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Lt. Mirra Ezo - Big dang heroes sir.

Sal Taybrim

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((Commodore Kinney's Officer - Embassy of Raskor I))

::The trio had been lead into the den of lies. Behind the desk, stood the disappointingly average looking Commodore Kinney. After a few strained, forced pleasantries, the reason for the visit had been revealed and the discomfort level was raising with each near blatant accusation Kinney spat out. The meeting hadn't started out well. What was originally bored annoyance, was quickly dipping into hostile territory. While Sal and Trel'lis kept their cool, firm tone, Mirra decided to try a bit of the suggested gestures. Not exactly sure the possible fallout. But...they weren't here for conversation alone...::

Ezo: ::keeps her eyes level, taps her temple in nonchalance as suggested by Captain Taybrim, her tone clear, and even:: The disturbance being the stolen Romulan vessel piloted by a mad man..

Trel'lis: ::nods:: A driven mad man.

::The gesture did not go unnoticed. It was almost amusing with the flash of his eyes, assuming she had crossed beyond the acceptable boundaries. Mirra decided to push a bit further, exchanging a "knowing glance" with the Captain. Although, the "knowing" just translated more to the "Whoa, do you see how bulgy that head vein is...?".::

Taybrim: We still had a plan, one that was not followed.  ::He countered, slowly realizing that Kinney was leading the conversation::  Whether L'Trena meant it or not, he drew the Sienov's wrath before backup was available.

Kinney: Backup, yes... convenient thing those Klingon allies of yours showed up when they did...  ::a vague tone of accusation in his voice::

::A poorly timed complication for him, but what had resulted in their life line. It was clear the Commodore was less than pleased at the actions of their allies, but what could he truly say? Risk a diplomatic firestorm by condemning the actions of the Klingon's who ensured the prevent of a total loss of Starfleet life? Not even he would be that naive.::

Ezo: ::smiles with saccharine sweetness:: We owe our allies a great deal. Had they not been on a patrol of their own nature, ::tilts her head slightly:: Well, who could say what would have happened...?

Trel'lis: I don’t even want to consider the possibility of ‘what if’!  A man of *your* caliber, would know patrols are conducted by ships of other peoples, especially after such a vicious attack, prompting the Avalon even being dispatched.

::It seemed the Commodore didn't appreciate Trel'lis tone, Mirra however, loved it. She managed to keep her face neutral, although she added a slight head tilt in his direction. A supposed unconscious act when someone might overhear something...::

Kinney: What exactly are you insinuating, Lieutenant?

Trel’lis: What I am saying is, I would think a covert recon would have been ordered *first* before sending ships in overtly.

Kinney: How do you know one wasn't done?  We knew that the Sienov was commanded by Haz Arrhimen after all...

::Keeping her focus straight on Kinney's face, she once again tapped her temple with a quick glance at Sal. It meant nothing of course, but she had to admit it was more entertaining for her than should be.::

Taybrim: ::The Captain's voice was diplomatic and cajoling:: Perhaps, Lieutenant, you'll explain the reason for your misgivings.

Trel’lis: I suppose my original security/tactical thinking kicks in, as that was my first career, prior to switching to the Diplomatic Corps.

Kinney: You were sent out with the information you needed.  In fact, you had more time and more advantage to prepare yourself than the Avalon did and yet she followed orders without question.  ::His voice raised in pitch, getting to a point where it was barking and hot.::

Taybrim: And the Avalon lost nearly five hundred crew...

Ezo: ::eyes narrowing:: Four hundred and ninety two, to be exact. 

Kinney: Did you tell L'Trena about the Klingons?  No, you didn't.  You were an integral part of that fight, and you failed to share decisive information to a fellow Captain.

Taybrim: We warned him to stop, told him to wait.  The Klingons were uncloaked and it was plain to see they were on our side.

Ezo: And yet he disregarded our warnings and continued, to their detriment...::her eyes narrowed further::
::She let the passive expression fall away, she didn't need to be violating any mental boundaries to tell his was clearly deflecting. Trying to pin this disastrous on them, and one he shouldn't have had to because he truly expected them to not return. His distaste for them was abundantly clear. If anyone should have suffered massive casualties, in his mind, it should have been them. Let the Avalon return victorious, while he feigned sorrow at the loss of the trouble making Captain and his crew.::
Trel'lis: Or were *told* to disregard the warning??

Kinney: ::Loud, angry:: Unacceptable!

::His control was slipping, she had no idea what he honestly expected out of this meeting, but by his outburst, it certainly wasn't going his way. She wondered how this engagement would end, would he throw them out of his office? And turn around and say that they had been insubordinate and  accusatory?::

Taybrim: ::Calm.  Dangerously calm.:: Commodore Kinney, we did everything we could to save the Avalon. Even after her warp drive exploded we mounted a rescue effort to bring back any survivors.  Had the Avalon heeded our warning she might still be in one piece today.

Ezo: As it stands...we were able to rescue twenty three. Twenty three souls, out of over five hundred...
Trel'lis: THAT is what’s *unacceptable*, sir!

::Kinney stalked off, attempting to burn off a bit of the rage swirling within him. He had to know there was no spinning this to his favor. The data they presented supported their claims, and that didn't include the data that wasn't presented...yet.::

Kinney: You see a threat in everything, Taybrim.  You and your crew are conspiracy theorists of the worst kind.  You could have followed L'Trena's lead, backed him up and the outcome would have been much different.

