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1st Lt Amuro McKnight & PNPC Capt Cranford - Highway to the danger zone

Sabrina Holly

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(( Hangar, Deck 32, Athena ))


:: After checking in the rest of his gear, Amuro decided to pay a visit to the hanger area where the Marines’ heavier equipment were stored, their fighters and other armored vehicles that he would have liked to have during the last mission. ::


:: Looking over the hanger, he took a chance to take in the air, recycled be it, and found himself at home as he walked around. He then noticed Cranford working on her fighter and decided to walk over, fixing his uniform a bit. It was slightly out of regs and he was purposefully not wearing it correctly. ::


McKnight: Usually most pilots would leave the maintenance work to the grease monkeys.


:: Kary heard the man from behind her, she glanced over her shoulder before continuing to fine tune her engine. The handling of the controls were slightly off, something only someone sensitive to these things would notice. ::


Cranford: You sound surprised.


McKnight: Nothing wrong with a hands on approach to your stuff.A good Marine takes care of their stuff.


Cranford: Any respectable pilot treats their craft as an extension of themselves. If not, you end up with glitches that you don't need when out there. When you are out there, the enemy provides enough surprises without your fighter or shuttle working against you.


McKnight: Could've used you in the last bout, but the skipper or whoever was on the bridge didn’t think we needed air support other than a shuttle.


:: Rumors had spread through the ship, and she had come into the shuttle bay not too long after, and there were still "grease monkeys" pawing over the USS Heraclius. There was a good bit of cursing over the parts that needed to be replaced, whoever was behind the helm did damage. ::


Cranford: The shuttle did come back with a few lumps of her own... who was flying the thing?


McKnight: oO Lumps? More like burns Oo I was, on the way back. I’d like to think I’m a good pilot. Some...security guy who took control earlier wasn’t so much.


Cranford: That's why you should always have a dedicated pilot, instead of some sort of hybrid position. You said you needed air support? What were they armed with?


:: Kary didn't understand why when she went places people acted like she was deaf as well as klutzy, but in addition to her hearing the cruelest things people said about her, it allowed her to hear things going on through the grapevine. With what she heard of the mission from both the engineers on the shuttle, but those who knew people who went to the planet, it was majorly FUBAR'ed. ::


McKnight: Unknown at first. Mostly small arms but a shuttle is only meant for transportation and basic defense. It’s not a support vehicle. I needed big guns from above where it can see everything and lay down the hurt when needed. The security guy crashed the shuttle and barely kept it flying, not for lack of trying. They left the guy piloting with another team doing explosive work so no one qualify was actually able to man the shuttle.


Cranford: Sounds like you had things under control though. :: She paused a moment, and put down the tool she was working with. :: Mind handing me the hyper spanner?


::Amuro turned took a glance at the table and picked up the tool, passing it to Cranford.::


McKnight: Thankfully, the hostiles were only lightly armed. Didn’t stand a chance against shuttle phasers but then again, we had no dedicated pilot and no real air support. We had to make due, but that’s what Marines are given. We make due. We don’t have time to complain until after it’s passed.


Cranford:  Yeah, my baby here :: she patted her fighter :: would have put a hefty amount of fear in anyone attacking our people.


:: The fighter packed enough heat to be able to assist with the take down of a Borg cube, but not enough to take on it, or another any other adequately armed vessel by itself. But it sure would make ground personnel pee their pants. ::


McKnight: I read your file. Hopefully the next time when I requested air support, they send you.


:: Kary stopped what she was doing, and turned completely to face the Lieutenant. ::


Cranford: You read my file? Interesting.


McKnight: I read up on everyone I’m in charge of even those who technically outrank me.


:: While she probably could have looked her file over, she was sure there were things that those who were in charge had access to that she didn't. Details of performance ratings, all the specifics of any altercations she was involved in, or were directed at her. ::


Cranford: Does my file also refer to me as "Captain Klutz" or are those just the idiots in the corridors?


