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A genetically engineered species close-Up: Benzite

StarBase 118 Staff

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Many species have mysterious histories, enriching their cultures and making each one more tantalizing than the last. Each one with an “origins” story or wild fable passed down through time. Some flourishing in facts, others blooming from myth. One such specie are the Benzite, a simple looking species with their blue skin and smooth appearance making them look striking similar to those not-Benzite. Their history is meshed with curiosity and survival.

Benzites are a result of genetic engineering and mutation. A people, the Benzite call the “Forebears”, left their incomplete work and offspring to cope with the unbreathable, methane and ammonia-rich, atmosphere. Evolution brought about more genetic engineering. Though, not just for survival of individuals but for reproduction and breathing of all. Breathing apparatuses were needed for Benzites on their world, just as much as it was for offworld movement.

There is still a great deal of mystery revolving their parent species. Tight lipped with their own people, outsiders did not receive information freely. Instead, through archeology sponsored by the Federation have we come to similar conclusion, they are the surviving members of a long forgotten species. Despite question of their origins, the Benzite Species have pressed onwards and upwards to the stars. In the 22nd century they invented their warp drives and soon after applied for citizenship with the Federation. Something that was questioned due to the nature of the Benzite’s creation.

The first Benzite to join StarFleet, an overly eager, young cadet named Morduck. His eagerness and tightly-wound, overachiever demeanor is something not isolated to him. It is a trait of all Benzites. Almost to a fault. Considered overly competitive and not naturally team players, instead focussed on personal achievement and progress to the death. They do not believe in a deity, but a point system based off of achievements in their lifetime.

A philosophy known as Andragov’s Doctrine, the doctrine provides a positive numerical score for personal achievement, and a negative score for failure. They receive praise for completion of their goals or public humiliation for failure. In the past, if scores became too far negative they were expected to commit a ritualistic suicide or except being exiled to Galmut Chi Panzor. Though in recent years, they have allowed those who “fail” a chance to redeem themselves before death.  Benzites devote their lives to hard work and obsess over achievement. As such they do not understand the concept of fun, or sense of humour.

This unique and engineered species has just as much to offer genetically as it does historically. The blue-blemished skin is incredibly similar per person, or geostructure. Geostructure is what they refer to as clans or family lines. Terrans thought they were something special with their opposable thumbs over the animal kingdom. Benzites take it to the next level with TWO opposable thumbs, one on each side of the palm and three fingers in between. Their blood, a combination of mercury and platinum, forms an orange liquid when oxidized. They have two catfish-like barbells protrude from the region above the upper lip, another extends from each side of the nasal lobe; the Benzites refer to these barbells as “whiskers”. And as most species breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, Benzites breath in heavy chlorinated air and exhale carbon trichloride.

Read more about the Benzites on our wiki, from marriage to reproduction to the many historical facts. And visit us for a chat on our forums!

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