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Round 1 Chief Prosecutor Raisaris - In the Inferno

Quinn Reynolds

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(( Government Offices, Yarista, Palanon, Tyrellian System ))

:: The monitor flashed in the darkened office, illuminating the immaculate and bare desk space around it. The silhouetted figure stood beside the window turned imperceptibly, enough to see the message, read the contents with disaffection, and turn back to the casement. Between dark eyes and glacial white hair a deep frown carved into her features.

:: Worry had long since disappeared from her body, leaving behind an anger that was almost tangible. Her fist clenched on the arm that crossed her chest, her teeth removing slivers of the thumbnail on her opposite hand. The tall white buildings she could see stood out from the grass, the hazy blue of lakes, the transit ring that surrounded it all - her beautiful home. Her days of wandering out in the central garden alone were gone.

:: Her mind felt like a razor blade dragged over taut piano wire; increasingly intensifying with each passing moment that she could still breathe.

:: The decision to stay or to leave weighed heavily on her spirit. They wanted her to; she knew they did. They hoped she would take a shuttle, get off the planet, remove herself so that she was no longer their problem. They bandied around statements about her personal safety as if she didn’t know her card had been marked, as if she wasn’t acutely aware of her current predicament and how precarious prosecuting their internal invaders would be.

:: As if she wasn’t cruelly conscious that she had no assurances of sanctuary from her own law enforcement - ambassadors that she used to trust, ministers she could no longer depend on, senators who held positions of distinction, who were no longer honourable. 

:: She would be damned if they were going to dictate her future. She was prepared for war and she would bear the inferno if she had to. There would be no running and hiding. She would not bow to their whim, sacrifice her principles for her life, be the embodiment of the corruption now rife within her own offices. She looked around at the stark white office encompassing her with darkness. Once it had filled her with pride; now she struggled to hold onto any of it.

:: The monitor flashed again.

:: She barely turned, far too used to the consistent news reports and transmissions, until she caught sight of the revolving symbol adorning the message heading. Unmistakable. Distinct. Her stomach dropped as a thousand possibilities gracefully grappled with her judgement.

:: The tone of the communication was crystal clear. Starfleet were coming...

:: ...whether she liked it or not.::



MSNPC Jhaeina Raisaris
Chief Prosecutor
Yarista, Capital City of Palanon
Tyrellian System

Simmed by LtJG Jocelyn Marshall

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