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Lt Commander Trellis Vondaryan -- A Tense End Game

Trellis Vondaryan

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((Bridge -- USS Za))

::The Deep warship had made its move in firing upon the Klingon ship. Trellis had moved his own pieces on the board, positioning the Za between the Defender-21 and the Krorgh. The game was coming to a close, he considered. The Deep were in check and weakened. Now the Za waited for them to realize that.::

Vondaryan: Can we beam the Captain and her team back yet?

Petras: We will need to remodulate our defensive shields to pull them through…

Baxter: Transporter room has locks on all the away team. One of the life signs are showing weaker than the other indicating that someone has been injured.

Williams: Its useless as long as the Deep shields are operating. My scans show they are still up. And even if they are not I hate to drop ours while taking fire… I think the captain is better of where he is right now. The Deep ship can take a beating too.

::Trellis didn't like the information that one of the signs was weaker than the rest. The away team was in danger and he should be over there leading it. He was frustrated there was not more he could do about it here.::

Vondaryan: Acknowledged.

::The turbolift doors opened, but Trellis was too focused on the viewscreen to notice who came in. It was only when spoken to that he noticed a Klingon officer now on the bridge.::

Socxo: Commander I was wondering where the Captain is? I got a plausible theory for the illness…

Williams: I doubt they’ll listen right now ensign. As you can see we are in the middle of a battle.

Vondaryan: The Captain is aboard that ship there, ensign. ::he nodded in the direction of the viewscreen showing the Defender. He looked to the science officer and tilted his head:: Does this mean you've discovered a cure?

Petras: I have been monitoring the science-medical team. Awaiting confirmation from medical.

Vondaryan: Well, that is good news. Continue working as quick as you can. There should be an available science console over there. ::he motioned toward one of the empty work-spaces along the wall::

::Stationed as they were in between two ships it was inevitable that they would take a stray shot or two. Thankfully Falcon was managing to dodge the majority of them and, when she couldn't, the shields absorbed the rest. Still, he didn't expect this stalemate to last much longer.::

Williams: The incoming fire its takings its toll on our energy reserves commander!

Falcon: I think they’re getting mad at us.

Vondaryan: Make no aggressive moves. Keep us between them as long as you can, Falcon. Baxter, can you increase energy to the shields? Shut down any non-essential functions necessary.

Falcon: If it’s just them, I can keep this up for a while. I make no promises if the Defender starts moving, too.

::Thankfully Baxter was able to increase power to the shields for a little longer, as the Za continued to get rocked by an occasional stray blast. They weren't suffering any damage yet.

::From the bottom of the viewscreen a smaller ship suddenly appeared, firing a different color phaser bolt that hit the Defender. Where had that come from?::

Williams: Commander, unless my sensors deceive me the small Deep ship just fired on the Warship. Baxter can you confirm sensors are working?

::Ah, that would explain it. Trellis had almost forgotten about Arbiter Ydem.::

Vondaryan: The Arbiter has fired upon the Defender? ::he tilted his head and smiled:: Excellent news. ::he'd never heard of a piece changing color in the middle of a game. It was an interesting development.::

Baxter: Yes, Ydem-18 has fired a low energy phaser beam at the other Deep ship.

Petras: There is some significant damage to the Defender…

Williams: It doesn’t make sense… why would they do that. That are no match for her, or the Klingon ship for that matter…

::Trellis was fairly confident he knew what was happening. When the communication came through from the Explorer he felt vindicated in his belief.::

Ydem-18: =/\= This is Arbiter Ydem-18 aboard the Explorer-46. We have fired upon our vessel Defender-21 because we want to show, as strongly as we can, that we disagree with their course of action. Though our actions may have been brash in dismissing support from Captain Bron and the Krorgh, we would never think of provoking him and his crew into battle. We stand now with the Krorgh and the Za against Defender-21. Defender-21, stand down. =/\=

Williams: Well that is an uhm…

Baxter: Interesting turn of events.

Falcon: Good way to put it.

Vondaryan: How are the Klingons holding up in this battle? Has the Defender moved its target? Do we need to move into position to defend the Arbiter's ship?

::Trellis could feel the adrenaline pumping through him. He was nervous. He could not understand why Ryael had continued this game for so long already. Surely she must give up now being outnumbered 3 to 1. Her king was surrounded on all sides and close to checkmate. It was an inevitable outcome, and her delays only drew out the game for no purpose.::

Williams: No sir, she is still targeting the Klingons. Lucky Ydem... one or two shots and she’d be space dust…

::Trellis shuddered at the thought. That would be a horrible end to the first contact mission.::

Williams: Commander, if I may. I suggest we move ourselves towards the scout ship. It’s in no position to defend itself and it seems the Klingons and Deep are unable to finish each other off at this rate…

Vondaryan: Yes, make it so Falcon.

Falcon: On the move.

Baxter: The Deep ship is signalling surrender.

::His eyes widened at that. He had been hoping for this outcome. He let out a small sigh of relief. Ryael had knocked over her king.::

Pandorn: =/\=Pandorn to Za. The Defender-21 is standing down. Repeat... the Defender-21 is standing down. Prepare to beam the away team back and have a medical team standing by. We have an injury. =/\=

Vondaryan: ::he stood up:: Get them out of there as soon as you can! Have a medical team prepare to meet them in the transporter room.

