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Welcome to the 2022 Awards Ceremony!

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Welcome to the 2022 Awards Ceremony!

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Overheard in the Shoals: Veritas Notable Quotables

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  • 2 weeks later...


::Roshanara returned her own brief grin to the Nuvian.::

Rahman: Because at least in Federation custody, you'll be protected from the Syndicate. I assure you, with your help or not, we will find that artifact before they do, and if we do it without your help, then you'll be left here to explain your failure to them. I understand they're not the most forgiving of employers.

Kallo (played by @Sky Blake ): I'd listen to the good captain. She's been far more pleasant to work with then your masters.

@Evan Delano: Our brig is quite comfortable. 

Kallo: That, too.



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Kelrod: Trust is earned, not given. Their safety is my responsibility, I could have stunned you before the cuffs, but I’m giving you the chance to do things nice and easy.

Tacir: ::gaze drops to her hands and murmurs:: Trust is earned, not given. ::meets Rahman’s gaze:: Can you really help me save my daughter?

Rahman: As you said, trust is earned, not given.


Could this be the motto of this mission? ;)

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  • 3 months later...

Delano: I was security chief of the Garuda for about three weeks before it was taken over by a hoard of sentient house plants.

Blake: Sentient . . . house plants?

:: Evan laughed darkly at her reaction. He recalled having a very similar reaction to the absurdity of the situation right up to the point where the vines of one of those plants snagged him from behind and yanked him down a turboshaft. He’d dislocated his shoulder trying to fight the damn thing off. ::

Delano: Yeah. That was a fun report to send back to Command.  


Galven: So, would you like to do the honors? It was from a mission you were on after all.
Alentonis: Gladly.
Galven: Wait! ::pushed a couple of demands and the glass cover sealed shut:: There! Ha. Now, go on. 
Lovar: Good catch. If that radiation got out and my plants and us died, I'd kill you.

Not sure which is scarier; sentient house plants trying to kill me, or Lorian Lovar.

Edited by Blake
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  • 2 weeks later...

Lovar: A Captain's Commendation?! Damn, German, great job!

:: German gave him a big smile. ::

Galven: Thank you, Lorian! ::picks up his ribbon:: Hopefully, another mission we’ll work side by side. You deserve a medal just by putting up with me. ::winks and laughs::

Lovar: Who says I didn't get one? ::He grins:: If they were counting dealing with you I'd be fleet admiral by now.


:: German was staring right at her, like a starved dog at a steak. Mouth slightly open, eyes practically heart shaped. He had seen this look before many a time. German had a crush. And Lorian was going to milk this opportunity like a rancher to a cow. He nudged German. ::

Lovar: Taking an interest in the Lieutenant Commander I see.

Galven: ::flushed and embarrassed:: ...What? She looks good!

Lovar: Looks good, eh. I don't think "looking good" warrants your jaw on the floor. If that was true every time I entered a room I'd hear "Duh nuh.... Duh nuh... Duh nuh..." :: He was referencing an old shark movie from the 1970s. The name had slipped his mind but he knew German would get it. ::


Btw, don't know to put it in a quote box.



Galven S4U1 banner.png

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  • 3 weeks later...

Swenhart: ::catches her breath:: Either they’re in the infrastructure that’s underneath the mines, sir. Or wherever the anomaly leads to. It’s a subspace infestation! ::finally looks around the room:: What or who do you think could possibly be down there?

Core: Nothing good.

Delano: Hey, there’s a first time for everything. I mean, why does it always have to be bad. I figure we’re about due for a subspace puppy infestation?

Given out track record with plants . . .


Edited by Blake
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Core: My first thought is 'target board'. There's a lot of noise around subspace anomalies - it's easy for us to miss things happening underneath them.

oO Target board... What was that Old Earth game called again..? Dates! That's it. Oo


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Delano: I’ve just come from deflector control. They’re almost done with the modifications. The team down there is estimating the solar energy collection should be a bit more efficient than we originally planned.
@Geoffrey Teller:  That's great news, sir.  Should make the second transport that much safer if we can route the power safely.  Lt. Cmdr Core has been very helpful with the modifications, sir.  He's also been educating me on the shortcomings of warp reactors.  At length.  Sir.
Ensign Teller now has a little insight into what Rahman has to deal with...
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::She just contradicted him. Was she sent as a test?::

 Galven: Yes ma’am. What I can see from here is their exterior appearance. Reminds me of a terran crustacean. Their scientific class name is Malacostraca.

