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JP: Captain Taybrim, Lt. Cmdr Whittaker & Lt. Flynn: Goodbye

Talia Ohnari

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((Bridge - USS Albion))


::Power flickered back to the computer console with an electronic groan.  Like the battered crew of the Albion, the computer systems were equally unwilling to respond.


Fortunately this was a low power profile program; flashing up as a simple text message on the screen.


Sal took a step back, standing side by side with Antero and Theo.  The three of them together; ready to do the thing a Starfleet captain hopes to never have to do.  He glanced at both of them, gave a dry swallow and spoke up.::


Taybrim: Computer, this is Captain Sal Taybrim, requesting security access


::The computer beeped a simple acknowledgement::


Taybrim: Computer… ::He paused feeling the breath in his throat choke a little as he uttered the legendary code.  It had changed for newer ships, but the Albion was from a bygone era and her final order retained the classic sequence::  Destruct sequence one.  Code one, one A.


::The words flashed up on the screen in simple text.  Sal looked towards Theo meaningfully.  He could feel the emotions welling up from the engineer as he was set to do the thing that was most anathema to an engineer: destroy the ship that he fought so hard to protect.::


:: Putting aside the conflicting feelings swirling around in his mind, Theo spoke in an even tone. ::


Whittaker:  Computer this is Lieutenant Commander Theo Whittaker, Executive Office. Destruct sequence two. Code  one, one A, two B.


::Again the computer flashed the code up as simple stark text.::


::Eyes on him, Antero swallowed hard and offered the two men a solemn nod. He placed a hand on a nearby console, a small goodbye. The Albion had been good to them, and to say that he had not grown attached to the old girl would be a lie..::


Flynn: ::His voice hollow:: Computer., This is Lieutenant Antero Flynn, Chief Helm Officer. Destruct sequence three. Code one B, two B, three...


::The computer acknowledged immediately as three little words popped up on the display. Destruct Sequence Engaged.::


Computer: ::The voice was faint, and yet it cut through the darkness with a terrible pitch:: Destruct sequence completed and engaged.  Awaiting final code for one minute countdown.


::Sal closed his eyes momentarily and spoke with a deep heavy-hearted confidence::


Taybrim: Code zero… zero… zero… destruct…  ::One last breath.  There was no going back from here:: ...zero.


Computer: Destruct sequence is activated.


Whittaker: Well…. there we go. :: looking around the darkened bridge…. What was left of it. :: Goodbye, ship.


::Sal moved towards the command chair and put his hand on the back.  There was enough time for a few moments of sentiment, before the transporter beam would whisk them away.  He looked up for a few long seconds.  If he had to destroy a ship, at least she fell saving thousands of lives, preventing war and saving a quadrant.  And at least she was sent off by two of the finest officers Sal ever had the pleasure of serving with.::


Taybrim: I will miss the old girl.  ::He offered as the computer started a quiet countdown.::


Flynn: ::His voice calm, solemn.:: She was true to the end, wasn’t she?


Taybrim: She was.  ::He offered a silent nod of agreement.  HIs next words were quiet, hoarse:: Good bye, old girl.


Whittaker: :: quietly, looking at Flynn and Taybrim :: I’ll see you on the other side.


((Observation port - S’Tarahk))


::The transporter took them just as the last goodbye was uttered.  There were placed by one of the observation ports, looking out as the seconds ticked down and the Albion was consumed in a controlled explosion, turning from charred steel to brilliantly burning gold.::


Taybrim: I’ll recommend to Starfleet that they honor her name.  Maybe someday the Albion-A will fly back to StarBase 118.  ::He mused, watching her crumble to ashes in the backdrop of the flaming nebula.::


Flynn: The Albion-A ::He smiled softly at the thought.:: As soon as they’re ready to trust us with another one.


Whittaker :: wryly :: If they ever trust us. :: he looked to Taybrim, uncertainty clouding his eyes :: What now?

::A curious question - what ship would Starfleet send them, if any?  StarBase 118 still had the Aegis, and there were plenty of ships in the sector that could serve if needed.  Would they commission another ship to fill the gap?::


Taybrim: ::With a darkened humor:: With our luck we’ll get a freighter…


Whittaker: :: Or a garbage scow.


Taybrim: I’ll remember that.  ::His buoyant humor faltered and he paused for a moment, saying nothing.  He lay a hand on his officer’s shoulders - a silent show of support as the massive Klingon cruiser moved off into the black.::


::Who knew was the future would bring?::



A JP by:

Lieutenant Antero Flynn

Chief Helm Officer

Starbase 118 Ops




Lieutenant  Commander Theo Whittaker
Executive Officer

Starbase 118 Operations





Captain Sal Taybrim

Commanding Officer

StarBase 118 Ops


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