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USS Darwin investigate Dyson Sphere interior

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DYSON SPHERE, DELTA QUADRANT — With access to the interior of the Dyson Sphere previously impossible, the Darwin crew were suddenly granted access but only for 72 hours.

The USS Darwin’s promotions and awards ceremony was brought to a screeching halt when news arrived from Outpost Unity scientists that several apertures of the Dyson Sphere, upon which the outpost was built, were suddenly granting access to the interior. Until that moment, Federation scientist and engineers had been at a loss on how to breach the outer shell, but evidence suggested that the apertures would close again in just 72 hours. Without wasting a moment, Fleet Captain Renos assembled nir crew and organized six exploration teams.

The first team, named “Emerald” after the colour of their aperture’s force field, consisted of Renos, Lt. Cmdr. Ren Rennyn, and (after a transporter accident) CPO Poppy Reynolds. Emerald Team discovered a massive glass-walled arboretum, filled with exotic plants, a musical stream, and some mysteriously disappearing equipment. The team holoimaged their finds but found no clues as to the makers of the Dyson Sphere.

Sapphire Team consisted of Cmdr. Varaan, Lt. Isabel Pond, and Ens. Amira Paulsen. The abandoned, dust-filled cityscape they discovered eventually revealed a medical sciences building. While trying to break a computer code, Paulsen was instantly transported back to the Darwin. Varaan and Pond continued to explore and copy as much data as possible to be decrypted and analyzed later. They eventually returned to the Darwin with a deactivated robot that they hope to someday repair, giving them more insight into the Dyson Sphere builders.

Amethyst Team was Lt. Cmdr. Didrik Stennes, Lt. Cmdr. Tovin Aleris, Ens. Paul Scudder and Ens. Christopher Lambert. They discovered a different abandoned cityscape, this one bristling with electrostatic energy. A grand building also revealed to them complex glyphs (perhaps writing or art) and a massive obelisk that eventually demolecularized the team and then reassembled them. They were extricated before learning much.

Soladite Team consisted of Lt. Cmdr. Brell, Lt. Randall Shayne, and Lt. JG Kurt Logan. They found themselves in a life-sized maze, complete with their dopplegangers, and puzzles and challenges to overcome as they progressed. They eventually discovered a control room and puzzled out part of an alien language. Using that knowledge, they readjusted some environmental inputs in hopes of stopping a volcano. They then found an exit.

Team Amber was Lt. Merrick R’Ven, Lt. Graeme Cook, and Hars Vlin, a civilian scientist. They discovered what appeared to be the ruins of two warring settlements, overgrown with vegetation. The architecture of the first settlement was an amalgam of numerous Delta and Alpha Quadrant cultures. The second settlement was very different, but inside a temple with a glowing energy field, a mysterious being named Arden told them they were unbalancing an equation and sent them back.

The final team was the Ruby Team, composed of Lt. Cmdr. Nicu Icavoc, Lt. Cmdr. John Valdivia, and Lt. Cmdr. Nathaniel Wilmer. They discovered an active volcano, complete with atmospheric dust and gases. Scientific theory and calculations indicated a white dwarf star at the center of the sphere. Investigation of their surroundings uncovered hover vehicles. Utilizing them, the team explored more of their surroundings.

“All teams reported back safely before the 72 hour deadline. But it’s still unclear how much insight we’ve gained into the Sphere builders. I just hope we can get back in again,” stated LtCmdr Emery Rhyn, the Darwin’s tactical officer.

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