DeVeau: Well that class encompases quite a few species, but perhaps you’re referring to the crab? I do hope their temperament doesn’t match.

::He felt he met his match in his science field and he was enjoying it. The way she spoke just captured his attention more towards DeVeau.::

Galven: Which is odd. They move in a way of the Formicidae.  

DeVeau: Which begs the question of whether or not their society is run in a similar fashion.   Is there a hierarchy? Do they divide labour? Do they have queens? Are only specific females set aside for reproduction?  Do they lay eggs, or do they bear live young? Oh how I wish we could study them more closely! Respectfully of course.

::German was more or less testing her how much she knew and if she could pick up on the terms he used for crabs and ants. He was impressed. He quickly glanced at whoever was watching them as if saying, “Who is she?”::

Galven: Well--

DeVeau: As much as I would like to entertain these questions, and more, there’s one issue in particular that we need to focus on.  Why are they not turning up on scans? What is it about them that is keeping us from being able to sense them?

::He had a feeling he wasn’t going to get a word in so he checked his PADD for any updates from Lorian’s tricorder. It looked like he found some from different angles.He looked up at the viewscreen and noticed Valoru’s antennae twitch. That reassured the Denobulan that they knew down on the planet as well.::

::The way she spoke between octaves was captivating. He grabbed his cane and walked over to where she was sitting. He put his can under his armpit and pushed on his PADD to get all the angles of the creatures that Lorian’s tricorder picked up.::

Galven: I think it's their--

DeVeau: Oh! ::pauses:: Wait a sec, let me pull these up.  Detective Ripley shared these with me. They may help us determine the issue.

::He made a 3D model of all the creatures exterior anatomy and sent it to her PADD.::

Galven: What are those?

DeVeau: I haven’t had time to breathe much less really review these the way I have wanted.  However, with two pairs of eyes, maybe we can figure something out.

oO And your eyes are so inviting that if you were a siren, I'd be dead. Oo 

Ripley: Hope that data helps Y'all

::She stopped talking. Now it was his turn to speak.::

Oh man, this had me cracking up!  

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::Knox turned his attention to Galven. His outburst earlier didn’t sit well with Charlie. Internally, Knox questioned if German was fit for duty. He made a note to keep an eye on him while German was on the bridge. He was currently discussing the creatures with DeVeau and Knox couldn’t make out what they were saying, nor did he care. His focus was on tactical and security of the ship. Charlie paid close attention to German’s body language. ::


oO Ah, Christ. He’s absolutely swooning over DeVeau. The poor [...] is going to get steamrolled. Oo


::Knox lived by a few hard and fast rules. One of them was never, ever fraternize with another member of the crew. And if you break the first rule, make damn sure it’s with someone your own rank. That sage advice came from his father, and it served Charlie well so far... he drifted back into the conversation on the bridge.::

I'll keep in that mind @Charlie Knox 


Galven S4U1 banner.png

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Ensign Teller had quite the doozy in the lounge chat on Discord, and I felt it could not go unheard.


Teller:  Hey, ever had a Romulan Sunrise?

Teller:  It's when you take some Romulan Ale, drop in a Red gumball, then throw the whole mix into a black hole

::somewhere, a snare drum and cymbal hit dejectedly::


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41 minutes ago, Sky Blake said:

Teller:  Hey, ever had a Romulan Sunrise?

Teller:  It's when you take some Romulan Ale, drop in a Red gumball, then throw the whole mix into a black hole

::somewhere, a snare drum and cymbal hit dejectedly::



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Galven: Hey! Do you guys wanna go down to the planet? We could explore more of what the surroundings are. ::looks at Lorian:: Maybe there’s some interesting plants down there.

@Ensign Lorian Lovar  : Fascinating... However, I'm not a very big fan of that planet. I might have to pass.

Galven: ::smiles:: And there’s a cute brunette on board that’s a botanist also. Mayyybe she could come also. ::winks::

::Lorian paused, considering.::
Lovar: Okay, I'll come with you.


" @German Galven gained +1 in negotiation skills."

