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Round 1 JP MSNPCs M. Lirane, A. Sedean & Cpt J. Rajel - Farewells


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(( Quarters Rajel - The next forenoon )) 

:: Jalana hadn’t slept well, and Jerry’s visit had taken some of her, digging through past things. But she started to feel a bit better, now that she had eaten something and was able to sip her tea in peace. It was rather cozy on her couch, and the look out of the windows showed the breathtaking sight of Dagorin VI. A decision would have to be made, not by her, but by Awern and his people. Would they really want to stay here and risk the Syndicate trying to take up the operation again? When the door buzzer went off she looked up from her seat. :: 

Rajel: Come in. :: As the doors opened they showed the dark haired man and the white haired woman she had just been thinking about. Getting up to her feet she waved them inside. :: Please come on in, take a seat. I was just thinking of you. 

Sedean: ::he nodded and smiled:: You were?

::Awern stepped inside and took a seat at the chair. oO She better have gotten some sleep! Oo::

:: Lirane followed, and offered a friendly smile to Jalana. It was not hard to notice that the woman was tired, but she kept it to herself. After that day before it would be surprising if she wouldn’t be. :: 

Rajel: Yes. I was wondering about what your decision about the planet would be.Have you thought about it? ::She lowered herself to the couch again looking from one to the other.:: 

::Awern inhaled and exhaled. The decision was tough, and he required a hell lot of thinking to reach his decision. He weighed factors with other factors, and considered everything, ensuring he did not leave out any details. He had consulted the Lady, and he hoped what decision he had made was the best for his people...and it would not involve any suspicious Syndicate.::

Sedean: Definitely. The decisions was incredibly difficult.

Rajel: I can imagine. So what did you think? 

:: Merina looked from Jalana to Awern, just as curious as the Trill. Awern had not told her anything yet, so she wanted to know as well. :: 

Sedean: I have reached a final decision. ::he fiddled with his fingers::

Rajel: Ah! Very good. What have you decided?

Lirane: Yes, what is your decision? 

Sedean: I have decided that we should…::he paused, unsure if he wanted to say his answer. He gave in, and blurted it out::..we should colonise Dagorin VI. 

:: Merina smiled widely. She was pleased to hear that, as she really had enjoyed the surface, even the caves weren’t too bad, but gone now. :: 

Rajel: ::Her brows raised:: Are you certain? 

Sedean: ::he grinned ear-to-ear in excitement:: Yes, the area will be suitable for us! From what we observed, we are not affected by the sap, which is good.

Rajel: That is certainly good news. The sap might as well be your protection from other species then. What about the Syndicate? 

:: Merina looked to Awern, since they had talked about that the night before, she thought it would be okay to take that question. :: 

Lirane: We decided that if they return, the planet is big enough for both parties. It should be possible to live on the planet and use it to our advantage without being in the way of the Syndicate if they wish to return. 

Rajel: Fascinating. Do you think the Syndicate agrees? 

Sedean: I’m sure they don’t know we exist. ::he tilted his head:: Why do you ask?

Rajel: ::smiling:: No, I’m just making sure you took everything into account. If you are really sure that this is what you want, we will make sure to get you safely to the surface and give you the supplies you need until you are settled in. 

Sedean: Wonderful! ::he looked at Merina:: Can you compile a list?

Lirane: Of course, I’ll put it together. 

Rajel: Very well, please send the list to the OPS department and they will take care of everything. We are going to get everything together until noon, so we can begin bringing you down within the next hour, if that is alright with you. 

Sedean: I would very much like that. Thanks, Jalana.

Rajel: Very well, then I better let everyone know. ::She smiled and raised from the couch.:: 

Lirane: Thank you Jalana. We appreciate what your crew had done for us.

Sedean: I will get my people ready for transport as soon as possible.

Rajel: I’ll come by to say good bye before you leave. 

:: Merina smiled and with a brief nod she and Awern left the Captain’s quarters, they have a lot to do in that hour. :: 

((Transporter Room 5))

((1 hour later))

::Awern stepped into the room, as he saw some of the Dokkarans get beamed down as well as small cargo boxes for supplies. This was finally happening; their new home and community. He walked with Merina near the where some of the other Dokkaran were gathered. He turned to Merina excitedly.::

Sedean: Excited?

Lirane: Very. I can’t wait to get settled and find the treasures of this planet. Vilar and Sarey will fly the ships down to the surface, so they won’t stay back here. 

Sedean: Wonderful. I also got Kyana to prepare the first Vizinyian tree. I believe she beamed down with the first group.

:: The doors opened, and just as Jalana had promised she entered the room. Though her expression was not the relaxed and chipper one they had met before. She looked worried even though she tried to hide it behind a smile, it was obvious that it was just a facade.:: 

Lirane: Is something wrong? 

