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Galactic Soccer Championship set to break loose on Risa

Federation News Service

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QANTA CITY, RISA — After three years of qualifications, teams across the galaxy have gathered for the Galactic Soccer Championship to vie to become champion of the Galactic Cup.

Risa has promoted this event gracefully among the social networks and is receiving its well-deserved work back. As the planet known throughout the galaxy as the “pleasure planet,” it is receiving already a 64% increase in guests. The Risa Hedony has expanded their hotels and increased the beaches for guests to enjoy their time. Starfleet Security has been asked to oversee the security of the event and the streets at Qanta City. The Risians’ soccer team coach is already expressing the gratitude that the tournament is being held on their beloved homeworld.

“We are honored to be chosen by the Galactic Soccer Board as the host of this beautiful event,” said coach Temal when he was spotted by one of the reporters that awaited the team’s arrival at the Rain Resort & Spa. “We look forward to show our skills on the field and fight bravely for the cup.”

Read the rest of the article "Galactic Soccer Championship set to break loose on Risa" on the Federation News Service.

This article was written by Ensign Nak'aqi Socxo of the USS Za.

Edited by Roshanara Rahman
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