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@Geoffrey Teller oO Perhaps if I remain perfectly still, a Caitian can't see me.  Is there vision based on movement?  I should ask Galven when I get back to my quarters. Oo

No, @Mei'konda isn't a T-Rex, roomie...


don't move.gif

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@Ryan King: I figured you’d be wanting my medical data. ::Beat:: Nothing too much to report in there, I continue to fight the sands of time by never aging and besides some minor scrapes and bruises with a few mouthy Tellarities here and there - oh, and a bite from a Denobulan that mistook my dance moves for the beginning of a mating ritual, ::beat:: I’m fine.

You had it coming with those gyrations tbh


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  • 4 weeks later...


Galven: ::deadpan:: Sounds quite amazing.
King: Trust me, you’ll love it. Bring all your friends and we can all chat then, but thankfully not too much because we’ll have a movie to watch.
Galven: I don’t--
::Crossing his arms in amusement.::
King: Now, now don’t knock things until you’ve tried it. After all, I'm your superior officer!
Galven: ::laughs:: Excuse me? You’re an ensign. And you’re just as frazzled as me when there’s a particular woman around!
King: ::Eyebrow raised with a laugh.:: Come now Ensign, didn’t you check my file before I came onboard? ::beat.:: I’ve been through the Academy three times! And the command hierarchy is always based on seniority in position.
::He half-smiled at his own joke.::
King: So basically, based on my extensive Academy experience, I’m the most senior Ensign. ::Big smile.:: You have to follow orders now! ::beat:: You may begin with a bow!
::Galven’s face turned into a smirk Ryan hadn’t expected and he had to pause a moment to process what the Denobulan was up to, the tight upward slant of his smile causing Ryan a small degree of consternation.::
King: oO What is this troublesome character up to?! Oo
Galven: Tell you what, you really should come with me right now.
King: ::Slight grumble.:: I need more data before I can make that determination.
::The Denobulan moved swiftly, taking his arm and hooking it through Ryan’s before the short human knew what was happening. The last thing Ryan wanted to do in his recently bald state wasgallivant with the Ensign around the decks of the ship.::
King: Now just a minute, Mr. Rabbit. What rabbit hole are you trying to take me down?!
Galven: ::chuckles mischievously:: We’re going to Deck 4.
((Deck 6, Turbolift, U.S.S. Veritas))
::The whoosh of the Turbolift door and the ensuing rush of air unsettled Ryan’s exposed scalp and he couldn’t help but shiver. Turning to look at the Denobulan with a mix of a scowl and a grimace, he watched as the doors to the Turbolift closed.::
::Immediately he tried to rack his brain on the deck layout of the ship. Deck 4 housed most of the social areas onboard and a mix of other support facilities. He heaved a sigh of relief as he realized the Chapel was on Deck 10::
King: oO At least I know this guy isn’t trying to make me an eighth spouse. Oo
::Turning to look at Galven with a judgmental eye.::
King: oO I know how these Denobulans are. Oo
King: What are you up to, Ensign Goof-ven?
::If there was one thing Ryan hated, it was people not telling him information. Gossip. Secrets. Stories. He just had to know. And Galven’s lack of engagement irritated him to no end.::
King: ::Dramatic indignation:: Withholding information from a superior officer is a punishable offense in…
::The whoosh of the Turbolift doors as they opened silenced him for a moment as they stepped out together still arm-in-arm. Ryan looked around cautiously, his over-the-top reaction seeming as though he’d just woken up from chryo-stasis after a century asleep.::
((Deck 4, Primary Science Labs, U.S.S. Veritas))
::Stepping into the primary science lab, Ryan sniffed at the scene with a look of trepidation, almost like a child who’d been brought to a Great Aunt’s house that he hated to visit.::
King: oO What is this place? Oo