Taybrim: Yes, we would have all been dead.  ::The words slipped out, the bitter truth as Sal saw it.  It wasn't diplomatic, but he stood there, unabashed at having said it.::

::Mirra jolted in her seat. Something was wrong. No, something was very wrong. The anger in this room was near suffocating. So the cold, determined focus she felt slashed through like a frozen spike. Confidence, malice, a hint of gallows humor. Where was this coming from? Not within the room, that's for sure. She dropped her mental shielding, pushing out her abilities farther than the immediate screaming anger of the room. Easy target, job done then payload. The window, it was in direct line of the window. Her warning call came barreling out of her mouth in a near shout as her body automatically reacted. 
Launching out of her chair, her mind was surprisingly clear. Get to the Commodore, get him down. No other thoughts dared impede her on her mission. With the grace afforded only by the surge of adrenaline, Mirra's arms clasped around the man's middle, as the shared momentum focused through her shoulder brought them both tumbling down, landing hard on the ground. She felt a sharp pain above her brow, and tiny [...]s of along her as the world around them showered in tiny, glinting pieces. Something warm was sliding down and pooling in her ear. More blasts rung out, she wasn't sure where Sal and Trel'lis were, she felt them close, and prayed they got cover in time. Someone had just tried to kill Commodore Kinney. Getting to her knees, she turned to the face down Kinney, struggling to flip him over so she could examine the damage.::
Ezo: ::strained:: Commodore? Commodore can you hear me? ::coughing slightly:: Commod-
::She was instantly cut off as a large hand wrapped itself around her throat, and began squeezing with deadly purpose. Her eyes shot wide as she looked down at the hysterical expression of the man beneath her. His pupils dilated to the point that his eyes nearly matched her own. Fight or flight had taken over, and it seemed the Commodore was strongly in the "fight" category. She struggled to free herself, scratching wildly at his arm, to no effect. He thought she had attacked him, he was defending himself. Although he had been attacked, it did not come from her. She heard scrambling around her, felt arms at her back. Someone was trying to help release her from his death grip.
Her vision was starting to get fuzzy on the sides. She needed air, and she needed it now. It may have been the result of a cut off of oxygen, or her mind trying desperately to stay conscious, but for whatever the reason...she suddenly heard Tyler's voice. His voice was in her mind, clear as if he were standing beside her. His firm, patient tone of voice he carried during thew few failed attempts to get her more comfortable with self defense. For a brief moment, the room faded away as was transported to the Holodeck on the Columbia, back when they had been assigned. Tyler, standing in front of her, working hard to keep an amused smirk off his face. His comment about her looking "adorable" when she attempted to look scary hadn't been appreciated. 
(((Flashback - Columbia Holodeck)))
Kelly: We're going to try this...again. A patient has gone violent and you are alone, what do you do?
Ezo: Uhh...make peace with the Gods and hope I am remembered fondly...?
::He cradled his face momentarily, while taking a deep breath through his nose. She got the distinct impression that was the wrong answer.::
Ezo: ::grinning sheepishly:: Right, sorry. ::getting back in stance:: I fight. 
Kelly: Yes. You fight. Now, Keep your wrist tight, push with your shoulder. It's all about follow through. Aim for the jaw, not his head. We're trying to tenderize his face, not your knuckles.
Ezo: ::grimacing:: Gross..
Kelly:  ::exasperated:: Just do it Mir! You or him. You're fighting for your life, not making friends.
((End flashback)) 
::Acting on impulse, her fist clenched, wrist tight, she swung wide and hard, throwing everything she had into it. The punch landed right at the hinge of his jaw. The power behind it less than she would have liked, but she still felt the distinctive crack of bone in her hand as the jolt of pain slammed up her hand into her arm. Whether it was the hit, or the efforts of the others, the hand was gone. Falling onto all fours, she gasped in air greedily, coughing uncontrollably. Her vision evening out with each deep inhale. It could have been the remaining adrenaline, the bittersweet pang of memory, or the culmination of events, Mirra shot to her feet in a fit of pure rage. It might have been the blood dripping into her eyes, but never the less, Mirra saw red.::
Ezo: ::shouting:: Is that how you thank someone who just SAVED YOUR LIFE?!? 
Trel’lis: ::whispering:: Ingrate!

Kinney: ::His hands flew to his face to protect it:: Wh-what are you talking about?  Saved?  But...

Taybrim: She's a telepath, Kinney.  She could sense the assailant before they shot.  She saved your life.  ::He reaffirmed in even, commanding tones.::
Ezo: ::gravely:: Yeah! You're welcome by the way!
::She fought the urge to kick the man hard in the shin, but at that particular moment, the adrenaline took the most inopportune time to leave her. Her legs began to shake, and she crumpled back into a chair behind her. Later, she would realize it had been the Commodore's own chair, but for now, she focused on the throbbing pain in her throat, her head, and pretty much every where else. She automatically applied pressure to her forehead using the mostly clean sleeve. Noticing the increasing discoloration oO And this is why I hate dresswhites....Oo::
Lieutenant Mirra Ezo, MD
Chief Medical Officer 
Starbase 118 Ops
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