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Most Awesome Space Battles: TNG/Movies


Most Awesome Space Battles: TNG/Movies  

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  1. 1. Most Awesome Space Battles: TNG/Movies

    • Battle of Sector 001 Enterprise-E & Federation Fleet Vs Borg Cube - Star Trek: First Contact
    • IKS Hegh'ta vs Duras supporter ships in Klingon Civil War - TNG “Redemption” Part 2
    • Enterprise E vs Sona Ships - Star Trek: Insurrection
    • Borg Cube vs Enterprise-D - TNG “Best of Both Worlds” Part 2
    • Lursa & B’Etor’s Bird of prey Vs Enterprise-D - Star Trek: Generations
    • Enterprise-E vs Scimitar - Star Trek: Nemesis
    • A different Battle? Tell us below in the comments!

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Red Alert, Captain Picard to the Bridge! This week we go to our general trek category and our ongoing Most Awesome Space Battles series! The Next Generation and its four movies gave us many to choose from even though most of the time the crew of the Enterprise D and later E preferred diplomacy over their phasers.

When they had to fight however they gave us some of the most memorable battles ever but which was your favorite? Was it when in effort to defeat the Borg and rescue Picard, Riker had to come up with tactics not known to Locutus? Of course the Borg came back and launched another direct attack on Earth; the battle of sector 001 saw the Enterprise-E save the day upon joining the fight. How about another time Riker showed us skills when he in command of the Enterprise-E used the metreon gas pockets of the Briar patch to defeat the Son'a ships chasing them? One certainly awesome battle in TNG did not include the Enterprise at all; Worf serving on his brother Kurn’s ship the Hegh'ta against ships supporting Duras in the Klingon civil war was truly a battle worthy of song. The Duras sisters did face the Enterprise-D in Generations in an unfair battle that saw them use Geordi’s visor to gain the shield frequencies of the Enterprise. Then there was Shinzon of Remus, clone of Picard with his warbird Scimitar that could fire when cloaked, the Enterprise-E nearly did not make it out of this one and the many of us were on the edges of our seats.

Was it another battle that you thought was most epic tell us below as we ask; What was the Most Awesome Space Battle of The Next Generation?

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I definitely say the fight with the Sona ships because it was the last stepping stone to Riker leaving. They spent 18 years with pretty much 2 Captains on the bridge.

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