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Overheard in the Shoals: Veritas Notable Quotables

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Queens:  ::With a smile::  I knew it!  I bet Xio he’d come back with some sort of booze from the markets, he wouldn’t be able to help himself.

Wong: Anyways, I need to head off to check up on my sickbay and then head on over to supplies in order to grab a hover bike.

Thorne: ::thoughtfully looking up towards Commander Ukinix:: Are you an alcoholic, Commander? There are therapies and medications to help with that, you know.

No, he's just Australian. :P

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From @Blake


Because he'd done so a handful of times, at this specific moment in every attempt to hand him off to other authorities. First, he escaped his cuffs because of his uniquely silky hands -- he claimed he just moisturizes really well. Then, he ran off with the cuffs on.




Kallo: Our time together finally comes to an end. It hardly feels like five years at all.

Blake: It's been six, actually.

Kallo: Oh I don't count the year without Captain Ramen. That's all just backstory, no one actually saw any of that.




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Today, I come with a new quote written by @Zhanyt Lafizatar playing the role of Badgey a Desk in a scene so funny that I just couldn't breathe for a few minutes. I tell you this desk saga has taken so many twists and turns with each being amazing!


A bunch of holoscreens with lullabies, horrible mockeries of music - was that a recorder singing a old Earth song - and a face of a computer began to pop up all around the desk.
Desk: For you, a challenge looms after a week of pain. ::The voice is horribly distorted and changed, and probably deliberatly programmed to be annoying to Klingons and humans alike.::
Desk: Solve these challenges, and.. ::The desk shimmers, revealing a arc desk with blue highlights and obvious holoprojectors and spaces for monitors and padds. Done in a retro 23rd century style, even... then goes back to the monstrosity.:: get your reward. Fail and.. ::laser beams point to every place Ikaia has hurt himself on the desk :: .. suffer more pain. First, ::announcer voice:: TEST YOUR SKILLS. ::Paperwork appears everywhere, covering a 30' area, up to three or four feet off any surface. They look to be tests on everything from medicine, to astrophysics, to pop culture of the last four centuries, to obscure radio phenomena.::
.oO .. who, what.. why? Oo. Tiria was a bit stuck on why.
Ikaia watched as the desk was talking to him and shifting shapes. He couldn’t believe it.
He was being made fun of by a desk.


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As a DnD nerd, I thought @Tracey/Ensign Thorne's comment was pretty hilarious!



Thorne: Set tricorders to read for traps? ::smiling and looking around for a response and looking back down at her PADD when she got none::


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So this wonderful @Roshanara Rahman moment happened. Her sass level is on FIRE!



The man got up so quickly that he nearly lost his balance before he reached out to grab his station--or at least what he thought was the console. Turned out, it was the captain's shoulder.


Rahman: I'm your captain, not an armrest, Lieutenant.


By the time Ikaia connected the dots on where his hands were, he audibly squeaked as he pulled his hands away. He tried to stand up as straight as he could.


Remember, kids - your Captain is NOT an armrest.

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1 hour ago, Alora DeVeau said:

Depends on how tall you are.

Try 6' Klingon VS a very tiny 5'3" Captain! XD

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