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Captain Della Vetri - Soggy Sleepy Time

Oddas Aria

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((Duronis II, Embassy Beach))
Vetri: C’mon, give her here.
:: T’Lea did so, but Della, totally on purpose, fumbled the catch completely and T’Sara ended up dropping butt-first into the water.::
Vetri: Oops.
::  The Romu-vulc erupted in a short laugh, and T’Sara continued to giggle.::
T’Lea: That right there just won you the evil award tonight.
Vetri: No comment. ::turning to Garth with a moderately evil grin:: Of course, there’s *this* giggling little critter as well...
:: T’Lea, apparently,  was going to take this one,  and started stalking toward the little boy.::
T’Lea:  Oh yes, the Dragon of the Seas requests your presence, young warrior.
Garth: Noooo! Ya can't dunks me, Miss Tea!  I's dunk ya instead!  
T’Lea:  Ha! Ha! Ha!  No one dunks the Lady-
:: Actually, they did. As the splash of water that heralded T’Lea’s fall – the result of Garth’s neat little evasion – made clear. The Romu-vulc popped back up quickly, though, faking a gloriously overacted death.::
T'Lea:  You got me… so brave… so tiny… so… aggg…
Turner: ::trying not to laugh:: Sorry T'Lea, I should have warned you. He's been taking self-defense lessons. 
:: Della flashed a grin at the newly-arrived Toni, helping T’Sara up to her feet.::
Garth: I sorrie, Miss Tea, butts I warn ya. Donts be mads at me.
:: T’Lea gave him a pat on the head, clearly holding no grudge at all. Or at least not much of one.::
T’Lea:  Don’t forget to follow through.  ::tickling him:: Because the Dragon of the Seas will rise again!  ::scooting on shore:: Out you go.
Vetri: C’mon nugglet, looks like bath time’s over for now.
:: Her daughter’s hand in her own, the Trill ambled back to the shore whilst her wife wrung out her hair and made sure she was still decently covered. Covered, she was, but in Della’s opinion, there was some distance between T’Lea and decent, given what the water had done to the already snug fit of the woman’s dress.::
Turner: ::taking Garth by the hand to get him out of the water:: I came to get my little scamp to eat dinner and then take the kids home. If they don't go to sleep early, I'm afraid they'll be cranky tomorrow. Care to join us for supper?
T’Lea:  That sounds like a lovely idea, except for two things.  One, if my dress shrinks anymore I may suffocate, and two, we already ate.
:: She could sense a certain regret in T’Lea’s aura, but Della agreed with the priorities. She could feel T’Sara flagging a bit, too, though the little girl was hiding it well.::
Vetri:  I think a quick bit of rescheduling might be a plan.
Turner: ::talking as she walked back to the tables::  Well, what about meeting at my house tomorrow about 1200 hours with the bridesmaids. We all can do our hair, and get dressed there, and beam to the beach by 1500. That should be plenty of time, don't you think?
T’Lea:  That we can do.
:: Was that eagerness, Della detected? If so, that was a first.::
Vetri: ::smirking:: Also, make sure that you don’t run off and hitch the first ride off-planet.
Turner: Yeah, that too. I have to admit, I'm really nervous and may need a pep talk ahead of time.
T’Lea:  Oh, please, you’ve face, borg, gorn, time fractures, and me.  There’s nothing to be worried about.  Besides, if I can marry *her*, with multiple crazies running around in her symbiot, then you can certainly bond with *one* man.
Vetri: Might I remind you, you were one of them for a while?
T’Lea:  Adorable crazies then.
Vetri: If you insist.
Turner: ::stopping at a table to fix Garth a plate:: Okay, we'll see you tomorrow at 1200 hours.
::  T’Lea grabbed her arm with a serious expression, and one of Della’s eyebrows rose in a silent question as to just what that was about.::
T’Lea:  Maybe I should have said this sooner, but… he’s a good man.  You chose well.  Just… don’t tell him I said that.
Vetri: You’ll make each other happy, Toni. Even crazier than you both are already, but happy.
:: With a cheery wave, Della watched Toni and Garth head off, then glanced at T’Lea.::
T’Lea:  So, soggy bottoms let’s get you home and—
:: The way T’Lea cut off, her gaze dropping to where T’Sara was sprawling in her arms, had Della looking down sharply – only to chuckle as she saw just what their daughter was doing.::
T’Lea: ~~ Well, that was fast. ~~
Vetri: ~~ No kidding. I didn’t even feel her conk out. ~~
T’Lea: ~~  Question.  How are *you* going to get her out of those wet clothes and into her pajamas without waking her up.~~
:: Okay, that *was* a good question. Luckily, Della had an equally good answer.::
Vetri: ~~ Simple, I’m not. ~~
:: Her cheerful smile made it abundantly obvious who she had in mind for the job.::
T’Lea: ~~  Oh, no, I hereby decree that motherly duties such as these are granted to the absent parent upon her return, forever more.~~
:: She was sure there was some sort of dig in there, but Della let it pass. After all, it wasn’t like the duty was exactly onerous. In fact, she’d kind of missed it.::
Vetri: Fine. And after I’ve done that, I’ll even help get *you* changed, too. Though that dress may not survive the process.
:: Not, she suspected, that either of them would be all *that* bothered by that outcome...::

(PNPC) Captain Della Vetri
Commanding Officer
USS Tiger

Author ID: O238506DV0

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