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Round 1 Omega Device: "Goals and Threats" (by Luna Walker)

Rahman and Rivi Vataix

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Written by @Luna Walker

((Somewhen else))

:: In the distant past, two races fought.  The details, while significant to each of them, were as dust...much like their original systems.  Each felt that the other would doom the Universe if they weren't stopped.  Unfortunately, each were equally matched in technology and production.  A deadlock that spanned centuries without visible end.  

And so it was for all of their long memories, until, finally, an answer was created.  The Omega device, too large to be called a ship, a hull as intransigent as the beliefs that helped create it.  The plan was for it to destroy every trace of their opponents.  And initially, it seemed the end to the violence between them both.  Until, their weapon, seemingly of it's own volition, turned upon them as well. 

Due to an unfortunately literal interpretation of the command, the race that had created the device was a mirror of the target.. and therefore a trace of it.  The idea that their own creation would turn against them had never been considered, the scientists behind it destroyed in the initial attacks.  

Millennia passed.  The markings of that ancient race burned away by radiation and kinetic impacts against the nigh invulnerable hull.  The device itself constantly driven by the command given at it's inception. 

Destroy all trace... :: 


((Khitomer system, Now [2267] ))

:: Omega had completed the task of eliminating the three of the system's planets.  If a measure of satisfaction could be held by a computer program, it would have felt a taste of that.  Only to have that taste turn to ashes as it noted the presence of an active mobile target.  When the starship had previously limped away and fallen off the sensor grid, it had determined the likely destruction at 85%, something that had been determined sufficient for it's goals.  

Calculations churned within the Omega device.  After long moments, the algorithms shifted priorities of targets.   The planetary bodies remaining in the current system would not significantly shift in the duration it would take to remove the more mobile target.  

The decision made, additional time was utilized to determine the optimum thrust and pathing required to destroy the target.  The path that allowed for the rapid follow up destruction was selected and implemented. 

The optimum energy output was provided to the engines, driving the device on a precisely calculated path to the target's destruction.  

There was a calculation made, as always, that determined the known means of the Omega devices own destruction.  There was no exhaust port that would allow an explosive charge to destroy it.  Previous Wars in the Stars had attempted and failed there. Nor was there an interface that would allow someone to attempt to remotely reprogram it.  Millions of Independent races had tried that their Day.  No, quite simply, the risk was vanishingly small.  It would destroy the current threat, then continue it's effort to fulfill it's programming.  As it always had, as it always would.  

~ Fin

The program of the Omega Device

as simmed by 

Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker
Chief Engineer, USS Invicta

Edited by Roshanara Rahman
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