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Tal Shiar-Orion Syndicate plot foiled by Duronis II Embassy crew

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LUXIS SYSTEM — The Starfleet crew of the Embassy on Duronis II mobilized teams across the sector to end a sinister Tal Shiar-Orion Syndicate plot.

New information from the V’Shar (Vulcan Intelligence Agency) helped to uncover a dubious plan that would see the Tal Shiar possess an ancient Vulcan device known as the Eye of Terek that was designed to amplify empathic abilities. Originally designed for healing, the device could be twisted and used for mass suggestion. This would give the Tal Shiar the ability to control the minds of large groups of people. However, Romulans are not known for their telepathic or empathic abilities. The second part of their ominous plot was to capture and exploit an Argelian High Priestess and her followers who seemed to have tapped into their empathic abilities in remarkable ways. With intelligence from the V’Shar and gathered through the interrogation of a captured Tal Shiar saboteur on the USS Thunder, the crew of the Embassy on Duronis II set out to the location of the Argelian prisoners.

As soon as they arrived, Admiral Turner sent a team on her captain’s yacht the Cheyenne to recover the ancient Vulcan device. T’Kara, a V’Shar agent who had been posing as an Argelian, was regaining her memory and recalled the location of where the device was hidden. With the Cheyenne and a small team on its way to recover the Eye of Terek, the rest of the crew focused on the rescue mission of the Argelian prisoners. In an attempt at building a better relationship with his crew, the ship’s first officer requested to join the Marine Search & Rescue (SAR) team. The team made quick work of storming the compound on the Orion moon with the help of a covert marine force in the sky. Though the team was successful, their success was made bitter by the loss of some of the Argelian prisoners during Tal Shiar interrogations.

The small team on the captain’s yacht, supported by a Vulcan support ship, headed for a set of volcanic tunnels where T’Kara had hidden the ancient Vulcan device. After traversing the volcanic tunnels, which seemed to no longer be dormant, they reached the location of the Eye of Terek – and the nest of a very large and unhappy beast. However, after communicating with a Vulcan in the away team and an attempted attack on the creature by an Orion party trying to reach the device, the beast helped the crew by taking care of the Orions and leading the away team out safely.

At the end of the day, all teams were successful and met back up in orbit of Duronis II. Unfortunately, their celebration was short lived as they discovered that, due in large part to Captain Samal Frazier and a team of new ensigns recently assigned to the Embassy, Prime Minister Daysa was just barely able to avoid a political coup that would see both him and the Federation ousted from Laudean homeworld.

“The Federation have not come to invade us,” said Prime Minister Daysa, speaking to the anti-government/anti-Federation forces. “They’ve come to preserve our way of life. The people you fight for are the invaders in league with the Romulan Tal Shiar. Surely you remember how our lives were changed under their rule? Our children starved, our women violated, and our Lomales enslaved. Is this the life you want to return? Is it the life you choose for your children and your children’s children?”

The Federation still has much work to do in building a relationship with the Laudean people. With the Tal Shiar plot derailed and the Romulan-Orion partnership breaking down, the crew of the Federation Embassy on Duronis II will be able to focus their attention closer to their adopted home.

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