bumping to the man - which made her stand still.::

C. Foster: Most everybody’s waiting for family.  ::At least anybody who was worth a spit in his book.:: 

::Sabrine was in a fury as she realised she was missing a child. One who had gone off and was standing with an unknown man across the room. She knew her daughter to be very picky when it came to those she interacted with. Though many were hesitant to talk with the slow speaking girl. She left Steve with the bunch handing out menacing glares before heading off to retrieve Vivian.::

Sabrine: Vivie. ::she said urgently wrapping her arm around the young girl’s front. she nodded to the man. She never apologized for her daughter’s limitation. Though offered a warm, motherly smile instead..:: 

Vivian: Waiting too. ::she said as she looked past her mama.::

C. Foster: Hello there.  ::He straightened up, looking every bit a distinguished professor and not the asshat he was known to be.::  I take it you’re waiting for a ship to come in?

::Vivian simply nodded, barely registering her mother's presence.::

Sabine: Mat’r fact we is. An’ ::knowing very well what the answer would be.:: you too, ehs?

C.Foster: ::he nodded slowly:: Yep.  Only reason to stick around when there’s coffee shops and bars that would more comfortably carry my backside. 

::Vivian giggled, a spark of delight sprinted across her features. It was only a second before it disappeared behind the slightly airy daze she regularly held. The man was funny. In a charming kind of way. She could listen to people like that at the diner her mama worked all day…. If they’d let her.::

::Sabrine lovingly squeezed her eldest daughters shoulders as she relaxed a bit.::

Sabrine: Ain’ tha’ there truth. ::she snorted. She pause for half a second. So far from home left her at a distint disadvangae.:: There’s’a ship comin’ in soon righ’?

::Cade canted his head, suddenly curious.::

C. Foster: A ship coming in soon?  ::He checked the display:: The Saratoga or the Constitution?

Vivian: Con-st-tu-tion. ::she answered. She had memorized the name of the ship her eldest brother worked on.::

C. Foster: Well, that’s a coincidence.

Sabine: ::she canted her head.:: Oh? Yer’a waitin’ for it too?

C. Foster: I am.  ::He nodded a simple assent::

Sabrine: Well all be. ::she smirked.:: Ma’be-

::Vivian pulled at her mother and pointed out urgently. A large ship drifted towards the port. From the angle there was no way to OD and with having no knowledge of the ship’s appearance her brother was on, she had to ask. Big brown eye darted between her mother and the man. Her messy hair jerked.::

Vivian: Rus’tyy

C. Foster: ::He perked an eyebrow at that.  If she wasn’t a child - a simple one at that - he would have probably made a crass joke.  But he was a big stupid teddy-bear softie when children were involved.:: Is that your brother?

::Sabrine patted her daughter's head.::

Vivian: Yea’. Big bru’der. 

C. Foster: Well, hopefully you’ll be seeing him soon.

Sabrine: An’ yer kin-folk too. ::she extended her hand.:: Sabrine Hael. 

C. Foster:  ::He shook, a firm, confident grip:: Doctor Cade Foster. 

Sabrine: Have’s yers’self a good ol’ time.

C. Foster: Maybe we’ll see you around.  ::He gave a nonchalant shrug and went back to idly thumbing through one of the technical journals he had brought with him, planning how much he would have to call his colleagues out on.::

::Sabrine nodded and waved to the charming man. She could hear her family calling out for her. They stuck out like a sore thumb. And it made her incredibly happy. She steered her daughter back towards the herd and a wide smile.::

PNPC Steve, Sabrine, Jackson, Vivian, Colt, Lily, Sebastian, & Diesel Hael
7 Civilians & 1 StarFleet Cadet
Simmed by: LtC Rustyy Hael 


pNPC Dr. Cade Foster
Retired Starfleet CMO; Professor - Harvard Medical School
Simmed by: Wyn Foster

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