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BREAKING NEWS: Missing USS Gorkon located and rescued

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MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The Federation starship USS Gorkon, missing and declared lost earlier this year, was located and rescued by renegade crew aboard the stolen USS Yarahala.

At long last, the saga of the missing USS Gorkon has reached an end. Months after being declared lost with all hands by Starfleet, the missing Sovereign class starship has been located and rescued by the crew of the stolen Search & Rescue starship USS Yarahla. Following a hunch, the Yarahla crew located an open quantum fissure and managed to send a homing beacon through to the other side, which acted as a trail of breadcrumbs for the beleaguered Gorkon to follow home.

The ship that emerged was far from the glorious, pristine vessel that had disappeared.

“It was like looking at a skeleton,” said Starfleet officer Lieutenant Commander Katie Vayne. “Whole sections of the hull were missing. It was just… lifeless.”

Starfleet officials had no comment as to what consequences the renegade officers who stole the Yarahla will face. More updates to come.

First Officer’s Personal Log, Stardate 239308.31

Finally, we’re home.

I’m still not sure how we managed it. We picked up the signal a few weeks ago. At first, I was against following it. I knew how Erik Jansen thinks and thought it might be one of his traps. I was overruled, and that turned out to be a good thing.

We were so understaffed that the Captain was forced to spread the crew out thin. Lieutenant Commander Eerie headed up the defense of Main Engineering, which allowed our engineers the breathing room to keep the ship running. Lieutenant Commander Sevo headed up a team in Deflector Control. With the computers as wonky as they’ve been lately, we couldn’t rely on controlling the deflector from the Bridge. Which is where I *should* have been. But we’re short on medical officers thanks to the constant Dominion attacks, so I put on the teal collar again.

I think special commendations should go to Lieutenant Stoyer, Commanders Blair and Eerie, and Ensign Marshall. They actually performed a spacewalk to get the impulse engines running again, all while the Dominion ship was firing on us. That took guts. Just as gutsy was the defense of the deflector control room. Commander Sevo, Lieutenant Rosek and Ensigns Larant and Tyan were nearly overrun by Jem’Hadar, yet they kept the deflector dish up and running. If they hadn’t we would never have made it home.

Doctors Skyfire and Drake were amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two docs work so hard under such terrible conditions. Most of our medical gear has been inoperable for months and yet they still did their duties without complaining, despite the incredible losses we suffered, which they had the misfortune of being witness to.

Erik Jansen is finally dead. He thought he could just come here and take anything he wanted. He chased us for months like rabbits through the hedges, and many innocent people paid the ultimate price for that. But now, finally, he’s learned the price of his hubris.

I need to end this log. There’s just too much to do with too little time to be frittering it away on silly things like logs. Because until the dead have been fittingly honored I cannot rest.

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