Rajel: ::Taking a deep breath.:: Yes. ::Looking to Awern:: Do you remember when I talked to you about a tracking beacon in your ship? 

Sedean: ::thinking:: Yes, I do. What is it?

Rajel: ::nodding:: As you know, my people investigated. It clearly used a signature used by quite a number of organisations, including the Orion Syndicate. It appears that they found a trace, a kind of fingerprint in the code, that helps to track who put it together. 

Sedean: And? ::he wanted to know, quite desperately::

:: Merina silently listened to them both. She had not heard about this before, at least not as much as she remembered, so she just paid attention. :: 

Rajel: I have to inform you, that the person who wrote the code, is an individual of your group, named Vilar. 

Lirane: That is impossible.

Sedean: ::his brows raised:: Our pilot?

Rajel: Sadly there is no doubt. My people have checked and checked again. You can take a look at the data yourself. ::She handed him the PADD.:: We do not know if he has been in contact with the Syndicate members we found here, or those that poisoned your planet. We only know that he programmed the beacon. 

::All this time, he hadn’t realised there was someone suspicious in the group, and it just happened to be the pilot. No wonder during the wait for the Constitution to arrive he did not report anything.::

Sedean: What do we do?

:: This was the question. She had thought about it from the moment she had read the Report to now, which had been the most part of the past hour. Truth was, this was an internal matter, since there was no proof to the depths of Vilar’s involvement in what had happened to the Constitution Crew on the planet. :: 

Rajel: Well you have the choice. You can either leave him with us and we will bring him before a tribunal, or you deal with it internally. Since you are not a member of the Federation, though aligned with us, the choice in your hands. 

Sedean: And he will be convicted.

Rajel: Yes, there is a chance. What you say? 

Sedean: ::he thought, again. The decision was hard to make, as he was not sure which he would be more effective for Vilar.:: I believe it is better if we deal with Vilar. ::to Merina:: He won’t know what he’ll be in later.

Lirane: ::Nodding:: I agree. It will be better to deal with it ourselves. ::to Jalana:: Thank you for letting us know. 

::The Trill understood not only that they wanted to solve this among themselves, but also why. Vilar was one of them, they needed to know what he had done and why. And they had their own justice system as well. It made total sense. :: 

Rajel: Of course. 

Transporter Officer: There are only 3 cargo boxes remaining, and only Mr.Sedean and Ms. Lirane left.

:: Jalana looked to the officer and turned her attention back to Awern and Merina. :: 

Rajel: Looks like it is time to bid our farewells. If you need anything please let Starfleet know. 

:: Merina nodded and couldn’t wait to get off that metal ship. While she had enjoyed being with the people she longed for natural material under her feet. :: 

Lirane: Would you please say good bye to Solaris for me? Once our communication system is up, I will contact her myself but did not have the time for it now. And I hope that Wyn will recover swiftly.

:: The Trill nodded in acknowledgement. Being in the same team might have lead to new friendships, which made her smile. :: 

Rajel: I will let them know. 

::Awern nodded and turned around to walk over to the transporter pad. Before he was off Starfleet and Federation property, he breathed in the metallic smell of the starship. He looked at Jalana.::

Sedean: Jalana, I can’t thank you enough for assisting in our search for a new homeworld. And thank for helping cure us of our...chemicals. ::he smiled::

Rajel: Naturally :: Smiling::

Sedean: ::the officer behind the station began to energize:: Live long and propser, Jalana.

:: While it was a vulcan farewell it made her smile nonetheless. Having learned a lot about Dokkarans in the last two days she remembered some of their customs as well.:: 

Rajel: And my the Lady protect and guide you and your people. 

Lirane: ::Surprised, she smiled:: And yours, Jalana. 

:: The farewell still echoed in Jalana’s mind as the blue sparkling lights engulfed the two and whisked them away from the Conny to the planet’s surface. Jalana stood there for another moment, hoping that they wouldn’t have too much trouble down there. Everything had been brought down, they would take care of the potential saboteur themselves and so far the Syndicate had not shown up again. 

She knew that one of the Syndicate members in the brig had not survived, the other two were now waiting to be handed over to the authorities, which would happen once they arrived at SB 118. She would have to find out how Rustyy and Wyn were doing, as they had been hit the hardest in their away missions. With that it was time to get right on that. She raised her hand to tap her badge.:: 

Rajel: =/\= Rajel to bridge. Get us home. =/\= 


Awern Sedean
Dokkaran Group Leader
simmed by
Lt.JG Chelin Ch'Gabor
Science Officer
USS Constitution-B
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Merina Lirane
Dokkaran Scientist


Captain Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
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