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Technology From Another Universe?


Technology From Another Universe?  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Technology from another Universe do you wish was in Star Trek?

    • Stargates
    • Sonic Screwdriver
    • Sliders Remote
    • Lightsabers
    • Mech Suits
    • A different Tech? Tell us below!

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This week we go into our Technology and Science category for a fun what if poll. Every Science fiction universe has it’s own gadgets and technology sometimes quite similar sometimes quite different. Trek has shown us more than few variations of common Science Fiction technical themes over the years, tv shows and various movies, but what have you always wished Trek had?

Would it be wormhole control; be it point to point travel via Stargates or exploring the multiverse with a Sliders remote? How about being able to bring a Lightsaber to a bat'leth fight? Fancy fixing a multitude of problems or overcome obstacles with a Sonic Screwdriver? How about suiting up in Mech for cargo loading like in Aliens or one made for battle like in Avatar? Something else? Tell us below as we ask; Which Technology from another Universe do you wish was in Star Trek?

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Droids! ;) Robotics is an exploding field in our current reality, be it industry, personal care, entertainment, or arguably even our transportation. I've always found it slightly odd that robotics has been almost conspicuously absent from the Trek universe, aside from the odd android or Exocomp. Why aren't there more robots!?

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I think the Sonic Screwdriver might already be in Trek... its sound effect often appears in many ambient ship loops (Voyager engineering comes to mind).


Im gonna go with Stargates... but only if they go to other galaxies... they sort of make starships less relevant otherwise.

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