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Gorkon rescuers jailed, public outraged

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SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Protests around the Federation have begun in show of support for the rescuers of the crew of the USS Gorkon.

The rescuers, dubbed the Yarahla Nine, are currently languishing in a Starfleet brig after returning the Gorkon survivors, numbering less than a third of the original crew, to Earth. The Pike City Pioneers baseball team has refused to play in support of the nine, alongside numerous trade walkouts, despite that the nine have not denied that they broke several Federation laws and Starfleet regulations when they stole the USS Yarahla in order to look for the missing ship. The largest of these protests took place on the grounds of Starfleet Headquarters itself, with a crowd of family members so large that it overwhelmed Starfleet security officers at the gate.

“It’s just not fair,” stated protest leader Clinton Reynolds, unrelated to Gorkon commanding officer Captain Quinn Reynolds. “Starfleet gave up on them, and those people stuck their necks out and saved their lives. They would have all died but for them, and Starfleet wants to punish them?”

Meanwhile the crew of the Gorkon, numbering less than three hundred of the original complement of seven hundred, face the arduous task of recovering from their time spent in an alternate universe where the Federation had lost the Dominion War. Sources close to the case say that many of the survivors are being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and grief, although Starfleet Medical refuses to comment.

Most of the crew is being housed on Earth while repairs are made to their vessel, although many question the wisdom of returning them to the very ship where they experienced their trauma. Many of the ship’s senior officers have been witnessed coming and going from headquarters, although all have refused to comment on the Gorkon’s next assignment. Speculation by former Starfleet members and mental health experts is that the vessel will not return to the Menthar Corridor but rather be reassigned to a new area of operation.

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