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Starfleet Intelligence delivers lightning strike against Sicarius terrorists

Federation News Service

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SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Starfleet officials declared a major blow dealt against Sicarius with the arrest of government officials and Starfleet officers alleged to have been working for the terrorist organization.

In a stunning announcement, Starfleet Intelligence, working with Starfleet Command and Security in a sanctioned fleet-wide operation, has concluded an eleven month long sting operation that stretched from Starfleet and Federation Headquarters on Earth to stations, ships, and planets across Federation space.

Starfleet Intelligence operatives had apparently penetrated the lower level of the terrorist organization toward the end of 2392 and slowly began to compile a list of the agents, handlers, initiates, and anyone else in the employ of the Sicarius group. Starfleet Security had previously concluded that the loss of Prometheus Station last year in what became known colloquially as the Prometheus Incident was caused purposely by Sicarian agents thus jeopardizing millions of lives throughout the galaxy.

“We were shocked how many people Sicarius managed to slip into various levels of local and Federation government,” explained Colonel Joseph Terrill at Starfleet Intelligence headquarters. “In some cases, key and high administrative places, which allowed them to gain access to sensitive information. Sadly, even within Starfleet Intelligence administration itself, as much as it pains me to say it. The decision was finally made from Starfleet Command to arrest these individuals, all at once, without tipping our hand to Sicarius’ top level players.”

Read the rest of this article at Starfleet Intelligence delivers lightning strike against Sicarius terrorists on the Federation News Service.

This article was written by Commander David Cody and Captain Nugra (Lieutenant John Nugra) of the USS Athena.

Edited by Roshanara Rahman
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