Galven: You’re probably wondering why we’re here. Since you’re most likely colorblind. ::points to his collar:: I’m a science officer.
King: ::Pause:: You needed to bring me here to tell me I got the wrong department for you…? ::Scowl.::
King: oO These Science people, no social skills! Oo
::Ryan backed up quietly toward the wall of the Science lab. The labs were not for him in the least. In fact, the surroundings brought back memories from his many challenging science classes at the Academy and in school. He’d hated everything about science and barely passed.::
::Watching Galven suspiciously, he snooped around at the various baubles and tanks around him, noting something shuffling about in the vegetation in one of the tanks.::
King: oO What is that?! Oo
::He moved away quietly wishing he had brought a phaser with him.::
Galven: Ah. ::half chuckles:: You’ve been gone for about 3 ½ years.
King: Did you run a carbon dating scan to make that determination, Galven? ::Winking with a look of mild sarcasm as he continued to move around and study the room.::
Galven: No, I was just wondering why you left.
::Ryan paused for a moment in appreciative surprise at the bluntness of the question.::
King: ::Continuing to look around.:: Left would be a generous word according to most officers. ::Peering into another tank.:: Most would use abandoned. ::He paused at yet another container.::
King: It’s fine, ::looking at yet another circular tank of bubbling purple water.:: The Captain found me and is no doubt plotting a multitude of ways to terrorize me for my transgressions.
::He offered a small laugh and then noticed a larger, puffy fish swimming toward him through the purple liquid. He leaned closer, his shiny, hairless forehead reflecting back toward the… thing in the tank. Immediately the fish stopped in its tracks, turned on its side and floated up to the top of the tank.::
::Ryan gasped and moved away quickly, half hoping it was not Galven's pet... and half hoping it was.::
King: ::Looking in both directions.:; oO Hope no one saw that. Oo
::He caught a small movement in his peripheral vision and saw German waving at him with a look of mild exasperation.::
Galven: Bah! Doesn’t matter. You know, as a temporal scientist, I could help you shave off a few pounds in a few seconds.
King: ::scoff:: I beg your pardon?! ::beat:: Why not focus on whipping up some lotion for that dry skin of yours! ::Ryan couldn't help but offer a satisfied smile at his quip.::
::This was growing tedious and Ryan had other places he needed to be, like in his bunk under the covers. He began to move toward the exit until Galven moved to the doorway and blocked his departure. Staring up at the taller man, Ryan couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as he put his hand on his hips. Maybe he wasn’t getting out of a marriage ceremony today after all...::
Galven: It’d also help you with your memory too!
::Ryan watched as Galven moved toward a drawer close by and withdrew a scalpel from it.
King: oO This got real. Oo
::He didn’t wait for the next moment, whether the Ensign was eccentric, excited, or an evil axe murder, he wasn’t going to be the first to find out and made a beeline out the door.::
::He turned back quickly to look over his shoulder and saw Galven, his back leaning out through the doorways, exposing only the top half of his body, smiling madly.::
Galven: It was nice meeting you! I’ll take you up on that Vulcan cowboy movie tonight! Where and what time?!
::Lifting his right arm in a half-hearted wave, Ryan pivoted around briefly.::
King: It’ll be at Nineteen-thirty. ::Beat.:: Don’t forget to invite your friends Goof-ven. ::Raising his voice in the most forced angelic tone.:: I SO look forward to it!
::He wanted witnesses at this movie night in case it was his last breathing on the starship. Ryan huffed as he moved to the Turbolift, cutting off a few crewmen to board first. The closing door once again reminded him of his exposed skin as yet another chill seized him. He decided then and there to head to the Quartermaster to design and requisition that new wig.::


