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Your Favorite/Most Wanted Medical Device?


Your Favorite/Most Wanted Medical Device?   

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Your Favorite/Most Wanted Medical Device?

    • Cortical Stimulator
    • Sterile Fields
    • Ocular Implants
    • Dermal Regenerators
    • Genetronic Replicator
    • Another Medical Device? Tell us below!

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The medical technology portrayed on screen through the various Star Trek television series and movies have always filled viewers with awe in comparison to modern day technology. Many of them have moved from science fiction to science fact over the years with some if not most of their inventors citing seeing it on screen as their inspiration.


For this week's poll we want to know what is your favorite medical device seen in Star Trek?


Was it the Sterile Fields introduced in TOS and mentioned in the later series that kept the surgical site complete clean by means of a radiation field. Which sterilized surgeon's hands as well as any needed medical instruments automatically when they passed through it. Or is it the commonly seen and immeasurably useful Dermal Regenerator developed by many species of the galaxy. Capable of healing wounds without any scarring and even available for civilians to keep to handle minor cuts and scrapes. Another was the Cortical Stimulator an amazing medical device seen throughout the series capable of reviving neural activity of a patients in critical condition by sending a shock into their nervous system. One that would certainly impact lives would be the Ocular implant most notably seen during the TNG movies used by Geordi La Forge as a replacement to his VISOR. In common usage by the 2360's and gives those without sight vision cable of telescopic, infrared, and heat detection all controlled by the user's brain. Or was the experimental device known as The Genetronic replicator that you found most impressive? It was used successfully on a humanoid for the first time in 2368 replacing Worf's damaged spine and was a essentially biological replicator. Was it another Medical device that was your favorite? Tell us in below!


This Question comes from our Trek Science and Technology Category where we will pose questions relating to the technology and scientific principles seen in Star Trek. As well as how they often relate to the real world.

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The most amazing piece of equipment to me is the medical tricorder! The diagnostic capability of that one small device simply blows me away -- what we need blood tests, CT/MRI/PET scans, ECGs, EEGs, and so much more for -- it can all be done with a mere wave of a little box. :)

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For me this is a personal answer. Ocular Implants.

I was born with a heredity condition that left me blind in my left eye. I simply do not know the difference as I never had vision in both eyes. To me Close or far away all looks the same and I have to use cues learned over my lifetime to guess at "how far things are"  So for me and anyone one else I'd imagine who has full or partial blindness the Ocular implants seen in the TNG movies would be life changing for sure.


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