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Slipstream freighters provide needed supplies to distant colonies but others left out

Federation News Service

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OASIS STATION, MAR ALPHERIS — Thanks to the introduction of quantum slipstream-capable freighters, the outer colonies of the Federation are receiving regular supplies, but not all colonies are accessible with the new technology.

As more shipping companies introduce quantum slipstream freighters into their fleets, many worlds that were weeks away from the Federation core are now less than two hours away, meaning that these members and colonies can receive proper and regular supplies.

“Like many colonists, I am relieved that the Federation has taken our concerns seriously and has deemed us a priority for the use of their slipstream freighters,” said Magistrate Benjamin Raynor of Mar Alpheris.

Read the rest of the article on the FNS.

This article was written by Zhaiyt Graves of the USS Athena. Submit your own stories or join the FNS team!

Edited by Roshanara Rahman
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