@Ryan King This was hilarious! Glad we could have at least one scene together! 

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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

DeVeau: Voi che sapete che cosa e amor…

del Vedova: Alora? Are you ::beat:: singing?

:: By the stars, they were about to start eating each other, weren't they?


Oh my word, I laughed so hard at this.

Come on Nic, surely you know her better than that! LOL!

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  • 1 month later...

At the time, she’d decided that was something best left reserved to Kells—like the skants he sometimes enjoyed parading around in


Actual footage of Aron parading around in a skant and the senior staff's appreciation.

(And also DiDa Ritz is awesome.)

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  • 2 months later...

A few gems from shore leave thus far...



::Jansen ( @Henning Hext ) watched the recording with a small suppressed smile and allowing himself a modicum of pride.

Is Jansen an example of chaotic good? 😈


@Geoffrey Teller:: Listen, Rosie...uh...Kara.  These idiots already told us what they need.  A score. We dangle a carrot, keep them distracted, make an opportunity and get ourselves back to the Veri...The Dead Star.  

::Teller desperately hoped his message was being received.  Captain Rahman seemed to be getting the picture he was painting, but Kinan was clearly having a hard time digesting it all.::  

Kinan ( played by @Sky Blake ) : Did you just call me “Kara”? And what’s with “Rosie”--what am I missing here?

Rahman: ::turns to Kinan:: Well, Kara… ::Kinan glowered at her:: It doesn’t seem like we’re dealing with nice people here. So it’s probably best to keep a low profile. ::raises her eyebrow:: Do you trust me?

::The fact that all five of her names were about to be thrown out the window (way too many names, Kinan, you don’t even use them for God sake) she sighed.::

Kinan: You’re my- hmm. ::She stopped herself.::

::Teller shrugged in desperation::

Teller: Half-Sister.  

Rahman: Kinan:


Rahman: 😐 Kinan: 😐

::Teller flinched slightly under the withering eyerolls from both women.::





Vataix: ~~ And just where is that cousin of mine? ~~

Eislas: ~~ I am sorry Rivi, I seem to have lost her.  I knew I should've tied a bell to her ankle when I had the chance. ~~ 




Keehani: Our great grandparents had been wanting to marry one of their children into another house, for so many years – including your grandfather, which I understand is the main reason why he left. 

@Wil Ukinix : ::Nodding:: Based on what Grandpa said, sounds about right.

Keehani: Yes.  He was betrothed to a member of the Sixth house.  I can’t remember her name.  The arrangement involved lots of land.  When your grandfather left Betazed, the Sixth house were upset.  To appease them, our great grandparents offered them *more* land in exchange for the betrothal of Grandmother to a male member of the Sixth. ::Ironic smile::  She told me she would have gone through with it too.

Ukinix: Why didn’t she?

::Wil took a sip from his drink::

Keehani: She had got pregnant with someone else.

::Mid sip, Wil spat out the contents of his drink back into his glass.::

Ukinix: Bloody hell, what is it with our grandparents – what are they, rabbits?

Keehani: What do you mean… What’s a “rabbit”? 




Olympé: Well,well. You must be Addison MacKenzie. ::looking her up and down with distaste:: Where does Ghant find these people on his little trips. 

@Addison MacKenzie: ...And isn't it nice to meet you, also? I'm not sure where he picked me up... It could have been Starfleet, where I'm one of three doctors serving a crew of 220. Or it could have been on Earth while I finished my fellowship in microsurgery. ::sarcastically:: But, to be honest, I can't remember where he picked me up. 



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I know it's been a while since it was simmed, but we still need to talk about this genius scene:

Teller:  This isn't official business by any means, but I noticed you were a coffee drinker.  I can't imagine you're all that happy with what the replicators can spit out?
::She was about to take a sip when his comment made her look down at her cup. Suddenly, the brown concoction seemed a lot less magical.::
Rahman: ::as she looks at her coffee:: :(
::Evidently, her look said it all.::
Teller:  Yep, burnt water.  I don't know how they program it in there.  What I'm talking about is an actual cup of coffee, Skipper.  Real mana from heaven.  
::She looked back up, wondering if he’d just come to ruin her day.::
Rahman:  Did you want to tell me something, Ensign?
Teller:  Sorry, I'll get to the point.  I was wondering if there's a conference room or a chunk of cargo bay I could have for a little...project, for the crew.  I'd only work on it in my off hours, I'll get approvals for any resources or equipment from the Chief.  If you approve, in a few weeks you'll be able to wake up to a locally brewed freshly ground dark roast, brought to you by a few hydroponic beds and a converted atmospheric processor.  
Rahman:  oO :D Oo 


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  • 3 weeks later...


Rahman: I don't see him, do you?

Core: You'd think it'd be easy to spot @Evan Delano, at least. 

::He was probably busy avoiding chandeliers.::


Oh the snark on this one... @Sky Blake

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  • 2 months later...

Rahman: Excellent. Let’s say 1400 hours, holodeck 1? You might want to brush up on your Constitution class console layouts if it’s been a while.

@Wil Ukinix: A Constitution class. ::Grinning:: Now that would be funny. ...Wait.  You’re serious.

Rahman: Is there a problem, lieutenant?

Ukinix: Nah nah, that’s fine, all good.  Captain, permission to speak freely: Why?

Rahman: Because I said so.

Ukinix: Alright then.  ::Smiling:: Constitution class it is.  Thank you for the opportunity.


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