::Amuro walked over to the fighter to get a closer look. Maybe he should have become a pilot. He’s always loved flying.::


McKnight: It's an official file. I think only code names are put in. If the grunts got a nickname for an officer, I won’t want to hear about it.


Cranford: That's something at least, so what caught your eye?


McKnight: You like flying...and I have an appreciation for anything that can take you faster than your two legs can carry. It's nice, being a fighter pilot...Just a small bit of metal and glass between you and the endless space as you fly faster than the speed of light. A fighter makes you more intimate to space than inside a big ship. The Athena might as well be a floating city. We can’t even tell we’re moving but a star fighter...it’s like having wings and there’s no limit in where you can go.


:: Kary couldn't agree more, the man seemed interested in the flight of the fighters. When she was out in her Valkyrie, she felt one with it, like its movements were an extension of her own. It certainly felt freeing. ::


Cranford: There is no feeling like it. Some think space is too vast and scary, but it's peaceful. Flying one of these things lets you just escape all the things holding you down, like nothing is holding you down. The speed, the maneuverability, the size. You can really explore. And with the specialized nano resin, she's hard to see coming.


McKnight: To quote Admiral McCoy. Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence...and that’s what appeals to me about space. The unknown…


::Amuro touched the fighter a bit, feeling the smooth hull on his hand almost like he was trying to read it.::


Cranford: You want to go out sometime?


::Amuro quickly turned around at looked at fighter pilot with a raised eyebrow..::


McKnight: You asking me out on a date, Captain? ::And now he was back to his default, a [...]y smile and all.::


:: Kary's eyes went wide with surprise at the man's assumption. It took her a moment to regain her composure, realizing she set herself up for that comment inadvertently. ::


Cranford: Lieutenant, one of us outranks the other... not entirely sure who though...

McKnight: I don't see the problem either way.


:: She was now a bit flustered, unsure where she was going with the conversation. This was not like her, to be this unsure of herself next to her fighter. ::


::Amuro couldn’t help but continue grinning at her. He found the pilot's embarrassment adorable.::


Cranford: I didn't mean that...


McKnight: I wouldn’t mind taking your bird out for a spin. ::Giving Cranford some air.:: Would get me a chance to know you better since you seemed to put your heart into it.


Cranford: Flying is my saving grace, if you spend enough time around me you'll see why I enjoy flying so much.


:: On her feet she was a mess, except in the presence of her fighter, or really anything that she could fly. But, in the sky, she was the definition of grace. ::


McKnight: Wouldn’t mind meeting you for drinks later, either.


:: The only person who understood her clumsy moments hadn't talked to her for over a year. He always disappeared for long periods of time, probably his way of showing he was uninterested anymore. She didn't even want to know what he was doing while he was not talking to her, not like she said they were exclusive. ::


Cranford: Is that an invitation, Lieutenant?


McKnight: You asked first…Captain...::He glanced at her almost casually after giving her fighter a nice pat before letting go.::


:: She was quiet for a moment while she processed the information, likely he would regret the invitation afterwards. Then there was the fact that she didn't know enough about the man to know if she would be the one regretting accepting the invitation later. ::


Cranford: Where?


McKnight: How about Gardens? Wine and dine?


Cranford: I don't dance...


:: Kary wanted to get that out there. It wasn't that she didn't dance, she just really needed to trust her partner, and he needed to wear steel-toed boots to avoid damage to their toes. ::


::Amuro then walked closer to her. Not too close to be uncomfortable, but enough to be in her space. He leaned in almost as if to bow and stared right into her eyes..::


McKnight: Neither do I…::He then retracted and walked away, all the while maintaining his grin..:: Carry on...Captain Cranford.



1st Lieutenant Amuro McKnight

Marine Strategic Operations Officer

USS Athena




PNPC Captain "Pixie" Cranford

Marine Pilot

Simmed by:


Captain Selene Faranfey

Commanding Officer

USS Athena, NCC-97780


Academy Commandant - Starbase 118 Academy

Executive Council - Captain At Large

Writer ID: A239001SF0

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