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Researcher missing at Yeltan Temple

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SIGARIS III — A researcher has been kidnapped from an archaeological site in the Gamma Quadrant currently being investigated by the USS Athena.

Dr. Bassai was kidnapped by the Sentinels from a trench at the site after he fled from the automated defenses of the Temple of the Small Moon. With the researcher gone, the USS Athena sent down a shuttle with reinforcements to help look for him. The ground team was able to recapture Bassai briefly, but he was quickly recaptured by the Sentinels after which point the ground team got a call from the captain that changed their mission objective.

The ground team split into two groups: one to guard to the shuttle and the other to complete the mission. The Sentinels at this point declared open season on the ground team and started firing at them. The ground team was badly injured and has split further, trying to save the mission and themselves.

On the Athena, a team was dispatched to locate Chief Science Officer Talia Kaji as it is believed her children are in danger. The exact nature of this danger is still unknown, and the only communication received from Kaji was via telepathy. Meanwhile, it seems a saboteur remains running about.

Captain Selene Faranfey and her sister came up with a plan designed to fool the Sentinels as they have spent the entire mission posing as each other and are only now returning to their usual roles, only this time with a slight adjustment. The holographic form from the temple known as the Warden had made contact with the captain while she was posing as her younger sister, and it was that conversation that triggered the change in the ground team’s mission objective.

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