Falcon: We’re still well within transporter range. I intend to maintain position.

Petras: I have signaled the transporter room and sickbay, Commander.

Baxter: The Deeps shields are still up.

Falcon: I don’t like this.

::He gave a small growl of frustration.

::He sat back down as they were waiting for the Defender to actually power down to fully signal its surrender. Trellis looked around the bridge. Most everyone was looking slightly more relaxed now than they had mere moments before. Except for Williams at tactical.::

Williams: What is THAT?!

::Trellis looked to where the man pointed on the screen. It zoomed in to the top of the Defender where some sort of cannon structure started to appear.::

Williams: Is that our missing piece of the puzzle?

Baxter: I thought they were surrendering.

Vondaryan: I believed that, too. What can you tell me about that cannon?

Baxter: That thing is drawing a lot of power. It seems to be a very powerful phaser, from the power output I’d guess it would fire a beam of 10 times our phasers.

Petras: I do not believe our shields can handle a weapon with that kind of output for very long.

::The blood drained from his face as his heart rate zoomed back up. His hands broke out in a cold sweat. With a weapon that powerful they stood no chance of survival, even outnumbering the Defender 3 to 1.::

Ryael-3: =/\= This is Defender-21. Our cannon is now armed and ready to fire. We will defend ourselves and the Explorer from any hostiles -- even from the Explorer itself. =/\=

Ydem-18: =/\= You would fire upon your own people? =/\=

Ryael-3: =/\= You have already done so, diplomat. =/\=

Williams: If that thing is really as powerful as Baxter just told us we can only withstand a few hits sir… And a few less for the Klingons.

Baxter: I suspect it would need time to recharge between shots.

Falcon: Depending on the speed of their shot, we can probably shift to take the hit to the port and starboard fringes of the shields.  Might buy us some more time…

::Clearly Ryael had been moving toward this position all along. The supposed surrender was merely a ploy. This was like another piece being added to the board in the middle of a chess match. Trellis had no defense against it.::

Vondaryan: Open a channel. ::he paused as the communications opened.:: =/\= Defender-21. We have no wish to engage in a fight. Our actions must have proven that to you by now. All we've wanted to do is help. Surely we can talk about this without any further rash actions? =/\= ::he motioned to mute the channel so the chatter from the bridge wasn't transmitted::

Baxter: Maybe it’s a deterrent. They did seemed to want to surrender and hopefully talk things through.

::Trellis gripped the ends of his chair. If anyone looked at him they would see his hangs going white with effort. He certainly hoped Baxter was right. He so wanted her to be right.::

Vondaryan: How long will it take that thing to activate?

Baxter: I’d estimate it will be operational in less than 10 minutes from the way the work is progressing.

Falcon: Then maybe we close the distance?  So close they can’t track us and get a shot off?

Ryael-3: =/\= No. No more talk. This poor exercise in exploration and assistance from outside ends now. We are the Deep! We need no help from beyond our borders. We need-- =/\=

::Her voice was cut off mid-sentence. Something was happening over there. Trellis wished he knew what.::

Vondaryan: Status? Damage report?

Falcon: Nothing on our end.

Petras: All system optimal. Shields holding.

Baxter: Confirmed.

Williams: It sounded like a hand phaser being fired in the background… Maybe there is a mutiny? Maybe the captain took over?

Porus: Firing on a Deep diplomat would be an usual diplomatic maneuver… Typical among my people but unheard off in the Federation.

Williams: Shields of the Deep warship are dropping sir. We have a lock on our people.

::So, the Defender was finally lowering their shields. The king had been toppled after all. Unless there was some other last-minute piece added to the board.::

Vondaryan: Get that away team back, now!

Falcon: Still within transporter range.

Baxter: Shields are still up.

::Moments after he gave the order, the Captain's voice came through their system.::

Solzano: =/\= Solzano to Za. Four to beam over. Beam th'Enise directly to Sickbay and have a med team standing by. =/\=

vav Felvh: =/\= Acknolwedged. Energizing. =/\=

Williams: =/\= Williams to sickbay. Prepare to receive injured. =/\=

Baxter: The Deep have lowered their shields. :: She watched the reports come in from the transporter room.:: We have all the away team back.

::Trellis let out a huge sigh and slumped into his chair. It was over. Everyone was back aboard the Za, and mostly safe. Now they just needed an actual cure and they could leave these xenophobic peoples to their own devices. Still, a part of him wanted to learn more about them.::

Vondaryan: Socxo, how's the cure coming along?

Socxo: The cure is in progress and we found the reason behind their problem. It was caused by cadmium.

Vondaryan: ::he smiled:: Well done. Very well done indeed. Beam the information over to the Explorer at your earliest convenience.

Socxo: I will sir, the Commander is working now to send the relevant data over towards the Deep.

Vondaryan: Well, the Captain did order me to send you over there, but I think I'll belay that order in this instance. ::he smirked:: Unless you'd prefer to give them the cure in person?

Porus: I would be happy to accompany you…

Socxo: ::Shaking his head:: I rather stay on the USS Za, I have other projects to attend to sir. 

::Trellis let out a hearty laugh.::

Vondaryan: Yes, indeed. First round will be on me. ::he tilted his head:; I wonder if Zogi has any good wine's I haven't tried...



Lieutenant Commander Trellis Vondaryan
First Officer

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