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Overheard in the Shoals: Veritas Notable Quotables

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Queens:  ::With a smile::  I knew it!  I bet Xio he’d come back with some sort of booze from the markets, he wouldn’t be able to help himself.

Wong: Anyways, I need to head off to check up on my sickbay and then head on over to supplies in order to grab a hover bike.

Thorne: ::thoughtfully looking up towards Commander Ukinix:: Are you an alcoholic, Commander? There are therapies and medications to help with that, you know.

No, he's just Australian. :P

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From Sky Blake @Blake:    

The most intense reunion of friends ever... 😮  *confirms plans and headcount for the post-mission ice cream party*

Ukinix is just done.

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Kallo: So you're a doctor, Lieutenant?

Wong: Huh? Well, I’m actually a physician assistant. But I don’t blame you for calling me that. PAs and doctors are actually really similar. Heh… even our Chief of Security has called me a doctor a few times. But I don’t hold that against anyone.

Kallo: I see. Well, how did you find such an interest in... holograms? I mean, I understand an engineer's tinkering with such things. ::gesturing towards Reade:: ...but not so much a physician assistant.

This made me laugh. @Ikaia Wong

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